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  1. We are clearly tanking because 18 minutes for Collins the other night against Miami was rediculous! Any coach in America could have saw that kid's impact on the game..smh I have a problem with stagnating a players development to purposely lose a game!
  2. Erasan would be better served as a more featured reserve..Yeah he draws a few charges but he doesn't protect the rim and the spacing that he so call provide is overrated with his Slow release allowing defenders to close out on him too easily.. With the second unit maybe he would have the ball more in areas where he can create some offense..Watching him jus standing on the perimeter has been disgusting because defenders are still sagging off him in help defense and getting back in time before he catches and releases that slow shot..We are basically playing 4 on 5 with him on the floor..He
  3. Nah, the question is what the hell Bud is doing?! The hawks ran zero pick and rolls in the preseason which was in line with what the article in the Ajc article stated the hawks offensive philosophy would be this season.. If this is the case its pretty spooky and is an approach that is too predictable..I wish they posted Dwight more last year but empathize with Bud cause Howard couldn't make free throws.. No posts does create a faster pace but the results this preseason was mixed..So I don't know trust the process I guess..
  4. Dude I'm over Jenkins but as far as your comments he wasn't given much a chance show much either..But what is killing John too is that refuses to embrace and do his job as a 12 man which is to be a cheerleader..He sits at the end of the bench all stoic..If he doesn't put his pride to the side and do his job he gone keep getting cut..
  5. I think that with Schröder getting in trouble it killed his privilege to have a buddy on the that hurt John.. The hawks Owner say that the team is willing to take a small step back to take a huge step forward..So this kinda play in Schlenk vision of signing and developing Dorsey on a 2yr guaranteed contract... The hawks desperately want back in the lottery..they jus wanna win about 35 ball games and miss the playoffs..but if 35 gets us in they wouldn't be too upset..Which is cool..but it was obvious to me that Jenkins is better than Dorsey.. Dorsey has potiental though..He
  6. Poor evaluation of Talent is why Bud's ass is on the hotseat! The locals can dress it up all they want but the national media say the owner fired Bud as the gm! His substitution patterns are horrible! He underutilized Humphries for Muscala.. He waited a year later than he had to in regards to Tim Jr playing time..Which caused us to overpay Bazemore..He cut Taveres for f***in Ryan Kelly?! So please don't justify what Bud is doing..He was playing Shelvin Mack and Lamar Patterson over Tim..Y'all no dam well Tim wasn't in that bad of shape when we got him from New York!! He could have p
  7. Now somebody explain the bullshit wit Bud on how game 9 John score 12 pts in 20 minutes and then got all the them DNP after..
  8. Your post is misleading its like u make it seem like those were the only games where john was productive and efficient.. Year 2 with Hawks he was out with a back injury and last year with Phoenix shouldn't be an indictment due to Devin Booker and their youth movement and over stock in guards with Bledsoe, Knight, Booker and others.. The year with the Mavs John averaged 24ppg in the preseason and due to money and politics he never got a chance..His last season wit the Hawks Bud was playing guys like Kent and Carroll who were the new toys the regime brought in to develop but when he
  9. I hope Schröder can pull some strings cause I was disappointed when we let Johnny Cash go..I thought him and Goldie were the backcourt of the future...
  10. When Johnny Cash was given minutes on the Hawks he produce..Keep in mind we had Korver and Teague.. But no way in hell Tyler Dorsey supposed to make the team over John..When John went to the D league he produced..that man is a legit sniper and efficient.. Tyler Dorsey, Cook or Brussino.. Somebody has to go!! Tbh John is a better player than Marco Bellineli if given greenlight and same minutes!
  11. Dude I'm like the biggest Hawks fan ever and been watching every game since Nique For like 20+ years u lost your credibility when u act like John didnt have big games with the Hawks..go check basketball reference..
  12. John Wearing #30 for the Hawks he trying to tell y'all!!! Free My Hitta Jenkins!!!!
  13. The Hawks would be crazy as hell if they didnt cut someone and sign John Jenkins for the season!!! He was close to breaking out when Bud first tried to develop him but the Hawks traded and opted to go with the bigger guard in Hardaway.. John can fill it up from all three levels though! 3's, Midrange, and in the paint with floaters and layups.. I know y'all hadn't forgot how this man would come into games and score like 10 pts in 10 minutes for the Hawks.. He's a hard worker and a cerebral player..He doesn't force things he make the right passes and let the game come to him.. The l
  14. Kent Bazemore need to have his ass in a gym working out! His horrible contract is why we lost Tim Hardaway Jr!!