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  1. Hawks get: Greg Monroe Klay Thompson Hawks lose: Paul Milsap Kyle Korver future 1st round pick Kings get: Josh Smith Kings lose: Ben McLemore Pistons get: David Lee Kyle Korver Pistons lose: Greg Monroe (sign and trade) Josh Smith Timberwolves get: Paul Milsap Harrison Barnes Timberwolves lose: Kevin Love Warriors get: Kevin Love Ben McLemore future Hawks 1st round pick Warriors lose Klay Thompson David Lee Harrison Barnes Why would each team do this trade you might ask??? For the Warriors they get to pair two of the NBA's top 15 players together; Love and Stephen Curry. They stunted Harrison Barnes growth on the team when they traded for Andre Iguodala last offseason, and in the playoffs Draymond Green was more impactful than Barnes. With Ben McLemore, the Warriors get a young shooter, who will only be asked to make open threes (Iguodala guards the best wing player every game). The future first round pick from the Hawks adds flexibility to build around Love and Curry. The Timberwolves do this mainly because they want to remain competitive without tying up future cap space. A trade directly with Golden State is not happening because the Warriors refuse to take back Kevin Martin. In Milsap the Wolves get an all-star 4 to replace Kevin Love (How else would they get an all-star 4 that spreads the floor and fits well with Nikola Peković??). With Barnes they get a talented young 3 with a ton of upside at a major position of need. Note how both players received are both on very cap friendly deals. As for the Pistons they get rid of Josh Smith (Detroit throws a parade), and get back shooters to space the floor around Andre Drummond. What Stan Van Gundy is looking to do, is build a team similar to what he had with the Orlando Magic. Van Gundy would be absolutely thrilled to have Kyle Korver and his deadly 3 point range to space the floor. With David Lee's offensive skill set and ability to rebound he’s a much better fit besides Drummond than Smith. The Kings instantly become a must see NBA league pass team with the addition of Josh Smith. Even though Smith and DeMarcus Cousins may choke each other out some day, the two could fit rather well together. Both are good passers and Cousins has the ability to play inside and consistently knock down 15 footers on a nightly basis. With the addition of Nik Stauskas in the draft Ben McLemore has become expendable on the Kings roster. This would be the most excitable Kings team since the days of Vlade Divac and Chris Webber. Just imagine the smile on Vivek Ranadivé's face seeing the King's home games packed every night. With the addition of Klay Thompson and Greg Monroe, the Hawks would become a legit contender in the east. Even with the addition of both, it still could leave enough cap room for the Hawks to sign a player like Luol Deng. The Hawks could sign Deng to a 3 year front loaded deal that pays 13 million this year but worth 10 million annually. By front loading the deal it leaves room for the eventual contract extension of Klay Thompson. The Hawks starting lineup would have 4 all-star caliber players and would instantly become one of the league's best offensive teams with coach Mike Budenholzer's system.
  2. Well I'm gonna miss Josh Smith and I'm not gonna miss Josh Smith.
  3. Per ESPN, his salary in 2014-15 is guaranteed at $15 million. The Hawks should not settle just for Asik in a S&T for Josh Smith.
  4. "Somewhere in America Miley Cyrus is still twerking. Twerk Miley, twerk". - Jay-Z From "Somewhere in America" on Jay-Z's new album.
  5. He was just quoting something from the new Jay-Z album. Its quite funny if you've heard the song.
  6. Yeah Drew's coaching in the 2nd half was terrible. No way Rose should of been allowed to go iso vs. Teague. Some really bad defensive was played in the last minute by the Hawks.
  7. That was part of my reasoning for saying that Teague should continue to start, because he doesn't play well with Crawford. He always is looking to differ to Crawford and has no impact when both are on the floor.
  8. No duh, that Teague can't shoot and neither could Tony Parker his first couple of years in the league. The major thing that Teague lacks is confidence and the only way that improves (and everything else improving) is by giving him consistent playing time. As for Royal Ivey, he didn't have near the possible upside as Teague does (I wasn't comparing the two). Hinrich would still play the vast majority of the minutes and finish games at point guard even if Teague starts.
  9. L.D. should continue to start Teague, but give him Royal Ivey type of minutes. That way the Hawks get more from Teague (he plays much better with the starters) and get more from the bench. With Hinrich coming off of the bench, even when Crawford is off (which usually means no bench scoring) the Hawks would still have an impact player off the bench. It's so refreshing to see Kirk Hinrich guard without help, I've seen a couple of hawks players look in amazement to see a point guard defend without their help. Also I'm soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo glad to see Mo Evans gone, Damien Wilkins gives the Hawks so much more.
  10. Of course the Hawks would of had to give up more then Jeff Teague to get Sessions (that why I said "a deal to get Sessions"). Hawks could of given up Mo Evans, Teague, and 1st round pick for Sessions. Such a deal had been mentioned but the Hawks were only offering a 2nd round pick yet the Cavs wanted a first round pick. Instead the Hawks front office decided to keep Teague and trade Bibby and Jordan Crawford.
  11. Decent trade, didn't like giving up Jordan Crawford and 1st round pick tho. The trade definitely improves the team, no more everyone covering for Bibby's horrible defense. Now the Hawks can have Hinrich guard either the 1 or the 2, which can take a ton of pressure off of Joe Johnson (Joe has nooooooooooooooo more excuses with Bibby's no d being gone). This leaves the Hawks with really only one poor defensive player in the main rotation (Jamal Crawford), and it opens up the door to possibly resign Crawford. One thing this trade tells me is that the Hawks did not want to give up Teague for some reason. They chose this trade instead of giving up Teague in a deal to get Ramon Sessions.
  12. That's what it should really come down to for the Hawks. If the pick is more valuable than trading Jeff Teague shouldn't be a problem. As for the first round pick, the Hawks have gotten absolutely nothing from the last 3 first round picks. No reason for the Hawks to let a 1st round pick (in a weak draft) hold up acquiring a player, such as Devin Harris.
  13. Bibby is strictly a one trick pony at this point in his career; if his shot is not hitting then he is good for nothing else. In other words if he's not making open jumpers than he shouldn't be on the court over guys that can make shots (i.e. Jordan Crawford). Its 4 on 5 basketball on both sides of the court when Bibby's shot is off this bad.
  14. Its getting ridiculous to see Bibby trot out there and start when he is giving the Hawks absolutely nothing! Over the last 5 games Bibby is averaging 4 points per game; just ridiculous. You can't tell me that Jordan Crawford couldn't average 4 points with his eyes closed on offense. I don't care if JCraw2 isn't really a point guard, because Bibby isn't one himself. Bibby can barely bring the ball up court, the Hawks have to keep a big in the backcourt just to screen a defender off of Bibby because Bibby is too slow to get around ball pressure by himself. I also know that JCraw2 (or either JCraw) defense is bad, but it can't be worst than Bibby's ole defense.
  15. D.R.P.

    Hawks vs Cavs

    It was good to see Larry Drew make the adjustment and finally put Horford on Hickson late in the 4th quarter. That's something Woody would have never done. You mean the 3rd quarter, cause that's when Joe went into me, me, me (um iso) time.