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  1. I can't imagine that Silver is out looking for new ASG investors, nor can I imagine that many billionaires will be interested in buying less than 100% of the team--and none who would be willing to join an ownership group as dysfunctional as the-artists-formerly-known-as-ASG.
  2. This. And another consideration: other GMs may be less willing to talk to Ferry about trades etc. All the NBA front offices are (understandably) very nervous about appearances when it comes to racial issues. Probably more than a few owners and GMs feel like Magic does and want Ferry put somewhere in the same circle of NBA hell as Sterling and Levenson. And even if just 5 teams don't want to deal with Ferry, the other GMs and owners will know that, and so will players' agents. We'll end up paying a "Danny Ferry premium" in trades and free agent signings for at least a year. Ferry has be
  3. If Ferry felt the need to read that "scouting report," I doubt he ever had the slightest intention of signing Deng.
  4. I agree. They'll be perfect both for eating and for shoving up LeBron's you-know-what.
  5. I just came into say - some things never change. This thread is like a time warp. The same people bitching about the team and its management that always bitch about them. Change the year on the timestamp of this post and it wouldn't matter. For me, I quietly wrote off the old Hawks core as not-good-enough-to-contend (at least without shaking up the "core") after the lockout. I recognized that the Chicago series was the high watermark of that squad. This summer represents the first time I'm interested to see what the Hawks do in over two years. They are rebuilding on the fly, which is a
  6. AND.....she's married to Andy Roddick. Tennis wives get about 20 bonus hotness points from me.
  7. She's hot, but that's not nearly as entertaining as this "topless-on-a-horse" classic:
  8. They would kill the Spurs. Coach Pop wouldn't know who to hack.
  9. / / / / / / / / / loves the horse-racing reference. I'm still smarting over Smarty Jones.
  10. IMHO, if Person X says that any topic pertaining to homosexuality is inherently political or religious in nature, that says more about Person X than it does about the topic. This is a rather important event in pro sports. Collins is not like Amaechi because Collins will probably play again. Big bodies like Collins usually hang around the NBA until their late 30s, because teams always like to have at least one behemoth in reserve. Look at how long guys like Caldwell Jones, Herb Williams, Rick Mahorn, Olden Polynice, Sam Perkins, Mark West, etc hung around. It still was just 2 years ago th
  11. Undercuts a lot of stereotypes, considering that Collins is mainly known for being a tough low post defender not afraid to take a charge or stand his ground against the likes of Shaq and Dwight. He probably has the highest "elbows-taken-to-points-scored" ratio in recent NBA history.
  12. Like several people have said, ISO Melo > ISO Joe. And Tyson Chandler > any post defender we've ever had. That's the only "difference" between Woody then and Woody now. His "dominate defensively and let the offense take care of itself" style a perfect fit for New York. And even there, I don't see how his team makes real noise in the playoffs as long as he has no offensive Plan B besides one-on-one play.
  13. When Mugsy Bogues was on the block, he was double-teamed. No team leaves a player in single coverage within 5 feet of the basket (unless he's being guarded by an elite on-ball post defender...which the other team invariably assigns to Horford rather than Smoove, when we play a team that has one).
  14. So backing off 10 feet when someone gets the ball on the perimeter and begging them to take a jumper...qualifies as respect?