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  1. No doubt, what he’s doing is incredible. But if he chose to sign here, the league would KNOW he’s on drugs then test him, and it would be game over because...Hawks.
  2. I don’t want him on my team. His actions and personality make him unlikable. It’s just a matter of time until he gets outed.
  3. Will they pursue Malik Rose? No way BC stays there, regardless of the findings.
  4. At this point, I need proof he’s NOT on roids, HGH or some type of banned performance enhancer. He’s been increasingly bigger, faster, stronger with never missing significant time for any injury and no sign of slowing/ wearing down despite max minutes. The physique, head growth, hairline, personality and behavior remind me of another athlete the world used to be in awe of: Barry Bonds. MLB is still recovering; the NBA will never test LBJ. Oh, and sitting out the olympics for “rest” where you know there’s testing?!
  5. Baze MIGHT be worth 10 million...if he got incentives for turnovers and blown layups. I think his contract is limiting numerous options, including THJs.
  6. It's half court 3-on-3. There's no make it-take it, no tip-offs, just take the ball out at half court. Games are to 60, win by 2. Halftime is when first team hits 30. There's a few 4-point shot circles several feet behind the 3. Bibby knocked down at least two 4-pointers, looking smooth.
  7. I too was impressed that some of these guys stay in shape and still have it. Most of the games were intense and competitive, with tons of trash talking. The refs seemed to let them play physical. What I don't like is the games were played Sunday, and edited for replay. Iverson's game was condensed into 4 minutes of "highlights", while the other three games aired in full. They'll have to tweak this issue. At least it's some basketball during a long NBA off season.
  8. I would love to hear Tim Donaghy's take on the game. That was an absolute farce. And Mark Jackson?! He needs to be unemployed (by anything basketball related) for a loooong time.
  9. Plastic Man

    James Johnson?

    I was on board before the Heat days, when he was buried on Toronto's bench and could have been picked up for nothing. He's not a star by any means but he can handle, hit the 3 and most importantly guard multiple positions on the perimeter. He'll likely return to Miami with a bloated contract.
  10. After reading this thread title, I was hoping to hear he's expanding his range to 15 feet. Uncontested.
  11. I just hope Bird doesn't pull a McHale (sending KG) deal and send PG13 to his buddy Ainge in Boston.
  12. Is someone now getting waived to $ign this "3rd PG"?