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  1. Thomas


    Some common sense trying to take hold it seems Two very hot spots being Florida and Texas are shutting down bars for now. Even buddies of you know who can snap out of the foggy haze at least for a while I guess.
  2. We are definitely on the same team guy.
  3. Thomas


    A comment online from a friend of my much better half. This from a nurse. Just a guess here, some folks won't give a damn. Anyone who thinks their “right” to walk in public without a mask is more important than a “few” people losing their lives to this virus, has never stood by a dying patient’s bedside while holding an iPad so their family can say goodbye. I promise, it will haunt you.
  4. Hey, before the trade to get Hunter I was saying trade the #17 down to about #20 or so and grab Bruno. Was stunned we got him in the second. A truly nice draft overall by TS.
  5. With Capela believe the truly only issue is that foot. Even with restrictions think he plays close to half the game starting. Bruno was physical and active so with improving the skills area think he will get minutes but it probably is both positions over the course of an entire season (foul and/or injury stuff related). Super energetic and positive cat and that is nice to have in the rotation somewhere. Early in the season would think at PF.
  6. If the refs actually called a straight game on the Celts back then no one would have to stop that move. Yeah, am exaggerating a good bit but it did get to the borderline ridiculous point over the years. A "young" Nique was called for traveling a lot and then MJ came into the league and Nike told the NBA it is not traveling anymore so...
  7. Hey now. Violence begets violence. Still very entertaining stuff there though.
  8. You missed the Magic/Bird battles? Julius was in there a bit too. Frackin great stuff as in legendary stuff. Memories...
  9. Thomas


    Here is a bit of a surprise, at least to me. As big, bad and red as the state of Texas is the Governor is reigning in the rate of reopening at the moment. The governor of Texas hit the brakes on reopening his state Thursday as hospitals were inundated with “an explosion” of new COVID-19 cases and officials warned there might not be enough beds available.
  10. Thomas


    More tests means more stats. Someone thinks that is somehow just evil math.
  11. McHale created the original walk before MJ became infamous for his back to the basket walk. McHale up and under over and over while dragging his pivot foot four or more feet was exasperating to me. They were already crazy good and the refs just made sure they took games with junk like that. Anyway, to me if McHale is the main piece that means Bird is not there and no ring is won.