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  1. this is the most BSPN thing I've ever heard.
  2. this is good. If Kings are in the lottery, there's our 2025 pick right there.
  3. has there ever been an NBA player to go for 50 and not talk trash while doing it? Everyone that hates Trae has the most ridiculous cover up story for why they don't like him.
  4. @sturt you got one he can borrow? Tony Ressler for Mike Tyson? That'd be siqq.
  5. did you really think Travis was gonna do business with the jackasses that pushed him out the door?
  6. that's not the idea he's selling you. He's selling you that GMs would avoid making a serious offer -- not avoid making a play.
  7. I am not afraid to tell you this is a lie. As people have said, action speaks louder than words. And what I'll add to this cliché quote, is that lack of action often speaks louder than action.
  8. I dunno what kinda kool aid this nerd is making or what he said. But I certainly didn't drink it. Who is this anyway? Besides a guy that has no kool aid in his pantry?
  9. anyone believin this is a clown. PG has James Harden in his ear holes.
  10. It happened. I don't know how long it stuck around. I only knew of it because I was in the middle of class while in undergrad (back when we had Speedy Claxton ~circa 2005-2007) and I noticed the person sitting in front of me was on the squawk, starting that thread. Little dude was fuming in class... I think his primary argument was that he was a Dolphins fan and not a hawks fan. But I think he was just mad at him for other reasons.
  11. I hear you on the money..... I'm regretting agreeing to travel to see the game in Denver on 4/6. I already told my homie I'd go and got the time off.
  12. now Vol you don't hafta be THAT dramatic. I'm mostly done til the draft as well, but no way in hell I'm wasting any of my own time watching green. Anything is more enjoyable than that.
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