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  1. capstone21

    Ask Supes

    I agree with you ... I loved watching the true team play of that roster. Everyone knew their roles and it just clicked. Prob my fav team since the nique years. I do love the Mookie / Smitty time but this squad was special ... especially considering they were not superstars ... just the right pieces
  2. Man, that is really a shame to hear. I hope he will be okay and i hope he has a full recovery ... not for his career but just for life ... a Brain injury is nothing to sneeze at
  3. capstone21

    Ask Supes

    I don’t want more players we have to develop either ... I would make our picks available if we can get some guys that are going to impact and compliment our current guys
  4. Nope ... it is also some individual effort which he doesn’t give on that side of the court.
  5. You can not give Trae an A or A+ due to how bad his d is. A on offense and F on defense does not balance out to an A
  6. capstone21

    Ask Supes

    Agreed, his toughness and locker room presence is exactly what we meed
  7. I hadn’t heard that story before
  8. capstone21

    Ask Supes

    Turner might cost too much and his family is apparently a nightmare to deal with
  9. Excellent move ... I was hoping for a vet who can bring stability to the bench and the backup pg position
  10. capstone21

    Ask Supes

    I would want us to go after a smart backup point guard who provides consistency and leadership like Cory Joseph
  11. It feels like forever since we got a win where we controlled the game
  12. capstone21

    Ask Supes

    Lateral moves to get vets or for an actual impact player?
  13. Holiday would be a great addition next to Young ... a little injury prone but he plays excellent D, good 3 point shooter, quality ball handler and distributor and plays bigger then his 6'3. Would cost a lot to get
  14. Im glad they are improving but they are still really bad
  15. This is just not good right now ... Wash has no talent on the floor tonight and still won easily in the end.