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  1. Lebron named the following; Zion, Luka, Trae, Ja, and Tatum, as the future of the league. Take it for what its worth, but those guys are clearly much different than their peers, who may still catch up one day and be great too. But those names are on another trajectory and likely will be generational. (Tatum for me is a reach, but Im also a Boston hater)
  2. RedDawg#8

    Joel Embiid

    Embiid is a great modern big man, who physically can dominate down low on both ends, but also has perimeter skills to dribble, pass, and shoot. He would pair very well next to Collins. LP also apparently has a great working relationship with him. If he came here, he would occupy a max slot and be tied to us for the upcoming title chase we plan to make in the near future. He and Trae would be pillars for the future. That to me comes with risk considering his maturity, and injury history. He will have a lot of cap tied up to likely only ever play 75% of the season at an avg of only 30 mpg. Player for player, he is an upgrade over Capela. But I love Capela's team friendly deal to go along with his on the court and off the court attributes more. Capela gives us more flexibility to make roster moves going forward. To acquire Embiid would require losing assets in addition to sacrificing cap space. Its basically like us going from dating on Tinder to getting engaged overnight. Its a big commitment for where we are in the process
  3. Does Goodwin have a chance to stick for a while, or will he follow the same fate as our other exciting young backup PGs of recent memory? I loved both Taylor and Adams. Taylor seemed to be a victim of the regime change from Bud to Pierce, and Adams played his way off of the roster with an unimpressive Summer League last year. We need a viable backup PG, and Goodwin played well, but is he in our future plans?
  4. Ahhhhhhh, it be like that sometimes lol For what it's worth I did check to see if there was a thread on it already.
  5. Good to see these guys practicing. Literally they dont look any better or worse than where they left off which is a good thing I guess. Trae wearing #11 Cam wearing #20 Dre wearing #14 Brandon Goodwin wearing #4 A few other NBA guys it looks like too but I cant name them. Looks like maybe Wayne Seldon #25. Anyways, slow offseason so enjoy!
  6. The entire "BAY" is it's own identity, San Jose which is the South Bay is like an hour away in traffic from SF and Oak, but 45 mins in reality. But culturally they all rep hard for North Cali, I would definitely compare it to NY though and the different boroughs, and how Staten Island or even north Jersey for that matter all are apart of NY culture despite not even connected. Atlanta metro reminds me of LA County, Most people dont differentiate but places like Inglewood, Long Beach, Pasadena, etc... are all considered LA culturally, despite being different cities, however they are all in LA County. Same with Atlanta, Decatur, College Park, Marietta, Dunwoody/Sandy Springs, up to even Roswell/Alpahretta, etc...
  7. She is nice with it man, Im a fan. Whoa that sounded a little pervvy lol
  8. Idk man, I could be wrong but KD gave me the charmin soft vibe beforehand, he seemed to be too concerned about social media comments and what not. However I do agree that I was Surprised he left OKC. I was more surprised that he went to Golden State than that he actually left. I've been wrong before, but if I were a betting man I think Giannis stays. I peg him as Lillard type who has stubborn pride about staying put. The more I think and talk about it the more I think I will be surprised again, who knows man honestly lol
  9. Giannis isnt like KD, or Bron for that matter. This is a kid who once walked to a game because he sent all of his money home to his family and couldnt afford a cab. This is a kid who purposefully drafted a sub par team for the All Star game because he wanted to play AGAINST the best, not with them, his own words. This kid is different if you havent noticed. He isnt in it for the money, he isnt in it to make friends and team up. He wants a championship and then some. I doubt very seriously he leaves the best team in the East even if they dont win it all. I seriously think he does whatever it takes to build a champion where he is at. He is not the same as these other stars. He wants to earn everything. He did not get to where he is now by taking shortcuts. This aint got nothing to do with Milwaukee specifically either. This has everything to do with him as a man. Dont get your hopes up too much is all Im saying
  10. Oooh yeah. I would Imagine its much the same but with Yellow replacing Volt. The fonts change to the new one and the removal of the triangles obviously.
  11. RedDawg#8

    Ask Supes

    That's truly important info, and, side note, I personally think only the non bubble teams should be able to be eligible in the draft lottery in the first place. I dont think its right that a 7 or 8 seed playoff team right now could lose a play in game to a would be otherwise lottery team that makes it in range, and then potentially move up to the top of the draft in the lottery. Take Memphis or BKLN for instance. They could fall out of the playoffs on a fluke and still get the #1 overall pick. That would be a double whammy of suck for us to both miss the bubble and drop behind bubble teams in the draft. The league needs to insure they protect the competitive balance of their league and not 1/4 fall a year behind everyone else and miss out on the best talent entering the league. my rant
  12. RedDawg#8

