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  1. Sure, that can be absolutely true, but it's not what I was talking about... Saying "a limit of Budball is that 2 and 3 are equivalent but Baze has played Better at the 2 than at the 3" is, per se, a contradiction.
  2. If you agree (as you just did) that the 2 and 3 play interchangeably in Bud-system, how can you say Baze is better at the 2 than at the 3? It's a contradiction. Once again, positions (not roles, positions) do NOT matter when you attack.
  3. Because of the falling dollar/pound exchange rate?
  4. Oh sure, of course Schlenk should have said "we won't offer Millsap a contract" before te begin of FAgency, that would have certainly enhanced Paul's value. Nba trades and off-season involve a good deal of strategic behavior.
  5. 30M per year for 2 years and an option for the third in Denver a bad deal? -They add that contract in a cap filled with young players in rookie scale; -They have signed the perfect on the court matchup with they're designed franchise player Jokic; -They have added a fantastic veteran player with excellent work ethic and locker room experience, something always valuable; -They did not jeopardize neither their long run flexibility (many of their rookie contracts will expire along with Sap's) nor their short run's (example, they can still let Gallo walk, sign and trade with At
  6. Quite likely, since they've paid him a couple of 2nd rounders.
  7. Wow, Phoenix made an incredible series of terrible decisions in the last 5 yrs and still they seem to attract big FAs (at least they can get interviews): LMA 2 years ago, 'Sap and Griffin now. I guess they can even ideally evolve into something like: Rubio-Booker-George-Sap/griffin-Chandler if Boston keeps loafing around PGeorge without a serious move. Minnie: Bledsoe Phoenix: Rubio + Patton + Filler (Aldrich or Hill) and Indiana: Contract Filler (Aldrich/Hill) + 1st pick 2018 + Chriss/Bender + TJ Warren + Patton. Phoenix: George If
  8. Sure it's not bread and butter, but I guess that's the sort of problem you want to have, I mean, he's still Chris Paul.
  9. Yeah, for one year maybe... Let me remind you which teams have been consistently drafting in the top 7/8 in the last 5/6 years.
  10. Of course we all judge people around the franchise all the time, but thing is, I don't express my final statement without a bigger picture.