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  1. I'll also mention that his hustle was fantastic last game, so his impact was probably greater than his numbers. There were some very key moments in that game where Goodwin was hitting the deck before anyone else that were instrumental in pulling out the dub.
  2. I want that third seed, if we could get our players back I think we would have a chance to close out the season on a rampage and make a run, but that's a big, big question mark on when or even if we'll get some of these guys back. As it stands, even with the injuries I feel very confident we can finish top 6 and avoid the play-in.
  3. Last two starts: 27 points, 13 assists - 2 turn overs... and Hawks 2-0 with wins over Pels and Hornets. I feel most of us have kind of relegated Goodwin to lifelong borderline Gleaguer end of the bench guy, but lo and behold, dude has shown us a little something the last two games he's gotten minutes. Especially against the Hornets dude was very impressive. Gotta give him props.
  4. My favorite I've seen this year has been the kings broadcast crew. The play by play guy was straight busting out poems lol
  5. If y'all think this take was bad you weren't there or remember when we got into a discussion with D wherein he adamantly proposed Hield was better than Reggie Miller.
  6. This team is mentally strong under Nate. Outside of a couple of abberations the Hawks have been incredible in the fourth, after being one of the worst teams in the entire NBA under LP.
  7. Fantastic game. He hasn't been very consistent lately but he has had some gems the last few weeks.
  8. He's a wildcard for sure. If he's on it we have too many guys to defend.
  9. Bucks can keep on losing. We'll be 4.5 games behind them if the score holds, and call me crazy if you want but considering we are like 14-5 under Nate, I reckon 4.5 games is officially striking distance. Nah, he 1000% deserved over Ben Simmons.
  10. We can survive without Collins but we need Capela and Galo back.
  11. Steve Smith should be at least mentioned here imo.