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  1. ^^^Most accurate post of the thread.
  2. And look who's 9 and 10 for guards. And Trae was actually 24th for starters, FWIW
  3. I'm all about the Batum for Parsons idea.... We don't need $70 mil in space this year because there's not 2 (is there really even 1?) max FA any, so that extra year doesn't matter and he could help us get into the playoffs as another versatile forward off the bench. Given Hornets are in rebuild mode, we should pursue a pick later down the line... say a top 10 protected 23 pick, top 5 in 24, unprotected in 25...
  4. I'm not sure how you override trades like that... but I just started a new campaign and it seems they have updated the game to fix this error.
  5. Drunk Budenzholzer, is that you??? Resigning him long term would not have won us a ship. What we did with him gave us Taurean Prince, whose value we turned into a pick that helped us move up to select Hunter and we have an extra pick next year. Would you rather have a current roster of Teague, Millsap, Horford and whatever garbage we kept? Because without the path we took, we would not have Trae Young, Hunter or Reddish... we would have been a first round exit at best.
  6. I'll tell you what went right with Jeff Teague.... He's the only player we traded at the right time, unlike Josh Smith, Paul Milsap, Al Horford; who we all let walk for nothing. We dealt him with one year left on a good deal knowing we were gonna give the reigns to DS17. Teague turned into Prince, who we used in a similar fashion to gain more first round picks.
  7. Dude you are so right and I was wrong. @JayBirdHawk you were right too... I was playing MyGM within the MyLeague options menu. I've started playing my league without the stupid chit chatting. BUT I HAVE ANOTHER COMPLAINT (hahahaha).... 2K seems to think we traded NOP both the Cavs pick AND our pick unprotected! That really messes up my plan for the first season!! Damn you 2k! Who the hell is in charge!?!?!
  8. Sorry to not clarify -- I am playing MyLeague... I call it the GM mode because that's what I'm used to calling it because I've been doing GM mode since the very first 2k 20 years ago.
  9. Yes, it actually is a part of the game in the GM mode. It's awful. It's not what I'm used to.... I'm getting pissed off at having to watch CGI people chit chat.
  10. I gotta say, this is the worst edition of 2k ever in terms of the GM mode. You really have to be someone with no life that can waste a ton of time chit chatting with your staff and players about wearing sunscreen and whether or not they wash their legs in the shower... it's f****n stupid - because when you don't waste your time chit chatting with people, all your staff quits and players get mad and want out. I miss the days of just being able to make your trades/draft picks/signing free agents and being able to simulate without having to attend meetings and chit chat with everyone.... people don't buy this game to watch computer generated characters hold the same conversations week after week. And what's with all the glitches??? People offering to trade for future draft picks that already happened the year prior? If you get into an OT game in MyLeague, and a timeout is called, the camera changes so that you follow one player and you can't change it or see what play is actually happening. It doesn't fix until someone is fouled. But if a timeout is called, it re-triggers it. Oh and you put someone on the trade block and a team makes an offer and you try to accept it, and it says "the _______ are not entertaining offers with you".... I'm at the point where not a single team in the league will entertain trades with me so it's pretty damn boring Really wish I could find the receipt. This is trash.
  11. Trae/Smitty/Nique/Willis/Deke Man Nique and Deke... that woulda been something.