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  1. I'll root for em with you... I was actually a Bengals fan before Falcons as my Dad's from Cincy. They've also got the best Unis in any sport.
  2. Play #2 was a baseline jumper in garbage time, down by 30. I bet Dan Dickau has a better top 10 than that.
  3. Blasphemy. He's clearly #1. He's handicapped by a franchise that free agents have never wanted to come to that history does not favor. And he's finding away to get around the handicaps. Pretty much everyone else on your list can be eliminated because they GM for franchises where it's easy to recruit. Franchises that have a good history. TS turned trashed to treasure.
  4. I'm fine with them not wanting to pay the tax this year and it doesn't worry me one bit. They're just being smart. They know they will be in the tax next year and the penalty gets worse and worse for repeat offenders. Let's put off that repeat offense another year to keep the band together. I will say though, I believe we can give that last spot to Deuce Coop and still be under the tax.
  5. Reminds me of when DET had the #2 pick after winning the championship with a class featuring LeBron, Melo, Wade, Bosh.... it was looking like years of dominance for them. Until they took an undrafted talent at #2.
  6. Watch the game get cancelled from national broadcast after the Mavs get off to a terrible start.
  7. NICE! A Cam nickname that doesn't suck!
  8. I agree with @gurpilo... We most likely have Dunn as a defensive backup PG and seems fairly likely we bring Lou back. Furthermore, just about all of us have mentioned how many great PG prospects will be available at #20. I don't want us to waste that opportunity and believe we take a PG there. Thus, the backup PG will likely be covered both in the short and long term. Spend our money on a backup big (voted Dieng). We clearly had paint struggles and issues guarding the best bigs of the East that we will see again. It takes a long for bigs to learn the game, which is another reason I'd not want to use our 1st on a big, because we need help there soon. *and on another note, are we considering Gary Trent Jr. a vet? I've always liked him but I think he's like 21-22? And unless one of Huerter/Bogi are traded, don't see a need for a SG. But if they were moved, he'd be my guy.
  9. I think he bounces back and has a great season as our primary backup next year. He just seems like an ideal backup to Trae given his potential for situational substitutions.... given those situations are exactly when we don't want Trae on the court. Would have liked to have seen it this past year but hoping we get to see the opportunity this year.
  10. In the video posted in this thread, OO himself said he does yoga in addition to his basketball training.
  11. I'd wanna see us use our #20 on a PG.... McBride/Hyland/Mann/Cooper... all will do just fine. Would like our big C with our 2nd... Ariel Hukporti is who I'd like as a 7 footer for certain matchups. Even has decent range to bring those trees out of the paint.
  12. Is the game, 'How many duplicate threads can I create?" This is already being discussed in another thread. Can we merge this into that?
  13. Patience, young grasshopper.
  14. Some of us may not know it yet, but we have a big 3. Trae, Dre and Cam. They just haven't signed their max extensions yet. That's good.