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  1. Because the next night the team is usually is ice cold. Watch we probably won't be able to hit the side of a barn tonight. I am hoping that I am wrong though.
  2. I just got a call from Schlenk wanting me to play some minutes at the 3 tonight due to all the injuries but I had to turn him down.
  3. Man Bagley for Collins is something I was expecting to be put out there. You have to give that some thought. Some serious thought.
  4. I know that it hasn't been that many games yet but have there been any changes on court that you all have observed since Nate has taken over? Other the fact that we are winning?
  5. We need a vet coach. I am going to take it there--but I hope they are not going into this with the thought that the coach has to be black. The only race I care about is the playoff race. Get the best person for the job period!!!
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nD_vTq66FZU I can figure Trae and John but who else?
  7. Some liberal clowns could probably complain that we had too many white guys on the team and accuse the organization of denying opportunities to people of color!!!
  8. I know that we are in a run and gun league but it seems that we play better in a slower pace half court style of game. Our defense is good enough to sustain this style in my opinion. We need something to lay our hat on because we really don't have any kind of identity as a team. I think that we are too talented to be the Trae Young show. We need to establish how we want to play and what our style is going to be.
  9. Anyone out there you think can turn this thing around?
  10. This writing was on the wall as soon as Nate got hired. I prefer another coach but Nate did get screwed by the Pacers.
  11. Trae playing hero ball cost us this game. He actually lost us the game twice
  12. Capela does pretty good guarding guys on the perimeter when he has to.
  13. Capela goes out and Theis goes on a roll. Gallinari is not going in there banging he is a finesse player. We could have won this one.
  14. I don't know fellas........my gut is telling me that we are going to win this game. I just feel it!!