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  1. capstone21

    Trae 2k

    This is first time Trae played D
  2. Embiid’s career is going to be very shortened due to his knees
  3. There really is no one in this draft that I am excited about
  4. Probably should have read 'Giannis should have been a Hawk'
  5. Quality backup point who can defend, shooting and vet depth is what I want
  6. ... and he has become a terrible defender. We need defenders or at least peeps who give effort on the d end.
  7. We need vets, d, backup pg who defends and bench
  8. I would like to see what we got with him but otherwise I am fine with him staying off the court until next season.
  9. I don't see any problems with the list.
  10. I would like for Vince to get a send off ... other then that its all moot for us
  11. I use to work for PopTV that is the channel that broadcasts Schitt's Creek
  12. That’s a quality owner right there
  13. More important then that ... what about our fantasy seasons!!