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  1. The man is making 29 million a year ... geez group the F up
  2. Excellent job Travis! Very reasonable deal! Another great offseason complete
  3. Great article and I love how he used Embiid and Simmons attitudes as motivation… he is protective of the team and a leader in his own right
  4. Draft is today at 7:30 Eastern!!!
  5. Football is best comparison because offensive players don't play D either ...
  6. Thanks for coming out ... good luck in your future of career of playing no defense.
  7. Don’t forget the draft is tomorrow
  8. It’s year 21 of Squawk fantasy basketball!!! (I know the name is XX ... that a whole other story) The draft is next Tuesday Oct 12th at 7:30pm ... All of the previous seasons managers have been brought back ... However, everyone might not want to play so PM me if you are interested. There is a good chance you might end up with a team!! THIS IS FOR ONLY SERIOUS MANAGERS WHO WILL PLAY THE WHOLE SEASON Whether u are 20 games behind or in first place, you will be expected to manage your lineups Remember next Tuesday Oct 12th at 7:30pm eastern  Good luck fellow managers as we play another great season!!!!
  9. Its nice to see that Nique is finally getting respect he deserved ... ironically he is in the top 50 now and wasn't then.
  10. It is acting fubar ... I updated it and then it got funky again ... only allowing 8 to display even though you can put in 10 choices
  11. I doubt he makes the team ...
  12. He doesn't play any D ... so I don't think he moves the needle enough. We have scoring and rebounding. Is Denver trying to trade him? Giving Gordon a contract doesn't mean that they don't intend to use him too.