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  1. Salaries should be prorated according to games played. I think that would be the fair thing to do. Not sure what the logic would be to lower ticket prices, unless of course the decrease in demand forces it to happen.
  2. Atlantaholic

    Trae 2k

    These are strange, strange times.
  3. LPs seat may not be piping hot but it's pretty warm. Another slow start next year and he could be gone before December rolls around.
  4. Hawks defense social distancing before it was cool.
  5. Since you are into Sci-Fi give The Expanse a shot (Prime). It's a bit of a slow starter but that's because it's based on a series of novels and it sticks very true to the literary source material. Once you wrap your head around all of the different terms, and the general make-up of the universe it's very entertaining and very original. Vikings (Netflix) is a good one too but after season 3 it looses a lot of steam. Show takes a very bold turn after those first three seasons and seasons 4-5 are very uneven and first half of season 6 is downright not good (second half is not yet released) Still, the first three seasons are fantastic, and tell a pretty complete story so it's worth watching just for that. Whatever you do, don't watch Game of Thrones if you haven't already. Amazing until the last season which is one of the most major choke jobs on messing up a finale in the history of everything. It's the 28-3 of TV.
  6. Probably won't affect him much, I mean assume we were gonna shelve him for the rest of the year no matter what. Probably rehabbing the same way he would be if the season had not been suspended.
  7. They should, but of course they won't.
  8. Justin Trudeau's wife has it too up in Canada.
  9. Hmm... good-ish. Honestly we were a lot better last year after December.
  10. Lack of talent, injuries, suspensions, lack of experience, depth, poor coaching. Yup, this is one of the all time worst Hawks teams. Without Trae it would be the worst team ever hands down.
  11. Never said this is wiping out the population. But the death rate in Wuhan was for sure higher than reported, no doubt about it. A lot of people died in their homes and were gathered by police and sent straight to cremation without passing through a hospital. Also, it's important to keep in mind there are two knonw strains of the virus that are widely different in severity. It is almost a certainty Italy and Iran imported the most aggressive while Korea has the mild version and they were able to control it fairly quickly , so hopefully the same thing happens in U.S. though my guess would be that the U.S. probably has BOTH strains circulating. It's entirely possible U.S. never experiences what went down in Wuhan and Italy but the only way to prevent it for sure is to take drastic measures which is what is going on atm.
  12. Turns out Gobert DID get it. Tested positive... Trump who has staked his entire presidency on the stock market has canceled all flights to Europe, ensuring another massive sell-off tomorrow. The beginning of a recession right before re-elections is pretty much assured. Italy's healthcare system teetering on the brink of complete collapse when 10 days ago they had just a few hundred cases reported. I'll reiterate. Those of us who followed the story closesly since February, paying attention to independent accounts on what happened in Wuhan know to take this seriously. Wuhan was devastated; completely devastated. Took some of the most draconian and extreme measures we have seen since WWII to "allegedely" get things under control over there.
  13. NBA season suspended. All flights to Europe suspended.
  14. Having the Hawks play without fans on the seats would be doing the fans a favor lol.
  15. Is this the beginning of the NWO? Sure seems like a scrpit from a bad conspiracy film.