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  1. I just saw Phx to traded cash for R Holmes. I would have much rather had that guy. Oh well. I'll take Len as consolation I guess.
  2. People upset with the word chick also don't like the word dude for guys? SMH at how sensitive people are
  3. Someone on another site I visit said we were also asking for 2 unprotected 1s. Not sure if that included unprotecting next year's or 2 on top of next year. Or if any if that was true. But that makes 100% more sense than just 3+ baze for 8.
  4. Given the love Porter Jr has for Trae. I hope we get MPJ!!
  5. I feel like Dorsey doesn't care for Young very much. Seems like Dorsey always looks the other way when he has the ball. Maybe it's just me.
  6. Not worried about Trae, yet. Coaching and roster construction are big red flags. If we are sound there, it will be an ideal environment to develop Trae and maximize his talents. If we are not ... Ahh hell. This hurts but, KB was ?.
  7. I would trade shro for Beverly yesterday if I could. That'd be an ideal mentor for him imo
  8. It's not often you see the yips in bball like this. Needs to settle down ... He clearly is overthinking his shots.
  9. Maybe the cameras aren't rolling so I can't see it. But has Pierce and Co done ANY coaching up in game? I mean he just stands there and doles out high fives?
  10. I know Pierce said he is gonna let them play. But I hope he is talking to them about things to work on. Like don't chuck shots
  11. Seems like a Dan Quinn coach for basketball. A guy the players will back. Hopefully he surrounds himself with good assistant coaches. Something I worry about.
  12. I think we can be excited about the you talent coming in while fully expecting a 20ish win season while they develop. I don't think anyone is expecting miracles this year.
  13. I know it's early. But I'm sold on the future front court of Collins and Spellman. They compliment each other's game so well. Defense worries me, but as they both get stronger I'm not worried too much
  14. Where is the Star Wars gif of 'good ... let the hate flow' or ste when you need it...