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  1. EazyRoc

    Ask Supes

    Schlenk is more focused on stroking his ego and proving his “brilliance” than putting a good team together. Our own 1st would only be used to pick a player who would likely be stuck behind other developmental prospects. There are no great centers in the lottery (so far). Just about bunch of guys with high-level roleplayer potential..no All Stars.
  2. I mean how many times do we have to re-hash this. The way this team is built currently is stunting the development of all of our young players which is why Schlenk is transitioning away from a full on tank. This is some RealGM ish right here.
  3. We need to take that soapbox and lock that bitch in a vault. Trae is absolutely a player you can build around. Wins are a team stat, so it’s fallacious to imply that he alone is responsible for our record whether it is good or bad. He has his flaws, but we just passed the halfway point of his second season. He will get better across the board and this team will get better too.
  4. That last statement is your opinion. They’re both rookies. So I don’t think age is really that much of a difference maker. Hunter just had an extra year of college exp.
  5. With Cam, you have to hope he can put everything together on a consistent basis. With Hunter, you already see what he’s working with and know he just needs time. In a perfect world, sure Cam has more potential. However, if you think about who’s most likely to max out their potential..I’d say Hunter all day.
  6. I don’t think so at all. People PROJECT Cam to have a better offensive skill set, but that just isn’t true right now. Hunters offensive game is seriously underrated around here.
  7. Why not ? He literally does just about everything better than Cam right now.
  8. I actually think Cam has higher D potential, but Hunt has higher offensive potential. Hunter just plays much more under control.
  9. I like the way Hunt seeks out contact when he drives the lane
  10. Cam is cash money as soon as he takes 1 step inside the 3 point line 🤣
  11. Look at the dinosaur out here making plays
  12. He better sign/trade for a more proven center in addition to Poeltl. Stop trying to get cute and get Someone who already has a track record for filling our needs at the starting spot.
  13. EazyRoc

    Teague 👶

    This was an A+ move. TS is starting to redeem himself
  14. The CLP detractors are REALLY silent when we win...where’s their commentary at now ?