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  1. It's not the be all end all but it would be nice to have some accountability from him once
  2. That's why you're an LP supporter, this team over the last 3 years same mistakes on offense and defense over and over again, always players fault yet never addresses the fact why the team never improves on these same mistakes, instead of going into a diatribe on making a team feel you on defense, tell us why the team doesn't listen to you and contnues to make the same mistakes or tell us why this team has low energy games because that reflects on you coach, but go ahead keep supporting him, some guys are assistant coaches some are head coaches, LP has shown what he is
  3. Watching LP post game not one time does he accept responsibility for the teams poor performance, team will never be successful with him as the coach, never puts the blame on himself always the players faults, never says how he can coach better
  4. phoostal

    Ask Supes

    And that sums up the Atlanta hawks in a nutshell lol
  5. phoostal

    Ask Supes

    I'm not upset if Heyward signs or doesn't. What is sad is this team never makes a big time move. I mean a real big move. They have cap space and assets and are making fringe moves. They never dare to be great.
  6. phoostal

    Ask Supes

    Lol so true, what a joke, all this excitement for nothing
  7. Is John Jenkins still lingering out there
  8. Shams getting the picks out quick lol
  9. I'm looking at Dion Glover, Acie Law or maybe Salim Stoudemire
  10. phoostal

    Ask Supes

    Supes and campster you guys should do a podcast
  11. phoostal

    Ask Supes

    I appreciate you sharing the info, but geez nothing regarding the Atlanta moves gets me super excited. Oh well we'll see shortly how it goes.