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  1. If Trae did me like he does some of these guys, I’d hate his ass too 😂
  2. I’m on my way just to say I told you so over there too god damnit
  3. You’re right it could be all speculation, so we will see how things play out over the next few months. But if we start making moves....
  4. While I am agree with the general idea, DeRozan ain’t it chief. His game is a relic of the 90s era and perimeter players with no real shooting range would hurt this team IMO. We all need to be much more patient with Hunter and Reddish. We are barely a week into December. We should be making moves to improve the roster for sure, but I don’t feel like DeRozan is what would fit here. We are literally John Collins and a veteran defensive big away from the playoffs already and that’s cheaper than springing for DeRozan. Plus, the Spurs probably want more than that for him.
  5. I would hope he starts adding veteran depth in 2020. We need some quality vets at backup PG, SF, and PF/C. I think that will round out our roster, still allow our team to focus on developing our draft picks, and make our rounded out roster look more attractive in 2021.
  6. Which is why I like LP because all of our rookies and young players have been ahead of schedule as far as performance is concerned IMO
  7. 🤣🤣🤣 I bet you could wait for Cam to go off. Im happy he’s starting to flash the potential he has
  8. KAT or Embiid. I don’t think Giannis would be as effective in PnR PnP early on..
  9. If you were the coach, what would you do that LP isn’t ?
  10. Play to your strengths ?! This roster has no damn strengths at all. We can’t shoot. Have 1 creator. Team isn’t good defensively so we can’t just run. This roster is a dumpster fire and that MATTERS.
  11. You know..the reason why VC probably gets so much playing time is because we probably promised him just to get him to come back. Vince has been adamant about wanting to actually play and not ride the bench.
  12. Most of the players we have literally don’t know how to play pro ball. Outside of maybe 2 or 3 players, our entire roster is filled with negative impact type defenders. I felt we exceeded expectations both from a W/L standpoint and a development standpoint last year. We literally have a roster filled with G league caliber players. I just can’t see how you could point the finger at the coach.
  13. So, I know there’s a lot of people around here who feel this team would perform better with a different coach. Who would some of you all like to see (even if seemingly impossible), what type of impact do you think he would have on W/Ls, why do you want him/how do you think he’d help ?