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  1. If Trae and Cam hit at say 38% or better from three and we already have now improved our hands at C then believe next season it will positively affect the high number of turnovers we have witnessed this season up to this point. Believe that both can shoot at that clip. Trae right now is at 37% for the season and Cam shot 41% in Jan. Believe the forcing difficult passes that end up turnovers will be reduced.
  2. We really haven't caught a break all year in trying to get and stay healthy. One day soon though, right?
  3. Would very much worry about Collin's durability and longevity in the league if he consistently gets the majority of his minutes at C. Am amazed he scores and rebounds as well as he does already but him bodying up against strong bigs for good minutes is not gonna be good for him.
  4. Thought that was pretty funny when I first read it, but then again....
  5. Still can't. His bias tendencies are pretty transparent but it was an interview about us so just gotta listen at the very least.
  6. This stuff just never ends man....
  7. Damn, that would probably be pushing 50 points between Cam and Trae but even if it is closer to 45 the assists still go up and would think our turnovers reduce. Cams maturing and having our two new centers already onboard are bound to knock down the turnovers a good bit. A lot more efficient look right there. Expect a pretty good start out of the gate next season with this.
  8. Improvement from three is more than apparent and if month long samples count than this is very promising. Has improved on both ends of the floor this season. This summer is the weight room and work on his handles no doubt. If folks are into stats then here you go and if the eye test counts more than watch more than one game. Cam Reddish 3-point shooting by month: October: 1 for 18 (5.6 pct) November: 12 for 43 (27.9 pct) December: 18 for 58 (31.0 pct) January: 16 for 39 (41.0 pct)
  9. Maybe similar to the night watchman at the amusement park in Lost Boys?
  10. He will be good enough to start at SG first game next season and not be benched. Cam will pair very well with Trae. He won't be a kid much longer if one at all at this point.
  11. And all it took was a budding/bursting SuperStar to crank up the ratings. Who knew? Well, this board certainly did.
  12. Where will the young core be next year? "On the team". That's not really physic but do very much agree with Jalen on that. My young core is definitely larger than his take in that it includes all six kids but do believe they indeed all will be here next year.