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  1. Dude you just made me nauseous. Why you gotta do that?
  2. Didn't the Knicks max out Eddie Curry? eesh
  3. Ahhh... I didn't realize they had the hots for him.
  4. Hey look! I found a good post in this thread!
  5. anybody ever seen a Hawk devour a McRib?
  6. I tried to get through all the Peo posts but gave up a few pages short.... @Peoriabird I just need to ask you one question: Were you this critical of Mike Wilks when he was our point guard? Do you remember point guards like him that the Hawks have deployed the last 20 years? (stop complaining about the best PG this franchise has ever seen - we've had far worse)
  7. Maybe Ice Cube will do it for him in the Big 3.
  8. Was there a TMac thread like this when he signed the 1 year vet min when he was washed up?
  9. 3 on 3 is typically half court. Not full court like 5 on 5. So I consider 5 on 5 far more strenuous.
  10. This guy clearly doesn't know his nickname is Ice Trae and how fitting that is with that. So having a gesture that goes with your nickname makes you a villain? Cool.
  11. Travis was congratulating the players after the game. I guess "owners" was misleading... let's go with "Front Office". My bad. @bleachkit
  12. My favorite part about the game last night was seeing Travis congratulating the players going into the tunnel post game. Still can't believe we don't have POS owners. Feels so foreign.
  13. Oh that was a Happy Gilmore reference.... but glad you got a laugh!