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  1. Thomas


    Think the pick we receive next year will be about same as #17. Whether its Irving or Russell or even someone else don't really think they will end up worse or much worse so as having us waiting another year. Next years draft has folks pretty excited compared to this year.
  2. First step was learning how to hang on to a pass and then to not blow the bunnies. Dunking certainly helps with that. Sorry for the "blowing bunnies" reference.
  3. Yes indeed. Number one wish is always the Hawks taking it all and number two is the Celtics not taking jack.
  4. Len should give half his salary to Trae because he never would have had the confidence to say that to a reporter or at least should have never said it if he wasn't on the receiving end of Trae's passing. I know he is still young but its almost like his career has been somewhat resurrected here with us. Always good to have a monster with skills on a roster no matter what minutes are played from one game to the next.
  5. One missed clutch three for a three point shooting team sure can cause a whole lot of anguish.
  6. In reference to this subject am thinking Travis has already proven we are in extremely good shape here. Thought he was a smart hire and was happy when he came here but am much, much more than that now.
  7. That number #15 pick just got his second championship MVP. A crazy but fun season all in all.
  8. So someone got dethroned tonight. Guess who got MVP.
  9. Keep remembering Kawhi was the #15 pick in his draft. Jeepers.
  10. How much more wild can all this info get over the next seven days. Stuff flying out by the minute almost. Losing substantial sleep already.
  11. Didn't like KD at first because Horford couldn't take rookie of the year. Then the mercenary thing of leaving your guys that helped take you to the brink and going to the team that stopped you, never imagined witnessing that from a team's leading scorer. Now a major injury at 30 and supermax money. He will be 31 later this year. Man oh man.
  12. Reminds me of all the risk facing drafting Giles in the near past. With Bol's frame and history its just an incredible risk to me. Strictly a niche player to boot.
  13. Your annually recurring fun thread. Always enjoyable.
  14. So we are talking about the so called poor mans Derozan right?
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