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  1. The team that is scariest to me is the Golden State Warriors. They got the pieces already intact to win a championship but what is scary is that they have the pieces to go out and get another superstar. The rumors are that they are trying to get Lillard or Beal. Scary folks.
  2. How do you all feel about that?
  3. Just saw on NBAtv that the Hawks and Collins are not close to a deal.
  4. If Renee Montgomery had anything resembling breasts she would shoot up on the hotness meter.
  5. This right here. Skill is the last thing to go.
  6. Wurider05


    No way let the Booty Bandit go to another team.
  7. This is what I am referring too the numbers. You don't get paid because you might can do something but rather for actually doing something.
  8. Come on fellas. When Trae was out in the ECF John didn't step up at all. he didn't drop 30 and grab 15. He put up good numbers when we were on a bad team. Even when he was playing well I had him behind Hunter and Trae. I would live to keep him but he is no where near a max player. Too many nights where he was suppose to be the best player on the floor but he wasn't.
  9. Drummond is a bum. Both he and Whiteside put up empty stats.
  10. We need some post scoring coming off of the bench. We need someone who can get us baskets in the paint. I know that this sounds crazy but we need someone like Jahlil Okafor. He is far from perfect but he has that old school offensive post/paint game that would come in handy when our shots aren't falling.
  11. John Collins is not a max player. He is just one of the guys and should be paid as such. He has done nothing in these playoff to prove that he is a max player. He is not a bum at all. It's a good thing that we got a solid team before his contract was up because I would have agreed that he was a max player 15 months ago. Game 5 just proves it.
  12. Dude said that if the Hawks win the championship there needs to be an asterisk in the record books due to all the injuries, but not so for the other teams. This has be the most BS comment I have ever heard. Why us but not the other teams?
  13. The key to all of our success is that we have an actual team. With all the all stars being injured these GM's now got to take a harder look at who the "others" are on their teams.
  14. You don't give energy guys max contracts. If that was Solo's stat line I would celebrate with you.