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  1. Honestly, I don’t have problem with the players above him ... they are all high quality and Trae is rated the worst defender in the league ... that has to count against him too Except Kylie Irving ... I consider him the most overrated player in the league
  2. The only point guard in that list we should target and get is Kris Dunn. Clarkson would be last on my list ... he will not help at all as he can't run an offense one bit. Marvin in his old age has actually turned into a nice backup power forward who can play d and hit the three. Its actually not that bad of an idea to have him to give JC a breather.
  3. That trade would be an epic fail ... I don’t want more draft picks and hoping guys with potential will actually be good players. JC has proven he can contribute in a big way ... either resign or look for deals that will improve the team
  4. I don’t know if there is one available
  5. It sucks having a high draft pick and the options are role players. I'm not excited about anyone in this draft
  6. I don't expect to get him but it can't hurt to try ... I didn't know Brooks was already signed. Thats too bad. He is an excellent two way player.
  7. Throw the kitchen sink at Brandon Ingram ... if that doesn't work I would go after Kris Dunn and Dillon Brooks and call it a day. Well maybe a vet PF too who is looking to teach like Vince.
  8. McHale was a great second banana ... he played the role perfectly personally I think Hakeem was the greatest center of all time
  9. I want an on ball hawk who will shut down the opposing point guards. Then pairing him with Cam/Hunter and Clint only solidifies our D even more
  10. We need to add Kris Dunn a very solid backup pg who is an excellent defender... he can play behind or alongside Trae
  11. They both ended up in jail in the end
  12. It has become the belief that if you are not a hs player or freshman 'with potential' then you have already passed your prime and are not going to develop. Its all about potential now a days.
  13. Players I hope we target in no particular order. Kris Dunn: backup pg who can effectively guard either backcourt spot. He can play behind and along side Trae and will help alleviate two huge needs. Defense and the ability to have someone else run the offense for spurts. JJJ if we can offer the right package that Memphis will bite on. Odds are slim but JC/our pick for JJJ their pick. We might have to add some sweetener. If we are getting rid of JC then I want value in return. JJJ spreads the court and defends at an all nba level. His durability is the only thing that worries me about him. Brandon Ingram : I would max offer this guy and see if NO matches. He would be a great fit here. Can play mutliple positions, defend and run the offense through him as well. I don't see NO letting him go but it is worth the try. Jerami Grant : Like Jaybird, I like this guys fit too. He works hard and can defend either forward spot. He can hit the spot up three and doesn't stop hustling. Would really strengthen the bench. Joe Harris: Would be our new Korver but I feel he will cost too much. We definitely need some more three point shooting. Probably find his kind of role from someone who will come cheaper. Jaylen Brown: Our pick plus KH and something else. Brown would be an awesome get but probably a huge pipe dream.
  14. Personally I would trade something like JC/pick for JJJ/their first That really adds to our D with Clint and JJJ and also very solid three point shooting. With JJJ not being a great rebounder is offset by Clint's arrival. The extra part of the pick is because Memphis has to spend to resign JC. He would be a nice fit next to Ja Morant and that team already has solid D.
  15. A number of players ... this year its a crap shoot of who might be a contributor ... hopefully we can get someone who will contribute.