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  1. Work on getting free throws at an average rate before even thinking about threes. Forreal what the hell??
  2. Ok I can see what you're saying but you made it seem like finding a GM who drafts good first round picks every year is easy. It doesn't work like that so I'd rather have someone I know is great at other aspects of being a GM and has proven it with bargain contracts and absolutely fleecing other teams in trades. And besides I don't see why Ferry would have to be in charge of drafting, get an assistant who can focus on that aspect and get a better scouting department.
  3. How many teams in the NBA consistently draft well year after year? Maybe 5? It's a crapshoot at the end of the day. If everyone was good at it you would see a lot more great teams besides the maybe 3 or 4 we currently have in the league. This day in age it's more important to have someone who can make great deals through trade and free agency. The Warriors hitting on all their picks was honestly a fluke, no other team in the league comes close to hitting that many times.
  4. Well I hope he is as valuable as you say he is, should be pretty easy to trade him this offseason if so.
  5. So you agree with me except for the 3 seed, 5 seed and 7 seed. We'll just have to agree to disagree on those. But either way you're saying 4 of the seeds this year are stronger then last year so I can't see how last years east was clearly stronger in any way.
  6. Based on what? This is how I see it: 1 Seed - 2016 Cleveland > 2017 Boston (obviously) 2 Seed - 2016 Toronto < 2017 Cleveland 3 Seed - 2016 Miami < 2017 Toronto 4 Seed - 2016 Atlanta < 2017 Washington 5 Seed - 2016 Boston < 2017 Atlanta 6 Seed - 2016 Charlotte < 2017 Milwaukee 7 Seed - 2016 Indiana < 2017 Indiana 8 Seed - 2016 Detroit < 2017 Chicago So... basically the only seed you can definitely say was stronger last year was the 1 seed. I'd take all of my picks straight up in a 7 game series.
  7. Tyronn Lue plans to keep LeBron James, Kyrie Irving on court until East locked up Yeah they're just tinkering with lineups... ok....
  8. We just beat the top 2 teams in the East who are both battling to get home court. We also have been on a terrible stretch of basketball so of course this matters. Or did that long losing streak not mean anything either?
  9. All I know is I would hate to resign Millsap for 30+ mil a year but at the same time I would hate to lose him for nothing just like we did with myself and Al. Hopefully we can sign him to a team friendly deal or else I think we will be looking back wishing we got some assets for him instead of letting him walk away for nothing (again).
  10. I don't want to give the C's too much credit. Trust me I think they're far from elite. But from the player's perspective I think this is a "big game" for them.
  11. Do we seem to play much better against the best competition? Seems like we play awful against the awful teams but we always are neck and neck with the best teams in the league. And half the time it seems like we win. Anyone else notice this? Just trying to have some optimism that we'll turn it on for the playoffs.
  12. After reading all of the haters post in this thread I've decided to take my talents to the Whales of Sichuan. You'll regret this in the playoffs after I get picked up by the Celts to form the best frontcourt in the NBA with my old partner!!
  13. LOL really? Are you calling out Kyle and Moose?