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  1. How about someone like Millsap .or JaMychal Green who can play both C and PF?
  2. There are definite things he needs to improve on offense like taking smarter shots and movement but when you are considered one of if not the worst defender in the league ... then it is important to improve that. He already brings a lot of offense to the table and yes work on it but learn to give some effort on D. I am not asking you to be a stopper by any means. Steph Curry is a great example ... he was an awful defender and he worked on it. He isn't a great defender now but he at least improved on it. It will help the teams success if Trae gave more effort then just trying to steal on the passing lanes. He actually put some effort in during the playoffs and showed that he can if he even tried. Its not good defense but its not awful. Just staying in front of your man and not matadoring it is all I ask. 'Ole' is not the word for success.
  3. Trae, Rudy and Booker should be on the row above and Jamal Murry should drop a couple and Bam / Butler should drop one Giannis should be on level 2 I would move Steph to level 3 and Luka down to 4
  4. capstone21


    I don’t want his bad attitude in our young locker room
  5. I personally think Rubio would be a quality pg to backup Trae … good locker room guy, can run an offense and solid d … his shot isn’t great but that’s okay for a backup.
  6. Can't imagine Wash being a better destination and Boston is NOT trading him
  7. To get Beal it would cost them Brown plus more
  8. His D is awful ... he needs to improve that so we don't have to constantly hide him. He doesn't need to be a top defender but at least be a defender.
  9. capstone21


    Also, please allow this to stay fun. We expect everyone to treat each other with respect and the forum rules apply to chat as well.
  10. capstone21


    Sorry it wasn't working for the playoffs but we have chat now! Thank you to making donations for helping keep the 'squawk alive and allowing us to add things like this! To chat you will see a Chat item in the Menu. Join the 'Squawk Chat' room and chat away! Also, similar to things like Facebook ... we have a chatbox widget. Located in the bottom corner of the page ... you can choose to chat with a specific squawker or go to the 'Squawk Chat' room and have a public chat with whoever is online. We get to look forward to the chats for the draft, free agency, summer league, olympics etc. Enjoy!!!