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  1. I was on Access Atlanta too ... Sturt was talking about starting the Squawk I think using EZ Boards ... I migrated too. Always remember the Diesel / Walter ‘discussions’ from AA
  2. I was really really excited about his drafting ... he was prob the biggest disappointment for me... i had a lot of expectations ... luckily he turned into Mookie Blaylok which was a steal of a trade
  3. Yes, absolutely which comes back to my chemistry comment .... that team had no chemistry and chemistry is probably one of the most important parts of success in basketball
  4. They didn’t play any D and the team lost its chemistry when it brought in Reg and Moses
  5. That team didn’t work because we didn’t have a point guard ... Jason Terry was a Sg they needed that chemistry guy that would have brought it together
  6. I couldn’t stand him when he was here ... a low bbiq and turnover happy machine ... terrible jump shooter who went away from his strength of attacking the rim to sit on the 3 point line and miss shots. He frustrated me so much and I was happy when he left
  7. Nique / Paul / Al / Joe / Doc
  8. I have not had the chance to look into it. Let your friend know that it will be addressed before the season starts. 😏
  9. Great news! I have really liked the direction he has taken the team in.
  10. I don't know if Bruno is ready for primetime this season and Alex/Damian isn't anything to really brag about. Hopfully they show they belong. Yes, our rooks are known to play D but they are rooks. They might not quite be ready to really contribute for a while ... Also they basically play the same position. We have terrible d at pg and pf, really bad d at sg and average at C ... hopefully, we can find some improvement there at some point.
  11. We will be improved ... I don't think that will be reflected in the win total ... I think it will be more with the players ... lack of D, no center and so much youth will keep us in the low 30s this year. In a couple years look out for this team.
  12. I would rather not have our guys play in the tournaments or Olympics. Risk of injury.
  13. Our lack of D and solid center will really impact our success in wins this year. I think players will grow and get better and the rooks will get a chance to learn but we need to acquire some defensive players.