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  1. Another thing I'm no fan of is the Teague, Trae backcourt. I understand that with the amount of minutes Trae has to play that if we want to play Teague minutes he is going to have to share the backcourt at times, but it should be the minority of his minutes.
  2. How does a dude fall to the ground with a ball and that not be called a travel.
  3. We need a Center and we need shooters at the wings. It's really that simple. Until we have that we are going to be losing games in bunches.
  4. We need players. Bruno is going to foul out any second now anyway.
  5. It would be nice if he at least took the shots. What good is a three point specialists that is afraid to shoot threes?
  6. Jones and Bembry in at the same time is the best way to give up a 9 point lead.
  7. Bembry really needs to not come back at all pretty, pretty please with sugar on top.
  8. Why in the world is Bembry in right now. Two PGs is enough methinks.
  9. That block on Lowry should be promptly uploaded to pornhub
  10. I think of Better Call Saul lol
  11. Atlantaholic

    Ask Supes

    He's strictly a three point shooting threat. Has averaged 43% from three on very high volume the last two years. It would address one of our three major needs, but does little to address the other two which are defense and rebounding.
  12. Atlantaholic

    Ask Supes

    Yup it wasn't so much a "tank" as it was a collapse. We could have decided to fight for the eight seed a couple of years while hanging to overpaid vets instead of gathering as much draft capital and cap flexibility, and it would have been a huge mistake.