    Ask Supes

    I love the idea of Ball to NY. I think thats the perfect match. I love Edwards to us to if true
  13. Filling out the roster with shooting and defense is premium for every team, there is never a such thing as too much when it comes to that. This roster lacks a veteran presence, specifically on the perimeter. Trae is electric and high gravity/volume. Having a mature player out there with the ball in his hands when Trae is on the bench would steady the production of the 2nd unit. Ideally this could be a player with more dog in him than the likes of Jeff Teague, who really got outplayed by Goodwin if you ask me. We should go BPA in the draft and not hone in on a PG who will need minutes to develop and get comfortable in this league. We dont have the same luxury of letting another young guy play through his mistakes while taking up a huge role next year as we did last. The best thing for a young superstar like Trae is to have a Vet at his position that can fill in the gaps during the long haul of a season. Vet PGs are a vital part of any championship team.
  14. This franchise finally got it right!!!! Guy's, this is a good sign. Less BS and more business. This is a look that represents a championship mindset
  15. Veteran playmaker with playoff experience
  16. I fixed it
  17. Apparently this will be an alternate. Which to me makes sense as it appears to be the exact same style design as the Peachtree Jersey just different colors obviously
  18. Worse shooter than Trae
  19. Most definitely but don't convince yourself that that was not exactly what we did when we went "small" with Cam, Dre, Kev , Trae and JC. Cam was up top on the ball, Trae was in the weakside corner and very rarely did his guy take advantage of the mismatch. What Im suggesting isnt something we dont already do with Trae, Jrue just happens to be miles better as a defender than Kev Heurter. But yes, it would be a secondary lineup. And yes, it will take the ball away from Trae which he will undoubtedly have to learn how to play off the ball at some point as we transition to winning basketball. The best ball handlers in the league all have to learn to do this at some point. Trae is no exception. If we cannot thrive without Trae dominating the ball, we likely will not make that leap to contender.
  20. Next to Trae, he would be the PG on offense and allow Trae to use his gravity to stretch the defense thin OR if they dont come out, it gives Trae more catch and shoot opportunities in which he will thrive, Defensively Jrue could guard most 2's but would likely take the opposing PG and we would stick Trae (like we do now) on the weakside wing shooter. Basically we turn Trae in to Kyle Korver when he is next to Jrue Oh, and no, I dont consider Jrue to be a superstar, he was listed as an option in the poll so I gave my two cents on him. There are much better players that will be available but again, I dont see them landing in Atlanta. I see Jrue in the mold of Chauncey Billups. Someone who wasnt considered special until he landed in the right situation at the right time and became a vital piece for the Pistons. Jrue is a vet and widely respected by his peers even if not by the media. He will make a contender very happy one day just watch and see.
  21. Yuppp. A big guard who plays hard, smart, and fearless. Put in the right situation and he will lead a playoff team to big things
  22. Jrue is probably the most underrated player in the NBA. But outside of his skill on the court, he brings a vet presence that would fit in the locker room. He would become the most talented vet still in his prime that Trae has ever had. He plays the same position as Trae which would help him further grow as a PG. He could lead the 2nd unit but also play next to Trae in the backcourt. I think we are on our way up anyways, so yea we are a 25 win team that is destined for 35 wins next year without any additions. But adding a piece like Jrue puts us in the high 40's as far as wins and a 2nd round appearance in which we realistically could upset any team we faced. The Hawks as built today could upset Philly, Miami, and Indy if we were in a playoff series. A piece like Jrue helps us compete with the likes of Boston and Toronto who play smarter than us. Think of the leap we made when we signed an old Bibby and what that did for a young team. Now take Jrue who is still in his prime, is bigger, more athletic and a better defender. So yeah, I said contender.
  23. Anthony Davis - I dont see it, he wants a contender now, not a team with youth Giannis Antetokounmpo - He is staying put, sorry Joel Embiid - They will keep him over Simmons Ben Simmons - He will be moved and fits here, but I think lands elsewhere Rudy Gobert - He may leave but only for a better situation which we are not at the moment Donovan Mitchell - He may leave but will likely stay, I question the fit next to Trae Bradley Beal - Wont come here, will go be Robin to an older vet superstar Victor Oladipo - Possiblity, he would be a fit here Devin Booker - He lands in Minny if he leaves, he wants to play with KAT and DLo Jrue Holiday - Possibility, he would make us a contender, a Chauncey Billups type piece
  24. Ya know, I legit had an argument with some one last year that tried to convince me Crabbe was going to start for us and used his contract as the reason why. I was blown away by this statement. I even predicted that not only would he not start, but that he wouldnt even finish the year on our roster. A year later, I was 100% right. And I wish I could find the guy