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  1. Understatement of huge proportions here. It's too bad bad Quin Snyder got away from us.
  2. Kinda putting the cart before the horse it would seem by hiring a coach before a gm but the Falcons are trying to ink Arthur Smith today as our new HC. Maybe Fontenot is waiting to jump on board as our GM after the Saints season and so no final word on that one way or another. If that is the case he may have already discussed Smith as the new coach with us already. All speculation on my part and does make sense but anyway at least we know that Dan Quinn is with Dallas now and not us.
  3. "Stranger Things" repeats tonight it is for me. Seems fitting I guess.
  4. Since I got back on here a couple of weeks ago I can't edit any typos and everytime I sign in it says error and I have to enter through the notifications tab. Any suggestions are welcomed.
  5. By the way, since I got back on here a couple of weeks ago I can't edit any typos and everytime I sign in it says error and I have to enter through the notifications tab. Doubt I could have changed the title anyway. My bad in the first place for the title of the thread so am sorry for the shock of it.
  6. Thomas

    Time to Prove It

    Glad Hayward is healthy and looking good recently for his sake but just don't expect it to hold up for an entire season. If he does maybe he does earn a good portion of that contract you know. See where he is at after fifty games. Oh and don't look good against us Gordon fella.
  7. A Kentucky sheriff apparently torched some of the basketball team's gear. His protest of the team taking a knee against violence. His comment after his actions right here. “I honestly can’t believe a team from Kentucky ( the Hillbilly State ) took a knee to our National Anthem with the American flag displayed!” Root wrote. ... “The UK apparel and memorabilia is gone tomorrow and until we get a real man to lead the cats and a real team you will not see me back in no UK junk and if you do just come right up and hit me square in the mouth!!!!”
  8. Thomas

    Time to Prove It

    Gallo, Bogi and Rondo from our ten man rotation were out and our defensive guard Dunn out as well. 00 is not ready yet and it didn't really look like Snell was last night to be honest. The rotation guys are key players so don't see a problem with appreciating and complementing the team on the win.
  9. Surprised it was only a total of 26 points with all the threes and bunnies we have missed. Should add the turnovers to that as well. Shored a bit up in last night's win. Enjoyed it.
  10. Sorry guy. My comment on what his future is I guess. He has been such a disappointment and more I don't think he should even be a lame duck coach. Just start over Dawgs. Offense is playground and there is just no defense and this has been going on since he got here. I expected a lot because of his Wade days I guess but man...
  11. Uh, rather remember Joe Johnson breaking some ankles against the Big Bad Green on the way to a playoff win myself.
  12. This game has been such a relief. Oh and basketball wise as well. Nice win with minutes spread out which answers our earlier questions today.
  13. Seriously guy, please stop.