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  1. Thought last year his defense was pretty consistent for the most part but didn't see much else until that one Orlando game where he looked like an All Star. Then it was back down to earth offensively.
  2. Think I will stick with the point guards since they are required to be rocket scientists most of the time anyway. With taking my time on it am going with Trae on offense and Mookie on defense. Both truly excellent with their strong suits. Want to give a novelty shout out to the sg we had for a few minutes Mike McGee since I was trying to remember all this stuff. He always seemed to start off a game with a steal in the first minute or two every night. Another one of those fun Hawk memories right there.
  3. Hindsight is 20-20 right? Am consistently impressed with what Nate can and does do. Starters at some or many positions missing pretty much every game and our winning percentage is still putting us in the top half of the East. Better than I ever thought he would be for us.
  4. The D-train was right there with him which kinda made it fit in this thread you know. Bad takes by an OP and all.
  5. Uh....remember that Yi Jianlian draft take of yore?
  6. Nate seems to bring that Larry Brown kinda chemistry thing for us. He understands it so well and think he and TS fit well together figuring out the rotation. Example being the Lou trade. Nate may be a bit better at chemistry because he doesn't grate on player's nerves and the players remember Nate played in the last century.
  7. New faces have indeed made a difference. Wow. Want to say that there was some discussion about Capela earning that contract a little over a year ago. We are so different now and he is just huge for us. Everyone has woken up to Bogi now as well. Very good times even with just a stupid amount of games missed with everyone's injuries. We look really good. A good place here at the Sqwuak.
  8. Uh, there are only 23 regular season games left for us do think. Really starting to worry he doesn't get minutes in those games at all. Using him in the playoffs would be an interesting risk if he gets little to no time on the floor before then. Would like to see his defense in action for us as I am sure Nate does, no doubt.
  9. Gotta say that Snell is making the quietest 12 million ever here this year. That downtown sniper thing he has got.
  10. On the other side of the coin Rondo is supposedly getting his first action with the Clips this afternoon against the Lakers. Here at home am really happy with what Lou gave us in his first game with us. Am liking the deal even more now and with two seconds to boot.
  11. Didn't folks get cement put into their lips back when. Would think that would be up Anna's alley (pardon that expression....sounds questionable right there). Appears all this getting fixed stuff really does come back to haunt people twenty or so years down the road. The body is our temple right?
  12. At this point am pretty sure it is just Anna. Rent money is due you know.
  13. Very injured bur just the same when the playoffs come around we will have a bench we haven't had for a good while. Am sure not everyone will be healthy because this season is just that way but we have so many parts now that we didn't have before. Nate will come up with a rotation no matter what as we just observed. Good days ahead.
  14. Starting to see what TS and @Spud2nique have been seeing in him now. Helps to have Lou handling the ball when 00 is on the floor of course. Assists and points in bunches by the PnR with those two moving forward.