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  1. Wurider05

    Ask Supes

    That stupid ass Stephen ASS smith was talking about trading Devin Booker for Kyle Kuzma.
  2. Keeps getting better every month. https://www.cbssports.com/nba/players/player/gamelogs/2019/3042251 2019-20 SITUATIONAL STATS CATEGORY G MIN FG FGA FG3 FG3A FT FTA REB A STL BLK PTS AVG October Games 5 126 9 43 1 18 7 8 23 11 8 1 26 5.2 November Games 12 280 32 100 12 43 19 25 37 18 7 4 95 7.9 December Games 14 397 46 128 18 58 21 28 59 22 17 7 131 9.4 January Games 7 185 25 64 12 30 12 14 21 12 10 6 74 10.6
  3. Wurider05

    Ask Supes

    What are you hearing about jabari Parker's future with us?
  4. are you guys interested in kicking the tires him??
  5. The rebounding is the main thing killing us. We are getting killed on the boards every night.
  6. The worst team in the league just put 77 points on us in the first half. I guess we are the worst team in the league.
  7. We can't keep signing bums like this.
  8. It begins and ends with defense folks. and we shoot to many 3's. What else can you piece together from these stats? 28th in rebound---41.8 a game 30th in 3pt--------32.2% 14th in 3pa--------33.8 a game 21st in 3pm----------10.9 a game 29th in TOV--------17.5 a game 29th opp points off TO----20.3 ppg 15th in FT----------23.3 a game 23rd in FT%--------74.8% 15th in blocks------5.1 a game 5th in steals---------8.5 a game 19th ppg------------109.8 28th opp ppg-------------118.9 ppg 29th in defensive rating---114 26th points in the paint----51 ppg 28th in opp 2nd chance---15 ppg 25th opp fg%-------------47.5% 22nd opp 3pt%-----------36.9% 23rd in points scored from 3's-----30% 8th in points scored from 2's---54% 16th in points scored from FT---16%
  9. He told the crowd the the game was over and we ended up losing!!! .
  10. Between our money and talent we shouldn't be concerned about a lottery pick right? i have watched every game this season and didn't even realize that we are 5-17. Only the Knicks and Warriors are worst than us.
  11. i didnt know that his deal was that long.
  12. This won't work because the eastern conference teams would be the losers. why change anything when they are guaranteed to get into the playoffs with a losing record.