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  1. Who are you starting or even playing lol...unless you triple down on the rookies with everyone hurt. Your center choices are Alex Len, who can't start and maybe made upstairs too optimistic last year, Damian Jones, or Bruno Fernando. Right now with Carter out you don't have much of a choice at PF other than Parker or playing two centers, and Fernando at PF was disastrous. Bembry is a better basketball player then Reddish right now but he can't shoot and is a liability when you go in the half court. Not many choices...upstairs chose to make this another growth year by making rebuilding/tank moves still, which could've surprised but the margin of error was so thin and is gone right now (which is why I've said this is going to be in the tank for a while before it gets better...with people questioning if it's because of teams overlooking again).
  2. 7-18 at this point is going to be best case sadly I think.
  3. Honestly at this point, the most likely case is this stays at total rock bottom for at least two more weeks. Then this team is forgotten again because of an awful record and they start surprising teams here and there just like last year after a totally putrid start, especially after Collins' suspension ends. Depending on when, that could still mean an improvement in record but I doubt it on the playoffs now. Really going to have to hold out until the end of the year to say so on everybody.
  4. Unreal This team is already handicapped at the moment and the refs made sure to make it to where there wasn't even a chance at it being a game.
  5. Alright, enough for me. Staying with the end of TNF.
  6. Just don't get the officiating at all here. They're buying all the flopping. Reddish is pretty brutal rn outside of defensively but if that's a flagrant (and his other was...uh), you might as well start playing two hand touch.
  7. Let Young give it a try for a few minutes, if it's not there, forget it.
  8. There just isn't really going to be much floor spacing on the floor without Huerter either way. Absolutely brutal injury.
  9. Trae Young sometimes does things you have to see on the replay to appreciate.
  10. Trae can't do a basic finish at the rim. I don't think he's healthy.
  11. Great denial, then great drive by Huerter. Still time for a catch and shoot though. 😬 Gotta try to deny the pass to Lillard and McCollum and guard the rim.
  12. Man that's actually close to him being out of bounds.
  13. Man oh man...great play call and Trae misses the bunny.
  14. I'm not sure how that's a no call either way.