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  1. Jabari Parker PPG--18.4 RPG-- 6.1 APG--1.5 BPG--0.6 FG: 55% What do we do with this guy? He is balling out right now and dunking without impunity. He is playing solid D. There is no concern about his athletic ability, his bounce or his mobility. He is on a 2 year contract with a player option for the 2nd year. We are going to have the money to pay him or trade him somewhere where they will sign him long term. If we keep him he has to start. Does that mean John is the center or do we move John.? I keep forgetting that Jabari is only 24 years old. This is one hell of a problem to have as I didn't realize how good he is. I have no doubt that he will maintain this level of play and he may be averaging 22+ by the time John comes back. How do you all see this playing out?
  2. Didn't even realize that until I saw the box score.
  3. Off topic but why does Melvin Hunt look better than Lloyd Pierce in 2k20. Pierce is barely recognizable in the game but they go Melvin Hunt down to a tee. I can't be the only one that noticed that right?
  4. I am going on a limb and go with 10-15. The winner gets a year supply of that sh*t John tested positive for. 😁 🤣
  5. Damn!!!!!!!!!!! We just can't catch a break. Maybe Parker will ball out and we can move him (Parker) before the deadline and get some size.
  6. I like to think that we are past the taking bad contracts phase but the teams are locking up their best players before they even hit the market. Schlenk said that we wasn't going to overpay so who are we going after?
  7. f*** Bazemore!!! he should have took comfort in all that money he was making on that bad contract GM Bud gave him.
  8. Do we have a lineup that would strike fear in the hearts of our opponents? 😈
  9. Got into debate with a friend about this.
  10. What can he give us now that he is healthy after all of these years?
  11. Simply put are we a serious threat this season?
  12. I don't get it. We are exciting and competitive. Why wouldn't the league want to promote that.
  13. Wurider05


    I just found out 10 minutes ago that this site was back up.
  14. BINGO!!! This is what they are thinking.
  15. Other than dunking.. what skills has this dude shown that he is the next coming. All I see is style over substance. I am make a list of players that can dunk. This kid can't shoot, plays suspect d, and is all physical. Don't you all remember Josh Smith or Harold Miner. Not saying that his kid will be a bust but i just don't see the skill to go along with the athletic ability. Look at Doncic very unathletic but is very good because he is a skilled player who knows how to play basket ball. Zion is a product of the youtube generation. People are comparing him to Lebron James when he has NEVER SHOWN HE HAS ACTUALLY TALENT OTHER THAN DUNKING. I want an NBA championship not another DUNK champion trophy. You don't hang those from the rafters. Some of you guys....................