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  1. Ronald Acuña is the national news story in baseball this week. Braves are leading their division and have a fair shot at landing the #1 seed in the NL
  2. Well this post sure rings true today. Sark is coaching college ball against a pro defense. Horrible hire that the Falcons doubled down on. What a waste of one of the most expensive offenses in the league. It’s like buying a brand new Bugati and chucking the keys to a 13-year-old.
  3. The Len signing could be sneaky good. He’s still young, and while he isn’t the star center you hope for at #5, he’s a pretty effective player. Classic value signing
  4. There’s no such thing as ball-sharing in baseball, and therefore, no such thing as an offensive black hole. ARod was not overrated. I can’t stand him, but I have to correct an absurd comparison.
  5. Dennis is a great penetrator. He looked worse in our offense because we had no other playmakers so 3 players would collapse on him. With Westbrook and George he will increase his efficiency.
  6. Yes, that is the point. We wanted to dump Dennis without taking back a long contract. Mission accomplished. I think this trade works well for OKC and we could’ve argued for lesser protection, and I can’t shake the sense that Schlenk has let two trades involving a future pick get dictated to him on the other team’s terms.
  7. So we traded Dennis for a 2022 first rounder that likely becomes 2 second rounders based on OKC’s contention window (namely George’s contract). It seems to me that you either give heavy protection or push the pick off for 4 years, but not both. From where I’m sitting it looks like Schlenk is a poor trade negotiator. That bodes very poorly for us.
  8. And our best player on that team was a player drafted #3, acquired via tanking.
  9. I’d like to see these guys play against NBA talent before anointing Schlenk. It’s a massive jump that has scuttled many a projection over the years. My gut says Huerter and Spellman will be good value at their spots, but it will mean little if Trae Young is just an average PG while Doncic is All-NBA. The draft hinges on Schlenk’s being correct in that very controversial and unpopular decision. The consensus said take the player who fell into your lap. His move was bold and risky (and I will always say he could’ve squeezed Dallas for more), but he has to be right for this to be a defining draft.
  10. No disagreement. BK let his vision (longth!) dominate better judgment. But I do think the move for JJ lowered our ceiling, especially since we ended up trading Diaw and Rondo for the right to bid against ourselves and overpay him. But he was and still is the biggest player acquisition since Deke, and I really did like him as a player and person.
  11. AHF being diplomatic as always. Buzzard, it’s impossible to really say what someone’s ceiling is, but the ceiling you’ve imagined is impossible for any player, much less a slight, 6’1” PG. There’s no amount of hard work and tenacity that can make a player a physical or athletic freak if he’s just not. Might as well say that his ceiling is the shot blocking ability of Deke and if someone argues with you protest that you said *potential* and not expectation.
  12. 1) Signing Joe Johnson made us top out at mediocre. 2) It is silly to guess when we will be back to the playoffs with so many unknowns, but the question was how long fans were “willing” to wait. I say whatever it is, I hope we don’t rush it by signing a “good” player to be our centerpiece like Joe Johnson. We need stars. JJ was a great #2 or #3.
  13. In Al Horford and Paul Millsap, we had two of the top 30 players in the NBA. Neither can be called a superstar, but they were both underrated. Put those two with a bonafide superstar, and you have a championship team. Al just isn't a superstar. It doesn't just have to do with scoring. It's just that he did several things well, somethings just ok, but nothing great. His ability to space the floor is what made him so valuable, but at the same time, his lack of go-to offensive moves and rebounding really kept him from being elite. You might call him underrated, but the fact that he made a few all-star teams calls that into question, as does the huge contract he got with Boston. He's been valued very highly in his career, and deservedly.