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  1. I think of this signing similar to the first Millsap signing. People didn't make much of it because we were focused on finding a C to appease Alice, who at the time was whining about not getting to play PF. That signing turned out to be a steal.
  2. I would love Livingston as Trae's veteran backup.
  3. Love it. Feel like this should be done more than it happens. Woulda been smart to offer Dedmon a front loaded contract to put us at the cap this year but still have tons of room next two.
  4. Hippopotamus joke.... (cuz he's fat).... 🤣
  5. Did you see that special where they had Omari rolling around in the mud?
  6. I'm fine with BKN capping out with KD added to Kyrie... kinda gives us a good chance that the BKN pick will be around our lucky #19 since we know KD isn't playing this year, Kyrie replaces Russel, and Jordan is kinda like Allen...
  7. Center depth: Len/Plumless/Bruno/Spellman/Collins.... Yes, I know Plumlee sucks. I know Bruno is raw. I know Spellman and Collins are better suited for PF. The point is, this is not the end of the world. We weren't winning a title this year anyway, so let's give these guys some development. And I say this being one of the biggest Dedmon fans around. I will be trying to see him in Sac Town.
  8. warcore

    Resign Dedmon

    This is my favorite part about Dedmon. I love making the call with him!!!
  9. I wouldn't mind taking back Jeffrey to be our backup vet PG off the bench. I guess we'd hafta take Dieng as well? What would it take? Flipping Adams and Len (smaller salaries) to them with us getting a future pick back?
  10. Don't forget about the part where they labeled Omari as a second round pick
  11. I gotta say Cam, cuz I've never cheered louder during a Hawks draft ever than the moment we took him at #10. I was shocked and Schlenked at the same time.
  12. Somebody needs to tell Keith Box... this is bullshit.
  13. I have no idea if they make them but I want them. What do we hafta do to get em???
  14. Dang. I was thinking last night I wanna get one in the alternate black and volt green jerseys, but they don't have those yet. I'll just wait to pay full price for the one I want. Just like Schlenky-poo!
  15. So I watched it at a bar in New Mexico (and paid the bartender extra to put the sound on) but didn't hear about this deal. What was the trade?