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  1. Not sure if it's mentioned earlier, but Ryan does not work for Audacy and works for a rival radio station. Audacy is the official station of the Hawks. They decided to go with their own people. It sucks for us fans.
  2. Sunday, Aug. 8 vs. Boston Celtics, 4 pm ET, NBA TV Tuesday, Aug. 10 vs. Indiana Pacers, 6 pm ET, NBA TV Thursday, Aug. 12 vs. Philadelphia 76ers, 9 pm ET, ESPN2 Saturday, Aug. 14 vs. Miami Heat, 4 pm ET, ESPN2
  3. And St. Rachel sitting there mansplaning how we Hawks fans should feel. We have 1000x's more knowledge of our team than her teleprompter.
  4. Is anyone watching the California Classic Summer league games on ESPNU? Warriors Vs. Miami tonight.
  5. Let them get to the trading deadline with an 8th or 9th seed. Half that team will be jettisoned
  6. Would you consider LaMarcus Aldridge if he comes back?
  7. I believe camp said the 5th year can't be less than the 4th when the 5th is a player option.
  8. For Kevin, with the 8% percent raises each year, that is a really fair deal for both sides. Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Total $12,784,234 13,806,973 14,911,531 16,104,453 17,392,809 75,000,000 Do you know the cap implications of doing a descending deal for Kevin?
  9. Let's get Kev taken care of in a fair deal!
  10. No one has over $20 million in cap space now though.
  11. They seriously offered John Collins an extension last year. No team has more than $20 million in cap to offer him right now. The Hawks offer him AAV of $22.5 million and reports now they are offering him AAV $25 million. It would be wise to offer Kevin a team friendly deal before the season. If he takes it, it's a win for the Hawks so they SHOULD offer him something.
  12. We have until the day before the start of the season to sign Huerter to a rookie extension. I believe they'd handle John and Trae and then Huerter.
  13. I hope this wasn't posted earlier, but no idea why he would take so long to accept this. This is a slight overpay and shows they value him.
  14. This could potentially get John his max. DeMar would probably have to play for a vet minimum to go to the Clippers.
  15. @NBASupes reported this a while ago.