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  1. When we brought in ALL this depth ... I don't think it was with the intention of Solo and Snell getting starter minutes
  2. The team is terrible right now and there is more then just scoring that makes a player great. Simmons is one of the best defenders in the league and he is a huge reason for Philly's success ... Brown is an all around player who is having a great season and is an excellent defender in his own right. If the Hawks had a better record Trae would have gotten more consideration. The team is just flat right now when the selection for All Stars is going on.
  3. He gets extra rest during the break and will play with a chip on his shoulder
  4. We already have Smart in Dunn ... when he come back
  5. Man we did such a good job of acquiring depth ... it sucks that injuries have just destroyed it ... would have been interesting to see what could have been if we were relatively healthy
  6. When you have Durant, Irving and Beard ... you have much more time to get your shot off
  7. How is a nationally televised game blacked out?
  8. With our backup point guard play ... I am eager for Dunn to get back and try him there
  9. Up by six ... Bruno comes in and now down by 10 ... I think we have the answer why he stopped getting PT.
  10. He would be a solid backup point guard but agree that having two RFA to deal with is not ideal.
  11. I have to say it again ... there one Cap and it’s not Capela.
  12. Get well soon Kris Dunn ... we some d pronto