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Pascal Siakam is DOMINATING in the Playoffs

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Hawks definitely should've gone all-in to get the guy.  He's just too talented to not pair up with a guy like Trae.  Another dominating performance vs Milwaukee.   Maybe that changes once Giannis gets back.  But until then, he's easily the 2nd best player in the series.

Makes me sick to my stomach that we didn't secure this guy.



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13 hours ago, Final_quest said:

Although if he leaves Indy for the Sixers, I get it.

This was the huge piece of the puzzle.  If he walks, it is an absolute disaster.

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On 4/24/2024 at 4:58 PM, JayBirdHawk said:

He also has to want to come to Atlanta. A reminder:

Screenshot_20240424_175548_Samsung Internet.jpg


He was always going to sign with the team that offered him the most money.  Who goes to INDIANA?

We were in a situation where we should've called his bluff.  He definitely would've signed here.

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If he walks !!  Had he been a Hawk, walking away was always a great possibility.  He told us that he didn't want to be here.  Knowing this, it would have been crazy on our part to take him.

Now, we have the #1 draft pick.  Sarr is supposed to be the #1 pick from what we see and read.  He wants to be a Hawk!

I recall, several seasons ago, there was a PG who was available for the Hawks to pick. He wanted to in Atlanta.  We passed.  He was too small.  He just went on to become one of the best PGs in the NBA for several years.  Yeah, him.

Atlanta spent several seasons after this draft, hunting a center and a PG.  Finally, they obtained Capela and Young.  

Please don't goof up again!


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