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  1. I was in middle school. Sitting in a classroom trailer just surprised at it all.
  2. I didn’t see Christian Laettner in OPs list but dude gotta be up there
  3. As of Today, Mike Vick.
  4. Not old enough to really remember Nique but Trae All Day
  5. They gotta put the shiver animation in the game
  6. I mean I get the argument with Lillard. BUT Kyrie ?!?! That’s just disrespectful
  7. Well god damnit I’m going to take it there We not going to pretend like coaches’ sons don’t get opportunities to coach because they are so and so’s son.
  8. Because weirdly enough, a lot of people don’t like Rich Paul for some reason and this story just confirms their pre-existing biases.
  9. Another home run by Travis Schlenk. Dude has got to be executive of the year already
  10. Another underrated aspect of the JJ draft pick..he’s a body that we might be able to use to slow dow Giannis. He has the physical and athletic profile to not get completely abused.
  11. What a pickup by Schlenk. Bets off @hazer
  12. EazyRoc

    Backup PG

    Barring injury and FA signing, I think Dunn locks down the backup spot. Lets revisit later. I’ll take the bet..
  13. EazyRoc

    Backup PG

    Cats like Mays and Goodwin are goners