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  1. @Bonkers You sprain ya ankle this time big dawg ?
  2. Let’s hope this game was the catalyst
  3. Trae made big plays and lead his team to a W!
  4. HOW ABOUT TRAE YOUNG DOWN THE STRETCH ?!? (caps intentional)
  5. 37 rebounds from our starting bigs. Is this a dream ?
  6. Remember when I said this season will be a roller coaster ? Well we’re going over the peak and down real fast now
  7. I caught hell picking him over Cam and I really like Cam now (didn’t back then). It’s interesting looking at the VAST difference in consistency between the two.
  8. If you don’t want a retread, you have to gamble on guys like this
  9. Good observation and I think there’s something to this. Especially with Trae attacking, it creates a lot of easy offense for us.
  10. I just want to say..ya know so no one forgets..in the Dark Ages of RealGM (Squawk was down)..that Deandre Hunter was my guy all along..if anybody wanted to know