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  1. Yea they don't look like a team trying to tank to me. More like a team desperately trying to win games and sneak into the eighth seed. If they wanted to tank you don't sign Grant or bring back Rose.
  2. He started off the season great than cooled off and now the last few games has been rounding back into shape. I think the problem is still defense and his inability or lack of will to be effective when driving to the Hoop. He pulls up and does these semi floaters push shots instead of drawing contact and going to the line. Overall though he has definitely shown improvement and has been our second best playmaker and deserves props.
  3. Snell has been abysmal, and working himself back from injury, dido with Rondo who is clearly on some sort of minutes restriction as he looks 50 years old out there. As bad as Solo is we should all be greatful he is on the team ATM, because we don't win with Snell getting 40 minutes or Mays getting any significant minutes.
  4. He has to play somebody. Starters can't go 48 minutes.
  5. To his credit Solo was excellent in overtime, outside of that missed bunny. His defense on Grant down the stretch was perfect and he hit that big three. But Yea, Solo was brought in to be our third string SF, and that's the role he is best suited for.
  6. Definitely. Horford had some monster games but I'd wager he never had 25,25 and 5.
  7. Clint Catumbo MVP tonight (Trae honorable mention).
  8. We need his production coming off the bench imo. Our bench scored like 4 points tonight.
  9. Trae and Collins combine on the great defensive play to force overtime. In other news, it's reported by Epstein's ghost that hell has suddenly frozen over.
  10. We have an offensive rating of 78 with Bruno on the floor. Get outta here.
  11. Dude, Bruno is garbage. He isn't going to change anything lmao. Might as well play Okonguw and develop him, he'll be 3 times the player Bruno is before the season is over.
  12. To be fair there was 2 seconds left on the clock. Still, Blake has 0 dunks this year. I find that kind of amazing.
  13. The Hawks without Hunter, Cam, Gallo, Bogdon, Dunn. are a bad team.
  14. He had like 3 blocks and five rebounds in 8 minutes.