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  1. He had some moments with our backup lineup that had Gallo mailing it defensively at center. Don't read too much into that. Philly had Embiid with conditioning issues and couldn't give him any rest because we were killing the Dwight minutes. And Dwight's past means something. There's a reason the dude bounces around more than jugs at a titty bar, no one likes him.
  2. Well, he can't guard the position for one thing.
  3. Ah, I thought we were discussing replacing Gallo with Dero. Didn't notice Dero is a free agent until I checked just now, so not sure what the original poster is thinking for this swap... guess a SnT with San Antonio? Either way whatever Derozan market value is, it'll be a lot more expensive than anything we could afford at the moment for a bench piece.
  4. Derozan provides value offensively, I won't argue that, but he can't hit threes and wouldn't provide a vast improvement over Gallo who is not as good overall offensively but is a much better fit since he is a dead eye three point shooter. Remember spreading the floor out as much as possible is the key for Trae to have the room to operate his PnR drives, and that's our best offensive option. With Derozen spacing is gone. Defensively Gallo can guard more positions and overall rates as a vastly superior defender to Derozan who was actually one of the worst rated defenders at his position last year
  5. Nah, we need floor spacers not lane cloggers, plus Derozen isn't a defender either.
  6. Okonguw ate his lunch and his absolute innefectiveness on both ends during his brief minutes were big for the Hawks. He ranked outside of the top 200 in WAR and net adjusted +- (Raptor). Dude is trash.
  7. These are better fits for sure.
  8. Dwight is a loser. Has been a loser everywhere he's been. Kobe was disgusted when Dwight played with him. If he's not good enough for Kobe he shouldn't be good enough for us.
  9. I'd rather have Bruno be our fulltime center than have Dwight on the roster.
  10. Well, they were like 9-1 at home in the playoffs with an average margin of victory of like +16, it took a monumental performance from Trae Young to steal that one loss. And I never said the Hawks being 100% healthy wouldn't be able to beat the Bucks... just that the Hawks in that Bucks series were easily not the better team, Khris Middleton and Jrue Holliday were better than anyone on the Hawks the last two games, and it's not close. And there is no shame in that the Bucks were easily the best team in the NBA this season and they proved it by handling a blazing hot Suns team in 6. Jrue, Kris and Giannis played all around incredible basketball, and then you have depth behind that.
  11. 100%, especially against Milwaukee. The" Brooke Lopez game" was really the Jrue Holliday game. And yes, he got sonned by Embiid through a big chunk of the Philly series, but that's what Embiid does to everyone and why he was a few games missed by injury away from the MVP award.
  12. Yup, people give Clint shit for his defense in the playoffs but the truth is interior defense isn't the factor it used to be. What you need to win in the big games against the best teams is elite defense in the perimeter.
  13. Bucks in Milwaukee are pretty unbeatable. Remember how they made us look in game two with Trae healthy. Sometimes you acknowledge the other team is just better.
  14. Not sure if it would be the best out of the available choices in Ws and Ls and championships. But man would the passing display be a thing of beauty.
  15. Trae Bogi Hunter Jokic Capella Huerter, Cam, Gallo, off the bench How you telling me this team doesn't win the championship if healthy.