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  1. Did I read right that Gallos third year is only partially guaranteed for 5 million? So if things don’t work out we can move on?
  2. Whoops I meant it is on Dec 13th not this Sunday
  3. It’s year 20 of Squawk fantasy basketball!!! (I know the name is XIX ... that a whole other story) The draft is Sunday Dec 13th at 7:30pm ... Last season was cut short so we are bringing back the managers who previously played ... However, everyone might not want to play so PM me if you are interested. There is a good chance you might end up with a team!! THIS IS FOR ONLY SERIOUS MANAGERS WHO WILL PLAY THE WHOLE SEASON Whether u are 20 games behind or in first place, you will be expected to manage your lineups The draft is tentatively scheduled for D
  4. That’s not remotely going to get you Harden ...
  5. Hawks make playoffs ... team gets a little more respect but not much ... chip on shoulders
  6. I would do the 4 year 90 - 100 million range ... I think his consistency and yearly improvement has earned him 25 per.
  7. Good because I was not sure of the Point of the Hill pickup as we are very deep at wing ... I was hoping last spot would go to Skal
  8. I love the Bogdan signing but this is my favorite offseason move ... could be very underrated if we use him correctly
  9. SI gave us an A- ... Lakers also got an A- and Portland ... everyone else was below us
  10. We had an excellent free agency haul but Bogdan was the biggest signing and will have the biggest impact for us. We now have depth, flexibility, 3 point shooting and D. Now lets work on chemistry and go win some games!
  11. I don’t completely disagree ... I think one of the three will lose his PT. there just isn’t enough Pt to go around. They will have to wait for an injury
  12. The GMs are constantly wheeling and dealing ... probably 99% of what is proposed doesn’t happen ... doesn’t mean it is not going on behind the scenes. supes and Camp are not just making stuff up to make stuff up ... it’s rumors of things they were given that may or may not happen. Even though the mega trade didn’t happen ... it sure made things fun and interesting here.
  13. BB is an improvement on what we have now ... if we don't get him we should just roll with what we have. There isn't anyone else out there in FA that will move up in the depth chart