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  1. Nate squeezing all that could be sqoze out these boys
  2. This is starting to get ugly
  3. I think @kg01 pointed this out in another thread but dude legit gets the most out of any roster he coaches. I think Schlenk should lock him in
  4. Sure he deserved it. Name a better PG in the East.
  5. We are still missing 2 starters too
  6. I still can’t believe Trae didn’t make the All Star team
  7. Levine’s ability to get downhill is really really elite. He goes from 0 to full speed in a blink and uses his athleticism at the rim
  8. Not cheating but I’m guessing my 2nd fav. hawk of all time: Mookie
  9. Yeah most young bigs aren’t good defensively. His tools are elite. How far he goes is simply up to work ethic and coaching
  10. You still going on about that ?
  11. Pass the crow around the table to all the haters who are going to disappear from the thread until he has a bad night @JayBirdHawk We sew up the backup PG position and we have a REALLY good bench.