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  1. I got this off of reddit. This is not a good look. We will probably get that he is just hard on himself crap but folks something is going on here.
  2. They better listen to Clint!!
  3. I started to write a post on here the other day after the Cleveland loss about how we have enough talent where is doesn't have to be the Trae Young show all the time. I am not turning anti-Trae but teams appear to be planning for his gimmicks and bag of tricks. I put it on coaching.
  4. They look like shit right now!!
  5. What's wrong with Rondo again?
  6. I agree Diesel. We gave that game away. We didn't even play that well and barely loss. It did appear the Bogi was suppose to be the 2nd scorer last night but he was hitting crap.
  7. The main reason is that you have to account for every guy on the court offensively. We check damn near every box you can check!! Slashers Shot Creators who can create for others guys who can create their own shots Mid range Scorers (guys who can score on all 3 levels) Finishers 3 point shooters post defenders perimeter defenders length speed athleticism we can play fast we can play slow Buying into the team concept. If Danilo hadn't gotten hurt in the Nets game we be up 2-0 on them. You can tell that they had no
  8. https://hoopshype.com/2020/11/08/nba-draft-nathan-knight-william-mary-interview-computer-science-midmajor-prospects/ This says alot about this guy's mindset. Dude appears to be a very intelligent. Very interesting read.
  9. Dunn Reddish Hunter Okungwu Capela I would love to see what this lineup could accomplish defensively. I k now that we haven't seen Okungwu in action yet but his size and mobility is intriguing. Replacing Dunn with Trae could work.
  10. A greedy banker is a greedy banker no matter what color they are. Miss a mortgage or car payment and see what that black banker does!!!!
  11. I could see this going down---Harden for Smart, Jaylen Brown and some draft picks. Wall+Smart+Brown is a decent lineup and really is the best they can do if Boston is on his list.
  12. Man it appears that he get's lost in all the Hawk talk these days. I am looking for him to have a good year. He is only 22 and his numbers are very similar to Bogdan's. He needs to get that field goal percentage up to 45% though. We keep forgetting and overlooking his potential. There is a reason why he was the Hawk that most teams were calling about. https://www.nba.com/stats/vs/#!/?PlayerID=1628989&VsPlayerID=203992&sort=DREB&dir=1