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  1. Jrue is the perfect player ... just afraid he leaves after one season
  2. He seems to have lost a step or two. Wasn’t impressed with his play since the return we need a backup who can defend ... still want Kris Dunn
  3. Cole Anthony is a chucker. A lou Williams type. He is an undersized shooting guard who doesn't defend.
  4. Dunn can be playing with Cam, Hunter, Hearter, JC when Trae is sitting so I’m not worried about him scoring 20 points ... just get the ball to the right dude and he has put the ball in the bucket in the past. i don’t want to depend on a pg from the draft as our backup ... personally I want somebody with some experience and someone who can defend.
  5. I would throw the max at Ingram and wait for NO to match (which they will but nothing to lose) I do think our three point shooting will get better organically... all our young cats showed some solid 3 point shooting near the end of the season so my focus is D Other then Ingram who we won’t get ... I would just look for depth I would sign Dunn to backup and play along side Trae ... he is an all world defender at multiple positions I would consider J Grant as a backup pf ... he is a Swiss Army knife who can actually hit the three as well Add a solid classy vet at min To
  6. Other then shoot 3 pointers at over 40% the last two season ... Bertrand has done nothing of note. I particularly don’t want to spend a whole lot of money on a one dimensional player ... we need some one who will try on d from our backup pf.
  7. Yeah, it wouldn’t make sense now that we have Capela.
  8. I did a test with Edge and it worked fine for me. I was not able to effectively use Explorer as I think the technology might not work there. As I mentioned Explorer has been phased out by Microsoft and is not getting updated. Unfortunately, if you are wanting to use MS to view the Squawk then you are going to need to upgrade to Edge. thanks
  9. Are you using Microsoft Edge or Explorer? Explorer has been replaced by Edge in 2015 and Explorer has not been updated.
  10. This is the worst time of year ... when all we get to do is wait and speculate.
  11. Okay Mobile look should be good to go now too! I hope you all like the new color scheme ...
  12. Hi, yeah looks like I have some work to do on mobile side. I spent my time on the desktop side ... I guess I hoped it would translate via responsive design
  13. Okay, I think I pretty much have the site fixed. I hope you like the new look ... it is our new team colors starting this season! Message me if you find issues or have suggestions. Bedtime!! thanks!
  14. Just sign Dunn then and our backup pg and backcourt defender is taken care of
  15. Murray and 11 for 6 is very interesting... Murray would be a great backup and backcourt mate for Trae. It would check a lot of boxes and he is only 23.