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  1. This might be the most unwatchable hawks summer league team I've watched in my years of summer league being broadcast yuk
  2. It's like Christmas in here, finally we are up and running, missed you guys
  3. You are correct, my mistake, we just got pushed around
  4. Pierce is learning as well should have brought Len back in on lebron's free throws to secure the rebound
  5. How about be competitive? Isn't that what schlenk promised? Team looks like junk right now.
  6. Pretty cool of Doncic to acknowledge his performance tonight
  7. Happy Birthday Mule!!!! Enjoy the special day. Let's hope the Hawks give you a special 82nd year.
  8. I as well enjoyed Dennis's time here, I hope he is successful in okc and has a good career in the nba
  9. With the additional first round you could have combined picks to move up in the first round, but that's obsolete now because our GM doesn't know how to maximize trades
  10. No they should be in the playoffs in next year's summer league as well
  11. Lol shocker another warriors employee all we know is how to copy teams and organizations
  12. To add to that, the Hawks have spent 2 years renovating their arena which will only be capacity on opening night or when other stars are in town. Of course with that comes the entire arena cheering for the otter team. At least the Migos will be there, don't know who else will be. Probably won't be filling the arena for 4 to 5 years with Hawks fans.