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  1. Lurker

    Parsons' Accident

    Freaking yikes if this is anywhere near true. If so, really feel for him and hope he can recover. Saw his name on twitter and clicked and saw about this. It is odd, but if even some of it is true, it's no picnic to deal with.
  2. Tom Crean is getting fired within 2 years, 3 years at the most. My God. Mark Fox was at the point where he needed to go, but Georgia hired a just as awful coach in his place.
  3. There's days that I like Edwards and days that I don't. Days that he shows that in a few years he could play like what Oladipo worked himself into or like a bigger Mitchell possibly, and days where I honestly SMH at him going to play for Crean (which sucks since I try to pull for Georgia). Since he's not playing with a coach that demands defense and allows guys to go out of structure a lot, I don't know if it's actually helping him. He may honestly have been better off at a blue blood. The thing that I hate is so far he's shown a great personality for the most part, and yet if he doesn't pull himself together and play more like how he did in the second half vs Michigan State, or first half vs Tennessee where you could see it, just as a couple examples, the Georgia fanbase is going to turn completely against him no matter what. If this weren't a bad draft, he might end up locking himself into going back to school. In about a week, I'll be back to liking him, I'm sure. I would probably be fine with trading the pick if it happens.
  4. Laughable take. Dude's not quick enough to do what you're foreseeing vs smaller guards.
  5. Edwards played a pretty controlled game offensively I thought last night, although I'd like for him to drive to the basket more. His defense disappointed me. I know he has awareness issues on that end but whew. There was at least two down to the hole drives where it was like he was expecting a pick or something but it didn't come and he didn't even move or try to do anything to defend the drive. Anyway, the real story was too many people were still not contributing much. Outside of the burst that Christian Brown had and Jordan Harris, there wasn't much else in game besides Edwards putting up points.
  6. Maybe we would be better with Luka, but you also have to ask yourself if you can trust Schlenk in team building first as well. Because when you look at it, Dallas has also done a good job at team building. They ended the Bucks' long win streak with Luka sitting out. And at this point, the honest answer on Schlenk team building is looking like no. I'm getting serious vibes of how I was feeling about Coppy with the Braves now. Feeling like Schlenk ends up fired before the team digs itself out of a hole.
  7. He apparently wants out...Minny may have no choice. From what I read they're going to try to get a pairing with a young player that he likes first but it sounds more on the lines of he just might be leaving.
  8. This is actually the only case I'd consider giving up Collins for, in me saying that I'd keep him in theoretical trades, I didn't assume that KAT would want out and is signed to a deal for the next 4 years. It'd be a tough choice, but if it was the pushover, I would go with trading Collins. If you can get KAT for Collins, maybe Huerter, and a pick or two I think you have to do it. I don't think you can run a KAT, Collins, AND Young lineup realistically on defense, which is part of this. Think you'd realistically need to go for a guy that's a better defender at PF, and you'd need wings that can defend well (which are on the team, but we need to see how they go developmental wise).
  9. As of today I think you're going to have to trade out in the draft if you don't get a top 2 pick. Right now I don't feel good about anybody that could go in the top 5 outside of perhaps Wiseman/Edwards. If you land at 3-5 I think you're going to need to try to pair that pick with a young player (outside of Young/Collins really) and maybe try to acquire a good young player that's more established and a pick around 10-15. I'm not sure who though. Not sure it wouldn't be trade out regardless. How Edwards does against tougher competition more consistently after Georgia's next game is going to be of great interest. How Reddish progresses will be of interest too. That's going to need to be paired with acquiring 3-4 players in free agency to bolster depth on short term deals. I've seen others name names, all I can do is agree with them.
  10. Schlenk got bit so badly in the offseason. Even brushing Luka/Trae and the draft aside... Even if he was correct that Len could replace Dedmon's starter quality attributes, he failed to replace what Len gave on the bench. Thinking Evan Turner would be a good backup PG was asinine. Not adding any good depth at all is forcing a rookie that played about twice a week last year to play big minutes that he's not ready for. He gets a big fat F- for the offseason, and I would go ahead and fire him if the lottery balls don't come out to the Hawks being in the top 3. I wouldn't say he's totally failed because there are players that are there that could likely help in the future, but he's had too many failures. I think the concept of the team might need to be rethought as well. I don't think Young can be your #1, even if you surround him with defense.
  11. If the lottery balls end up landing outside of the top 2, maybe 3, they're likely going to have to trade down. Depending on how the rest of the season goes, it might be trade down and attempt to acquire a good young player that's more established. Not sure who right off though. I'm not sure it won't be trade down regardless either as the best plan. I'm going to need to look into Wiseman more and I'd like to see how Edwards' season goes in what will not be an easy situation given the team he's on. I'd like to see how our players look as well as the season progresses.
  12. There is a lot more to NBA big man defense other than boards and blocks... I'm more doubtful about Huerter being a starter now though. I think he might be a role playing bench shooter that is better on defense when you have a big man that actually communicates out there, like Dedmon. Unless he gets isolated.
  13. Toppin is going to be good, but you'll have a hard time pitching me on drafting him with the first pick unless you're going to trade Collins. You know, actually it'll greatly surprise me if he doesn't end up with Golden State no matter where they draft. Do now understand that this is a mock, though. Yeah, I think I agree with NBA Draft Room. I'd have Toppin at #4 unless you have some of the perimeter players really shine down the road. (Wiseman, Edwards, and Lamelo Ball being 1/2/3 in some order, maybe regardless if deserved or not).
  14. Kid can be maddening but when he's on he's fun to watch. Mostly watched Georgia instead of the Hawks game today. He started hot but foul trouble threw him off again, then the finishing run where he got 3 dunks and was finishing inside was a lot of fun. It looks obvious to me that he's a big off guard that's learning how to play off ball when Wheeler is in (and the thing that's funny is Wheeler is also learning as a player too, both are freshmen, and both are probably Georgia's most impactful players, even if their shot isn't falling). He admitted after tonight's game that he's been playing through a hip injury by the way.
  15. He's played enough there for me to tell you he's trash at PF right now. Hawks get outscored bigly the little he plays there...probably why it's not tried. Bruno PF=non-option.