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  1. Yeah I had kind of lost track in watching, but I heard recently that the coach froze out Josef, then about some of the things he's done (which are not great). They really need to get this next hire right.
  2. I think I like Bones the most if the Hawks are going backup PG because of his three point shot. I'd still look to sign a backup PG though. Cam Thomas would be fine, but if you're going with a CG type, I'd go with Bones over him.
  3. Off topic to the thread but apparently Javale McGee is joining Team USA now to replace Kevin Love. lol
  4. I don't really care if Young doesn't play for Team USA this time... ...but Keldon Johnson over him or Morant? dafuq
  5. I wouldn't mind trying to grab White. And yes, I know based off the above, if it's realistic to get him via trade, figuring out the cap will be an issue.
  6. I'd sit down with Lou and have a conversation when free agency starts. If he doesn't mind being the 11th-12th guy, maybe he comes back. If he does, then it'd probably be best that he doesn't return.
  7. Bogi should start unless Cam does amazingly in fall practice and he should come off after the first 6 minutes for Cam. If and when Cam improves, then you think about switching. But as of right now, the perfect role for him would be to come off the bench to provide a boost of defensive energy and the potential of variable scoring. Haven't we learned though that who starts can be meaningless?
  8. Let me make it clear, given the circumstances of this year, unless an enticing trade comes along, the appropriate move would be to make a few tweaks and run it back, like I said in the Reddish thread. We don't know for sure what we have, so we need to see before making any moves. I'm still more focused on the wing/guard spot either way though. KAT would be a dream, but like I've said, I think you win with great wing/guard play (and that's why I'd like to see more of Hunter/Reddish first). So, hopefully Hunter/Reddish can continue to improve, but if we find it appropriate to look for a trade or perhaps a player to sign...any ideas with the above? (this is NOT to say that big man play isn't important, but I feel like at least at the center spot, you can be fine with a guy that is more of a roller/defensive player)
  9. At least for the time being, the development of Hunter/Reddish worries me more than the front court. Because to me, you win with talented wings in the NBA these days. Unless there's an enticing trade, I'd be happy with making some small tweaks and running it back for now at least. Backup PG, perhaps a big oaf for a backup big, bring back Collins, drop the interim tag for Nate (which we know there's essentially a 99.9% chance of), etc. I would still go Young/Bogdanovic/Hunter/Collins/Capela as the starting lineup if so. The idea of bringing Reddish off the bench first for Bogdanovic is a good one. After you hopefully get a healthy year for all three of Reddish/Hunter/Huerter, that's where you'll have to make a hard choice.
  10. I've already said that I'm giving him a mulligan given the circumstances. But the short look that we were given, it already looks as if Nate may have brought out a completely different side of him. He showed some flashes but never the side that he showed here. Also, 'Killa Cam' is fine as his nickname, lmao. Not any of the nicknames suggested here.
  11. I think Trae only feels good enough to be a decoy today, and that is a huge blow. Yeah, he did get inside a few times, but he's clearly not feeling good enough to do it in the half court. On the other hand. Cam...
  12. I'm guessing Trae plays. I'm not sure how effective he'll be, given where the bruise is on his foot I believe, but this is an elimination game. I'll be disappointed if he doesn't try. If it were the regular season, he'd likely be out for another week.
  13. They actually match up very, very well with us...especially so when this team is injured. And this is on the road, where role players don't play as well.