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  1. This sucks. Can't fault Schlenk for trying, but MOAR injuries seems like you're just getting shot in the foot. That is all.
  2. Rumors say that Trae has been showing more energy but apparently his 3 point shot is gone, just like the norm of him not doing well early on I suppose.
  3. Pain. We just suck and I shouldn't have retracted.
  4. Much better after my oh no we suck again post. Finish.
  5. That's the likely dagger. Stinks.
  6. De'Andre Hunter has been playing so well to start the season.
  7. Really nice win. Skipped due to football but I'll be watching the highlights later tonight.
  8. DAM Good effort, just couldn't pull it off. Didn't watch all of it because the Cotton Bowl was on, but did get in the full 1st quarter, which was a fun watch.
  9. It's pretty unrealistic to think that Trae is ever going to stop shooting his fair share of threes. While it'd be great if he went all Steve Nash and stopped calling his own number a lot, while he has some Nash in him, that's not really his game, and I'd figure that this would not be that difficult to figure out. If his average amount of shots taken stays about where it is right now to be honest up to 18 shots per game, that'd be a good sign, and we're probably making the playoffs with a .500 or slightly better record. If he gets to where he's taking 20+ shots again, then that won't be g
  10. Really unideal finish and defensive game in general, all in all.
  11. Glad to be wrong. That was a good win.