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  1. For a bag of popcorn and some socks
  2. It is like they think the Hawks will be rebuilding for the next 10 years the way they write.
  3. Was rolling through some news and came across this gem. Apparently it comes from an article from the Athletic that the Hawks don't want to give Collins a big contract. What say you?
  4. This is it. Well put and dead on. Trae is more of a 1a/2 guy as a scoring option, or should be.
  5. Because this isnt the season they wanted to chase free agents. Next year looks god awful at this moment, so maybe 2021if the FA class holds. Why not play some younger guys and let them get experience? Best I can come up with.
  6. noble

    The Tank Thread

    I want to remind everyone this. The Hawks are tanking because they could never be considered a threat for a ring before this. They couldn't get a superstar to put them over being just a middle of the road team who got swept against a real player. Taurean Prince is bad because we are trying to rebuild. The Hawks defense is bad because they are young and the NBA is scoring at a record rate. They are turnover prone due to being young and rebuilding. They gave a shot to a young coach during the rebuild. They are not competitive just like they have been for 20 years because they have no stars and are rebuilding. The future is no more or less dim than before when we couldn't make it past LBJ and be a real team who had a shot at a ring.
  7. noble

    The Tank Thread

    You missed the point on this and that's okay. The point was prior to go this route, there are people that have voiced their opinions that all we had to do was keep the pieces we had and grab one or 2 more pieces, oh and not have an injury, and this team would have been in the Championships. So, to those people, I say that because you are so quick to slam an attempt at getting a truly competitive team, remember we weren't truly competitive before either. Whether anyone likes it or not, we are in a rebuild, we haven't been a realistic team to win a ring since, well, maybe Nique vs Bird.
  8. noble

    The Tank Thread

    Folks who dont support this tank job believe we could have flipped a switch and been competitive in the playoffs and had a chance at a ring before this. So both are wrong apparently?
  9. Welcome to being a Hawks fan. This team cant sign big free agents in their prime. The hope is the young guys learn from Vince, develop, and become a destination for star FAs. That is what this is all about, the tank that is. Collecting draft picks. Something to try to one day have a team that could have a real shot.
  10. noble

    Nobody believed?

    And how many times have we been to a Finals prior to this "tanking"? Making the playoffs with zero to show for it has worked so well to this point. And if we are going to talk culture, even with a 60 win team, what was so bad about our culture that no high value FA wanted to join that team? We could easily say we haven't had that type of culture you want since Nique was traded. Know what Nique was? A superstar, a generational talent. Talent can and does help change a culture. Outside of Run DMC, the Warriors were never a destination, until they got talent.
  11. What does it say about this team then if they haven't had a superstar in 30 years? Neither FA or the draft.
  12. Two different things here. We were winning and still couldn't get one. 30 years like you said. And we had a 60 win team. And yes, we are a team that had to draft well to get a major star.
  13. That's one. Who else was "big time"? And dont give me Milsap. Johnson is 2.
  14. True, but even when we had a chance, it never materialized. Like I said this way it is a pleasant surprise lol.
  15. Based on our history to pull star free agents. I am never excited for FA. I plan to watch until one day I am surprised and we actually get real talent that could potentially one day get us a ring. Since this has never actually happened. I plan to be surprised when it does so I dont get disappointed anymore.