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  1. Is that the same Big Tigger from Rap City on BET back in the day?
  2. Suns must be expecting CP3 to be one hell of a coach.
  3. Wonder did Melo piss off someone. Wasn't he out of the league for a season or a few?
  4. Melo has fallen hard. Man was a lethal scorer but now is reduced to pretty much an afterthought while his friends Lebron and CP3 are still being talked about pretty highly. Even Wade getting some notoriety in retirement. Melo just known for collecting alleged baby mommas at this point.
  5. Until Jordan messes everything up. ......again.
  6. I don't know. Lebron has always been more than willing to give his fellow stars the driver seat on nights if they have the hot hand. Problem is that Westbrook thinks he has the hot hand just about every game. Westbrook is a hard player to win with despite putting up the offensive numbers that he does. Like Carmelo was in his prime.
  7. Lebron and Westbrook will more than likely bump heads by 1/3rd of the season.
  8. Reddish and Hunter should be off limits. Both have more overall upside than Huerter because of their defense and also having big scoring potential.
  9. So much wrong with this pyramid. Luka is ridiculously good offensively, but how long until he starts being looked at as a player who can't win if he continues to not have success in the postseason outside of the 1st round? Plus Nick Wright continues to have a home in the confines of Lebron's pubic hair.
  10. Where's Ben Simmons????? He's so great at not taking shots that he's the most unguardable player in the league.
  11. Although that would be great to see it end, but you still have the Nets and have to monitor Damien Lillard's situation before declaring this terrible superteam era dead.
  12. KAT would probably cost the farm and he still has motivational issues despite putting up good numbers on bad teams. Would Mo Bamba be a decent option for cheaper?
  13. For some reason I don't see Giannis and the Bucks becoming the traditional dynasty. Middleton would have to become a more consistently reliable player and Holiday would have to show up more than they have. If they win multiple, I think it would be more Spurs like with a fair amount of titles sprinkled throughout years as they remain a top competitive NBA team for a long time. They could be a Spurs like dynasty while another team may be the more traditional dynasty over the next decade.
  14. Yeah, hockey is king. Canada has embraced the Raptors more now that they've won something.
  15. The Raptors have an entire country to themselves pretty much and barely makes the top 10. I think they would be closer to the bottom 10 if they were in an American city.