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  1. I never called you out previously, in fact I used to like you as a poster. Don't call me out my name. I never disrespected you before that. That's something I expect from a certain posters not you. I don't take kindly to disrespect especially when I never disrespected you. I really think you owe me an apology.
  2. Nothing man. That's why I hated the Joe deal. I felt like this was an all for nothing ordeal. I hear some saying rebuild but how? The teams at the bottom are really really bad. We are actually good. Not very good anymore and we were never elite or a balanced team. We are basically now in Houston lane. They will say names like Al Jefferson but Al Jefferson is Al Jefferson. He is a good player who you need to build around and he can't win you nothing. That's one of the worse type of player to have. I really think he would only fit around Dwight Howard.
  3. I am sick of this. We are never too far but never that close. This is basically worse than a loser. A loser has no where to go but up. What about the ones in the middle. They are stuck.
  4. What is this suppose to mean AHF. I didn't say s... to this guy and he said that. I stand by what I said.
  5. I been telling you he isn't coming, that doesn't mean I am happy with Atlanta or Ferry. I seen this rebuilding BS before. It sucked. I rather just cheer for another team. Hell, the Nets are looking attractive right now. They are build to win the next 6 NBA titles with Howard. The Hawks are built to be irrelevant as always. Unless the Hawks land Jabari Parker or Andrew Wiggins I have no hope in the future and Horford is too good for us to be a top 5 lotto team. We will be the new Houston Rockets. I rather not be a fan at all. I am sick of this. He belittle me and made a threat, I returned the favor.
  6. Neki, be quiet. This damn team has been one player away for over 5 years. Don't try to tell me otherwise either. We had the trade pieces, we could never get it done. No CP3, no Deron, no Dwight. Don't tell me they weren't available and we never called cause we did. Don't ever try to belittle either before I come to see you in Seattle and it won't be nice either.
  7. That's dumb, of course they would match Dwight Howard contract he is only a top 2 NBA player and a center at that.
  8. Ferry is looking worst than BK. We were one player away and now we aren't close. I don't think I can take this anymore when I know the end result. I will give it one year, if I don't see what I like, I am out. It looks like ASG gave Brooklyn a championship.
  9. I agree with jody. Pnr with harris and horford. Try to get it in for the playoffs.
  10. I didn't watch the game but Ike dominated. This is FIBA ball, I still remember when Carlos Arroyo was looking like Zeke v. the USA and Baby Shaq was looking like real Shaq.
  11. Joker

    Randy Foye?

    Why are we so interested in all these scrubs.
  12. I do. Nique had what, 15 kids and he was always cheating. I would take Howard in a millisecond. LOL, come on Ben Hill, he makes a team a top 5 defensive team by himself. I think you are understating his defensive impact.
  13. Teague was a terrible PG. Good talent and quality player but a terrible PG. Harris without even a second thought.
  14. I agree. I think the Nets are a top 3 seed at the least in the East. Deron is a superstar. Joe should give them superstar performances and Lopez and Wallace are solid role players.