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  1. Actually I was being very serious. Doesn't have to be a ten man rotation if we do not truly have a ten man rotation. Trophies have been won with less.
  2. Comment from the Raps coach seems so very appropriate and obviously not for just this particular day. Says something about our second unit just maybe. "The second unit came in and did a great job," Raptors coach Nick Nurse said. "They took a big deficit to a really big lead. We needed it all at the end."
  3. Thomas

    Teague 👶

    "You walk alone"....
  4. So maybe LP finally gets the gist of @TheNorthCydeRises posts on Bruno. You deserve a bonus if you pulled that off North. LP has been really resisting fate do believe.
  5. So play only seven or eight guys till they drop.
  6. Between the NBA refs and the SEC pigskin refs I will never make it to Medicare don't think. Man.... Please tell LP that.
  7. The refs being so damn bias in Atlanta on this day. The NBA man.
  8. A 2025 second for Bembry and just cut Jones because....everyone in the league knows why.
  9. SNL had a quip about "We're young, dumb and got no future" but our guys today showed again that we are "Young, make dumb late game mistakes but we are showing we have a good future". Once again about this Nick Powell cat, we should have known better and kept Cam around his ass once he started smoking from range.
  10. Thomas

    Ask Supes

    Still waiting on that "yes or no" answer. Eternity waits no doubt.
  11. Its not like there is absolutely no scouting report on Powell. He was even in posts by us here as being a target acquisition more than once.
  12. Am already old enough, don't need the refs to age me so damn rapidly, jeez.
  13. Have vowed to lay off Stern for a year so will just say the NBA has no more than five or six teams they fancy for revenue reasons. Guess I should not bring up their Celtics and the Lakers fetish at this point....