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  1. Never mind ... missed the deadline as I was traveling... Butler was gone ... I will take Jrue Holiday. Once again someone to line up next to Booker who can make up for his defensive shortcomings... he is going to beast this year and love the backcourt that we have setup.
  2. Capstones Crew selects Devin Booker. Gonna surround Davis with one of the best shooters in the league. He can score from anyway and complements AD so well .
  3. My pick was between Davis and KAT ... great steal
  4. Yes, when you create a new topic there are two tabs at the top of the post one for content and one for poll. Just select poll tab and away you go
  5. Anthony Davis ... not feeling the greatest so will do a write up later. @lethalweapon3 is up
  6. The issue was due to the forum not automatically pulling the payment from our PayPal account. It should be up and going now and resolved. Try refreshing your cache on both browsers to make sure it is working for you
  7. We don’t have any defenders besides two rooks. Len and Turner are not horrible but most of the team is including the guys getting the majority of the minutes. We are going to struggle on D
  8. We will have around 30-35 wins the rooks will take a while to contribute but will be solid picks parker and turner will turn into quality acquisitions defense will be a huge problem Huerter will eventually become our 6th man
  9. I’m pretty sick right now but will look later in the week. the issue of the site being down was resolved but u might have stuff cached up in your browsers