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  1. Honestly with the pace of the game today and the lack of good backup PG options, if Trae gets 36 mins + it's not ridiculous. 10 is much more likely though.
  2. Schröder is not an NBA starting-caliber player. He is a decent option as a 6th or 7th man though. He's best moments were backing up Jeff Teague for our 60 win team.
  3. Surprised so many didn't get the joke. Honestly just thought of the scrubbiest player from Hawks lore that I could scrape from the bottom of the mental cellar. It was between Ed and Matt Freije but had to give the honor to Ed for this satirical thread since I knew the older school fans would get a kick out of it. Remember how Stinger and Bob used to hype him up? Good times.
  4. If he hadn't eaten all those cheeseburgers.
  5. He didn't have the mix of size and athleticism you need at this level of basketball.
  6. He was strictly a mid-range guy, and not efficient even at that. Really don't think he had much more than deep end of the bench potential.
  7. He wasn't that bad when he was with us, but his game absolutely wouldn't translate to the way offenses began to operate A wing that couldn't create shots. His stock was never going to get any higher than it was when he played for us in 2008.
  8. John Collins has perennial All-Star potential for sure... It's like he's everything Josh Smith was not for good and for worse lol.
  9. Could be a rough go of it right out of the gates, but I expect them to get it together around the end of November and make a run for that 8th seed.
  10. I mean it's pretty darn close by any advanced stats between Mookie, Smitty and Deke, but I will agree Mookie was underrated. Which P.S. is the reason I have this avatar even though if I'm being honest Smitty was my fave. Mookie deserves plenty of love though.
  11. For those of those who weren't around back then, Glenn Robinson was the 90s version of Carmelo Anthony, but less talented and more turnover prone. But since analytics weren't really thing stupid people (like the Hawks front office) saw he averaged 20ppg for several seasons and assumed he was an all star caliber player lol.
  12. Oh boy I remember that season. I was sure we were on our way to a top four seed again. That was the world before analytics lol. That season taught me avergaing 20ppg is the most overrated stat in basketball. Glen Robinson was TERRIBLE.
  13. yeeeeaaa... Glad i´m not GM lol
  14. Forgot Acie Law was the 11th pick in 2007... My brain was sure he had been a second round pick lol.