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  1. BINGO!!! This is what they are thinking.
  2. Other than dunking.. what skills has this dude shown that he is the next coming. All I see is style over substance. I am make a list of players that can dunk. This kid can't shoot, plays suspect d, and is all physical. Don't you all remember Josh Smith or Harold Miner. Not saying that his kid will be a bust but i just don't see the skill to go along with the athletic ability. Look at Doncic very unathletic but is very good because he is a skilled player who knows how to play basket ball. Zion is a product of the youtube generation. People are comparing him to Lebron James when he has NEVER SHOWN HE HAS ACTUALLY TALENT OTHER THAN DUNKING. I want an NBA championship not another DUNK champion trophy. You don't hang those from the rafters. Some of you guys....................
  3. Word is that Simmons refuses to work on his game.
  4. Coach Pierce was on the radio yesterday and he made some mention about Bazemore and Timmy having beef but that he didn't know what it was about since he wasn't here then. He said that Bazemore told him that it was personal between he and Timmy Jr. Did you all ever hear of anything between those two? I do believe that if Bud hadn't given Bazemore that ridiculous contract we could have kept Timmy Jr. The way Timmy has been lighting Bazemore up--the beef is one sided.
  5. It was Jeremy Lin because they also talked about the asian american event he had after the Hawks game on Saturday.
  6. Did anyone catch the comment that Nique made about Lin. He said that it was always a dream of Lin's to come over to America and play in the NBA and that he was a good international player. Jeez, Lin is an american who was born in California. WTF was Nique talking about??
  7. Why is that we never see Len or Dedmon at the 4 spot with Plumlee as the C. Seems that would be an effective lineup especially since Dedmon/Len can shoot the 3 ball. I hate seeing Dedmon out there shooting threes when he is the only big man on the floor. A miss nearly always guarantees the other team gets the rebound. Same with Len. Plumlee is no push over on defense.
  8. Seeing how the league is right now where everyone us launching 3's--I remember how we used to scream "no" whenever Josh launched one up. Now look at our players Spellman, Len, Collins, Poythrees, Dedmon, along with guys like Randle, KAT, Porzingas, Blake Griffin, Draymond, Paul Milsap, etc. The 3 for the the PF is common place and is encouraged. The Atlanta Hawks version of Josh Smith probably would demand a near max contract today. I don't know what happened when he left us but was he ahead of his time? I remember telling my wife that if Josh Smith hits that 1st 3 pointer you will not be able to tell him shit!!!
  9. Maybe we can get involved with Kent Bazemore before he comes back to earth.
  10. Huerter appears to be the kind of player who will do whatever the team needs him to do to win. I like that. He is no slouch on defense and will rebound, bring the ball up etc. he is the kind of player you need to win championships. Who would have ever thought that he would be in the game at crunch time? Just think about the fact that he hasn't really had a scoring outburst yet but is showing other dimensions to his game. He has earned his minutes and is very skilled.
  11. I rewatched the preseason games and the 2 regular season games yesterday and it appears to me that we are not running any type of recognizable offense. It appears that we are playing street ball out there on offense. has anyone else noticed that or is it me? Pierce only seems to speak about defense. I noticed this in the summer league but I chalked it up to being summer league. We may not have any structured offense on this team.
  12. It's not like we are trotting all rookies out there. We have players who need the minutes, You can only get experience by getting experience. In my opinion, Spellman or Poythress should be starting until JC comes back. It serves no purpose to have Carter out there chucking up shots when someone else could use those minutes. Are we that devoid of talent where a 42-year old is in our starting lineup. Unless we are tanking or something, there is no reason for carter to be starting or playing significant minutes.
  13. I came to this post looking for help with my problems in the bedroom not to discuss the Hawks!!!! I must have misread the title!!!
  14. They are getting the tank off to a proper start.
  15. In this soft azz league there is no way anyone gets 2 legit goons on one team. No way.