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  1. Kev's former teammate Ian Anderson was starting tonight as well. Kev's dad was their HS baseball coach. Random fun fact lol
  2. Stats don't tell everything. I like Bridges, but KD is creating those shots and making them over double teams and the best defenders the opponents can send his way. Bridges is coming open off of actions where everyone's attention is on Booker, CP3 and Ayton first. His looks are usually clean. Still, Kudos for Bridges for knocking down his shots. He is a high caliber 3 and D guy. And I agree he is a winner. He has a gene about him dating back his Villanova days. He is kind of like a mixture of Cam's defense, Kev's offense (good and bad ie lack of aggression), and Dre's maturity/consistency.
  3. I agree. Plus, we are deepest at the wing position so we can afford to bring him along slowly
  4. Love this breakdown. I think the off arm thing is why they swallowed the whistle on one of Traes plays
  5. Anyone else wondering where Lou was? Is he the one coach was referring to when he was talking about sacrifice?
  6. Cam's gather off the dribble is like a 50/50 crapshoot on being a turnover. Especially when it's going up for any shot at the rim.
  7. Cam.... starting to become this eras Josh Smith. Superstar talent/moments, paired with head scratching mistakes and decisions. Just up and down
  8. I know it's against backups but Trae, Kev,Cam, Dre and JC is our death lineup. Thee best chemistry and energy of any lineup we have.
  9. Im just hoping none of their try-hards don't get one of our main guys hurt Seriously, this is some janky BS
  10. Why does this keep happening at our arena? This is becoming unacceptable
  11. I love this team man. They are not with the jokes. Philly was marked even before we drew them in the playoffs. JC knew he would have a chance to get back. It's so interesting that we completely flipped the script on these teams in the playoffs. Knicks swept us in the regular season, so we gentlemen swept them in the playoffs. Sixers won the season series on the back of 2 huge B2B victories while we were injured. We turn around and bounce them. Milwaukee was the most favorable matchup of the top teams for us, and we let them off the hook in the ECF. You can tell this team has another gear when it's motivated. I hope we keep that and learn to use it no matter who the opponent is.
  12. Facts. I'll take it a step further. Being 280, but but only 6-6, and the most special aspect about your game being explosiveness and athleticism Add that together and it's a recipe for disaster. Joel and Jokic are 280, but are around 7 feet and don't rely on pure athleticism. Even that is rough on Embiid's body but he has managed to get better at taking care of his body. Now shrink all that mass into a 6-6 frame that is a high flyer like Vince Carter. Aint no way that can hold up.
  13. Wright was out there shooting with the guards. OO was getting in solo reps as well. Everyone looks pretty good.
  14. Those are his highest totals across his 3 seasons. He was able to play 30+ mins a game the past 2 seasons, which may not happen again due to the depth of the roster. That's why I don't think his averages will change much going forward. Does he have the talent to average more, sure. But will we ever get to see it so long as his minutes stay the same or even lessen on a healthy roster? I doubt it. Kev is skilled, but his lack of aggression will always keep his numbers down. A 20 point performance sandwiched between games in the single digits. That's been his M.O. He is a high level role player/ utility starter. You can't take one breakout performance and ignore the larger resume that shows he will score in the single digits 3x as often as he will score 20+, true in the both regular season and playoffs
  15. At his best, Kev is a 12, 4 and 4 guy. Take that how you want
  16. To me that's always been the nature of a true SF. Even in the old days. SF's are thee most versatile position on the court and routinely guard up and down a position. I think of Scottie Pippen when I see Dre. His outside shooting and ball handling are strong enough to be a wing, his length and strength are good enough to defend down low. But what sells it for me is his mobility to defend guards. Most cats that get moved to PF cannot keep up with smaller players. Dre stayed with Kyrie about as well as anyone I've seen do it. That's Kawhi/Pippen esque when you talk about defensive versatility.
  17. That's what Philly has repeatedly said and stood on. If they wanted less than, Simmons would have been gone by now. Even a large haul of controlled assets would not be an easy choice for theme. They want a player back that can bring a similar impact to the floor as the one they are trading away. Realistic or not, their stance is clear.
  18. Off topic, but I just don't see anything about his game that says he needs to be a PF. This man is as prototypical as it gets as a SF
  19. Yup. I think at guard we are fine waiting on Wright. It's at center where we want those guys back sooner than later, unless we have a plan for Hamilton to step in. Rife can give us good minutes at backup PG while we wait on DW.
  20. TBH, anything not Hawks related I'm going off what the cable talking heads say. I'm sure they are over-exaggerating the situation but they make it seem like Philly had a chance and wanted to play a little hardball and KD was able to convince the Nets to put in a bid before Philly could commit to a deal. I'm sure the Morey thing was a factor which is why the Rockets were easily swayed to do business with the Nets at the last minute.
  21. This bodes well. Even if they don't play Clint or Dre in the last preseason game, it shows they are on the right track. I'd guess Dre and Clint are both probable for the opener after hearing this. Generally I feel good about everyone besides OO at this point.
  22. The biggest thing is that Philly fumbled the bag on acquiring Harden for Simmons. Now, they are holding out for a top tier player that likely wont materialize anytime soon. However, there are ebbs and flows to this. If they panic now, they will come up short. But by sticking to their guns, I think they will eventually be able to swing something beneficial. If Portland cannot improve beyond another early exit from the playoffs, Dame will likely ask out. Don't sleep on Zion as well. Both his inner circle and his agency do not like the Pelicans organization. Imagine a swap of Simmons for a Zion. Wouldn't you do that if you are New Orleans and you know Zion is not going to stay around? This is their best bet. Fine Ben if he doesn't want to show up to work. His value is already at an all time low, but people still highly regard his talent. When teams get desperate, they will look at Ben as an excellent prize to replace a disgruntled superstar. They may sacrifice wins this season, but the big picture, long term play is still potentially in their favor if they can weather the storm.
  23. Of the list Im still only expecting OO to miss significant time. Young, Bogi, and Kev I expect to play on opening night. Wright and Dieng I don't know enough about the severity but I think they will also be good to go by the opener, if not very soon after the opener. Dre and Capela. These are chronic issues they are having. Capela sounds like he can play right now if he needed to, but that they may be a little conservative since it's "finally" healing properly. His can go both ways. Either way, he's been dealing with this since we got him. It's probably never going away. They may just have to load manage him. Dre, this knee thing is worrisome. Who knows how serious this is or if it's just a step of the healing process. Either way, he seems likely to be load managed this season as well unless they decide to shut him down for an extended period of time. Anyone's guess. We can only hope it's mild pain and it goes away with rest. If I had to give them official designations my prediction would be: Probable: Trae, Bogi, Kevin Questionable: Wright, Dieng Doubtful: Dre, Clint Out: OO
  24. Philly would want Fox. And they are stubborn enough to hold out for him. At this point they would rather keep Simmons and pocket his team fines than settle for anything less than what they want. That's really the only reason we are still here watching the drama play out.