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  1. Big takeaway for me, at the end of the day (literally, actually) was the salary position that we're going to find ourselves in almost immediately in terms of the middle and back of the depth chart... setting aside the specific names (... I know for instance that almost no matter who you plug-in to that back-up PG slot, there's going to be disagreement, and that's fine)... ie, notice please that the back as-is is filled with minimum-to-little salaried, primarily young, talent. Did we already know this? Of course we did. Does it help make the picture plainer by seeing a mock-up of what we c
  2. JC's seasons 2 thru 4 vs. Tobias' seasons 2 thru 4, both becoming RFAs after that 4th season... Observations from the Orlando rag following Tobias' signing a $64m deal that would in the first year eat up about 23% of the Magic's room under that season's $70m cap... Interesting to me, maybe only me, that when you do the math, 23% of the projected $112m cap for next season is in the $25-$26m/yr neighborhood.
  3. Sarah and Brad having pregame dialogue...
  4. Just for more shucks and giggles... and because it's a lazy Friday afternoon at the office... I decided to try plugging in some 2022-23 names and numbers. Some notes: - The most glaring change is that I presume Gallo gets his $5m guarantee one year from this month, and we express our thanks for the memories. - I'm imagining that Muscala picks up many of those minutes, but that Knight begins to mature and make himself a candidate for the 2023-24 rotation. - The one year experiment to see what Eriksson might contribute gives way to the up-and-coming Mays. - My pet cat fr
  5. I like what I envision John Collins to be at age 24 (next season). I really like what I envision John Collins to be at age 25, ostensibly at or near his likely plateau in terms of production. I love what I envision John Collins to be at age 26, ostensibly filling out physically into his adult physique, slightly thicker especially in the chest. I really love what I envision John Collins to be at age 27, ostensibly at or near his likely plateau in terms of overall maturity (in addition to actual production). And. I believe that the Huerter contract situatio
  6. To no one in particular... I take for granted that getting JC back is the #1 priority and that it will happen. Maybe I'm a little too sure of that. I certainly hope not. But now that we're going to start thinking of ourselves apparently as true contenders for the 2021-22 holy grail, I feel that it's actually a case of having a Priority #1a and Priority #1b.... #1a is JC, and #1b is getting the horse that is Trae's primary back-up for the next 2-3 seasons into the barn. It's not going to be enough to just acquire just any otherwise competent point guard to be in the second column
  7. This time last year, many were more enthusiastic about Cam than Dre. This time this year, many have been more enthusiastic about Dre than Cam. Perhaps circumstances are developing where we can get to a place where we have great reason to be enthusiastic about both going to training camp. Cam, if you're ready, we're ready. As I recall, you struck this pose after that game winner 3 pointer... was it against Pitt?... Let's go!
  8. Preseason 2021-22. Just glad it started this early so we can address this kind of thing.
  9. I'm not the first, Cowboys fan or not, to observe that it's not as-if it was ever a realistic option go to a team stacked with WRs... so, good for Julio that he ended up somewhere that might win in 2021, and where he would actually conceivably maybe make a difference.
  10. This belongs in this thread. It just does. (hehe)
  11. That this team is this good and simultaneously this young is stunning. We've never been this good and this young, and I can say that with confidence because it's only been relatively recently in the NBA that the draft has allowed such young players to enter. The theory goes that the younger you get a group like this together, the more chemistry you can expect to develop, and the greater success, and maybe best of all, the greater longevity of success. Boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen, we're not "there" yet, by any means, but it's not too soon to imagine a San Antonio Spurs kind-o
  12. For all the talk that the Hawks can't duplicate their shooting performance, I feel like Sixers fans are on better ground, instead, to predict that the Hawks can't expect PHI to turn the ball over as much as they did in the first half of Gm 1. We did a lot right this season, but getting opposing team turnovers wasn't one. Think we might've been the second worst in that stat, actually. That, to me, has only gotten a fraction of the game analysis focus that it deserved. I agree with McM and anyone else who's concluded that we were very fortunate to get that win. And I believe that
  13. Oh. Yeah. The comparison player is MCW.
  14. This is sacrilege to say, but Giannis is overrated. He just is. He makes creative shots. He makes thunderous dunks. He's a significant defensive asset like few others in the league. And. He sucks from the arc. And from the charity stripe. Sounds a lot like what this comparison player might amass were he about 6 inches taller (and thus, a large part of the benefit of that, getting more shots from closer range), and just a smidgen better jump shooter. Otherwise, the description above fits him as well (... except for the overrated part, that is).
  15. Send in the shortstop to pitch. Might as well. This is that kind of night.
  16. More seriously than the previous post which was more about the novelty of Digbeu... this stash would make me mighty pleased.
  17. (Live) So far, sounds a lot like the NYK mourners... "How can they not contain Trae Young?!?" And. "I still say Sixers in 6." And. "These guys won't shoot like that again."
  18. Me? I'm like... The rest of 2020-21 is just gravy. All for fun. Gettin ready for 2021-22. Testing ourselves under fire to see what improvement needs to happen for the all-in assault for a the big trophy.