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  1. Ingram is also a bad defender … that does not improve the team. We need two way players … our D is bad enough
  2. BI is always hurt and he is going to,cost a mint. i am so disappointed about not getting Tre Murphy III
  3. Who is the dude who is always at the games in front row and up and cheering all the time … wears bright colors
  4. Man this team is so bad … just awful d multiple d leaguers having career highs against us. really hard to watch them this year … there is some hardcore changes needed to be made this off season.
  5. They gave Trent Forrest a full contract
  6. What is up with Clint? He seems so out of sorts since getting back? Sloppy, hands are bad, no lift
  7. This team is terrible the way it is setup … I have been a fan since ‘86 and I can honestly say that this has been the most frustrating season for me. Too much talent for being this bad. this season is done … I want the team broken up and start with Trae. Put together something that has chemistry… something that will play some semblance of defense… team that will take some smart shots i am so frustrated … I am always yelling at the tv … maybe I need a break from the team .
  8. Trae wtf was that …
  9. Dunk contest is consistently the worst thing about all star Saturday night … they need to change it or lead off with it. i didn’t even realize Obi Toppin had a brother in the league (he has averaged 2 minutes in 5 total games) … the Miami dude I have seen only because he seems to have the Hawks number but otherwise never heard of him either … and then there is a g-leaguer who can jump high (who cares)
  10. McClung is not in the NBA … thus he shouldn’t be participating
  11. Best part was the booing the Boston Celtics court
  12. Yes, dunk contest is slow and boring … make it first or get rid of it.
  13. Trae represented really well … as always the night is fun until the dunk contest that takes all the steam out … so boring … I don’t care about these guys I have never heard of and Jaylon Brown is not a dunk contest type player
  14. This team is so so bad .… the team is just not made up well
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