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  1. His assists were not from running the offense but from his attacking the basket and looking for his shot. That's different from what he has been doing for us traditionally. Mays was running the offense and also did a solid job at that.
  2. I am hoping Lou is a SG in the playoff rotation. Yesterday showed that Lou was better when looking for his shot and playing SG instead of looking to run the offense. Give BG, Solo's minutes.
  3. That’s good ... we really shouldn’t plY them at all
  4. If Knicks win in the early game tomorrow then I would absolutely rest everybody and just throw the third unit in there.
  5. Miami looking like last years playoff team ... I don’t know if I want them or NY
  6. I would rather Goodwin in there instead of Lou. Lou is not a point guard and it hurts the second unit. if we need some instant offense then try Lou ... otherwise some thing else. There is a reason LA traded him for a point guard ... it’s not his role or position.
  7. We can’t sit everybody... have to take this game seriously
  8. It’s been four years but we are now back in the dance! who will be our opponents ?
  9. Cannot take,the foot off the peddle ... don’t take these last two lightly ... we need the wins
  10. Lou is a great scorer but I don't like him as our playmaker ... I wish Dunn had been healthy or we had another point guard that could pick that role up and let Lou just roam and score.
  11. We have one of the best perimeter defenders in the league ... unleash Dunn ... let him get game ready for the playoffs ... I like him out there more then Solo.
  12. For shut down D I would rather Dunn. A lot of other scorers out there ... it will make up for him.
  13. Just shut him down and role with what we have