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  1. So in reference to Kaba, Europe does not actually have a Fantasy Five? Oh well. Kaba doesn't know the Pete Rose story am guessing.
  2. So Thursday night our O-line sucked mightily but Matt still worked with it and we scored. He was still pretty efficient somehow, someway and this with getting knocked on his back over and over. He does not absolutely look tough but "Holy Shit" he is tough. Lindstrom I do believe will be fine soon but RT is so very F***ed right now so I will will leave it at this and say thank goodness that RT is not Matt's blindside. Otherwise Matt Ryan would be playing Bingo and signing autographs.
  3. The guy Shaq called "that Ron Jeremy guy" when playing for him is anchoring with Shaq? Really? Reality NBA TV. Guessing Stan is a glutton for punishment or just loves that big paycheck. So weird.
  4. Memory gets fuzzier and fuzzier with age but believe Mac had the first jumping foul shot I ever saw that was not on asphalt. Think probably the earliest classman to depart the Heels at that time as well.
  5. My wishful thinking has Bruno developing like Wile E. Coyote on HGH with the game savvy of Tim Duncan, but patience is supposedly a virtue so do see Jones probably getting those minutes now. Pic-n-roll points and fast break starting defense by Jones as opposed to being just the pinewood bum predicted by a few.
  6. Still feel that even if the youngsters strong defense does not take hold for twenty or thirty games we will still break .500. We outscored the the league for weeks and Dedmon was not around for some of that. Mentioning him because thinking the biggest straight up loss for our roster is him and not Baze. Yeah, I know....not Jaylen Adams either. But....oh yeah....we still have that guy....Trae.
  7. Kevin Johnson finally got his ultimate due coverage once he flat out dunked on Hakeem, on the baseline no less, so does Trae have to go similar? Thinking maybe a twenty assist game is more in line with our guy. It will happen more than once.
  8. Talking about Jaylen Adams in August is exactly why I can't wait for October 7th to arrive. Please can we get there now.
  9. Yeah...OK...we get it.
  10. Thomas

    Vince is Back!

    Agreed, this is the discussion that has been going on about, is it this year or next but believe everyone is OK with another year putting it together for the youngsters to gel.
  11. Thomas

    Vince is Back!

    Kinda surprised with the stuff going on with the youth signings for G-league and all but know that Vince is important in the locker room and on the bench no matter how many minutes he gets on the floor. Not seeing so many on the floor myself so believe it is truly a coach in a jersey role more than a player on the floor. Still a very good thing...we are young.
  12. Sounds very much like my beautiful and perfect wife's family's BS Holiday gatherings or as Angela and I like to call them ...All Out Scrapings. MMA calls that grappling I do believe. Ugly stuff either way.
  13. Well said and really, were the seventies and eighties really that long ago. Remembering Thomas Lott and Billy Sims making the vaulted FSU guys look totally out classed and took a trophy. Yeah, we are in a different era but teams needing to recruit need to show offensive skills guys a plan for them to score a lot if they are borderline heavyweights or they go elsewhere. Doesn't mean championships so much as we have seen but successful careers for both players and coaches do happen with this. College ball for me is so wide open anyway I love it all. OK, Dawgs first but then its all fun.
  14. So....I spoke too soon. Benkert is out possibly six to eight weeks. Jeepers. They are bringing in probably the worst AAF quarterback and a guy that bit for us last preseason guessing just for some reps against Schaub. Matt Sims. A name that brings nothing to mind really. His retired QB dad has a couple of rings because of the Giants incredible defense back then. Between Schaub and Sims who has the weakest arm....a toss up. Someone else with a heartbeat has to be bouncing around out there somewhere.
  15. Well, Zion financially can already retire without saying or doing much of anything. Lets see if he does indeed avoid the Stanley Robert's curse for someone who does seem to actually want to be on the court. For him am hoping so, plus they are in the West so you know....not so much our problem either way.