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  1. I like seeing people challenging shots ... making it difficult for the other team to score ...
  2. You are acting like it’s a punishment... I want him to improve his game while you are just proposing he chuck up more 3s. Gleague isn’t a death sentence... it’s the opposite... go get some help where the coaching can focus on you for a couple of weeks. Come back with more confidence and experience...
  3. I completely disagree ... this is the point of the gleague ... Cam is seriously struggling on offense ... going and playing on the league and working on his game will do nothing but help him. It’s not a bad thing being sent down whether u are the first pick or 60 pick. It’s to help him improve.
  4. That is the point of the GLeague ... its to work on your game and hone your skills. If he can't hack it there then he is not NBA material. The reason we have a GLeague team is to develop our players ... its not an insult to be sent down there to learn how to play.
  5. I think he needs to go down to the G-League and work on his shooting and confidence. He has been beyond horrible on the offensive end. The skills are there but the finishing is not ... going down to the G-league where there is no pressure might be the right thing to help him get better prepared for playing in the NBA.
  6. We are a nice defensive center and a little game experience from being competitive... nice game on the road and took the blazers to OT.
  7. I think Turner would be a great fit but might cost too much ...
  8. We don't need a star player like KAT ... we just need a solid player who can come in and defend the rim get some rebounds and throw in some lobs from Trae. I think we offer the Nets pick for Bamba ... they just gave Vuscevic a massive contract so Mo is always going to be a backup there. He could be our starting center here and could potentially grow with the team. The guy I really want is Myles Turner ... I think he would be a great fit but would cost too much.
  9. I'm so sorry ... been so so busy ... but thats not an excuse ... I will try to take a look into it tonight
  10. Adams and his toughness would be a perfect fit here ...
  11. Year 19 of the Hawksquawk fantasy basketball league is upon us (I know the name is XVIII) The draft is this Sunday at 7pm ... we are bringing back the managers from last season But if you are not interested in playing please let me know so we can get someone new THIS IS FOR ONLY SERIOUS MANAGERS WHO WILL PLAY THE WHOLE SEASON Whether u are 20 games behind or in first place, you will be expected to manage your lineups The draft is tentatively scheduled for October 20th at 7pm eastern  Good luck fellow managers as we play another great season!!!!
  12. I think I predicted somewhere else but I said something like 32 wins ... we have no D and until that is fixed the team will have trouble finding wins. They will be fun to watch but not successful in the win column. 2 all rookie no all stars Collins will be leading scorer Least 10 .... Vince
  13. No to KAT as he actually doesnt fit ... we have a terrible defensive team and he does not help there at all. I would love Myles Turner ... I think his talent and d would fit nice with our current crop. I wonder if Indiana would be open as they have to decide about him or Sabonis. I like Sabonis but not for us as he isn't a great defender either
  14. We need someone who can patrol the paint and guard the rim. We currently have no d at the center position