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  1. If all our young players play anywhere close to their potential and we fill out our bench..Yes..
  2. *throws on the stethoscope* The fact that he’s avg single digits on a tanking team with a bad GM and a careless owner is the reason he will never be great. The team will be losers for 10 years because we were in position to draft him. He shouldn’t even be getting minutes because he’s young and a negative and if Bud was still here he would be in the G league. Better ?
  3. At this point, I’m really just having fun. Cam is good. He’s going to be better. He’s just inconsistent like mostly all rookies are.
  4. Now that Cam can’t shoot again..I can come out of hiding 😆
  5. He probably gets minutes because he plays better in practice than in games (pure speculation). I think we have to still adjust our expectations on some of our young players. This is still Year 2 for him too. I don’t disagree with you, but he’s just looking like someone who is going to take longer than the rest.
  6. Pelicans would be dumb as hell to let Ingram walk. He’s not the reason they aren’t winning games.
  7. It’s funny cuz this dude is actually from Atlanta
  8. Kevin’s passing is just so inconsistent. His touch and placement has been boo boo so far this game
  9. Hunter with the phenomenal D
  10. Y’all know how Trae is..Don’t be surprised if the snub leads to an All Star MVP
  11. EazyRoc

    Ask Supes

    Why would someone trade that pick right now ? This is least advantageous time to trade it if you were going to.
  12. EazyRoc

    Ask Supes

    When it happens next year..ahead of “your schedule”..you’ll just find a way to wiggle out of admitting you’re wrong.
  13. EazyRoc

    Ask Supes

    Stop this. This is why you ran away the first time digging yourself in holes like this. You’re purposely discounting the impact moves we JUST made just to be contentious. Schlenk has been killing it as GM and you just can’t bite the bullet. You were wrong about him. I bet we play .500 or better for the rest of the season.