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  1. Actually saw a whole game of Toppin against the Dawgs which folks may discount but did see him a few other times for stretches against better teams. I like him and think he will be a solid rotational player that can score and does actually like the glass though some think not. Realistically don't think PF will be such a priority target for TS myself. Am not as worried about the D moving forward as I was this time last year because of Cam, Hunter and Capela.
  2. Thomas


    Seriously Kemp? This happened last night. Maybe a quick definition of "pandemic" would help him out with the possible negative impact of this move. Some of the state’s most popular beaches will be allowed to reopen Friday night due to Gov. Brian Kemp’s statewide order superseding that of some city-level shelter-in-place mandates. Georgia beach communities, including Tybee Island, had closed in response to local mandates imposed to limit the spread of COVID-19, according to Candice Broce, Kemp’s director of communications. The beaches had the option to reopen at the start of the stay-at-home order’s execution at 6 p.m. Friday. “The Georgia State Patrol and Department of Natural Resources are increasing patrols on the beaches, parking lots, and surrounding areas. The highways leading to these areas will have increased patrols. Beach paraphernalia will be prohibited. All of these resources will be in place at 6 PM tonight onward,” Broce told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.
  3. All out Skierg and kettlebell intervals? Mixing it up is all the rage I'm sure you know.
  4. Thomas


    Curious about the large order that never happened especially since those guys are being discussed today. China has promised New York 1,000 ventilators, Cuomo stated today. While he praised the donation which was facilitated by Chinese Ambassador Huang Ping, Brooklyn Nets owner Joe Tsai and Jack Ma who owns the Chinese technology company Albibaba, he also said a previous order to China for 17,000 ventilators never materialized.
  5. Excluding quarterbacks of course. Just ask @Spud2nique about that one. QB position typically handicaps a team's cap space these days.
  6. The Jazz are the first team to actually lay anyone off. Ugh. The Jazz are the first NBA organization to make layoffs, but several others are considering the possibility, sources said. The NBA has been shut down since March 11, and there are no assurances that the season can resume.
  7. Glad these captured moments were as a Celtic and not a Hawk.
  8. For such a popular and prosperous league this article is pretty sobering. The comment about they may be expecting more than 1.2 billion lost. Man oh man.
  9. Thomas


    Yeah, ok, am sorry if I am the one who threw too big a wrench into it.
  10. Thomas


    It's Georgia. Probably no lasting repercussions unfortunately. Does Lester Maddox riding sitting backwards on a bicycle in a damn parade while serving as Governor sound remotely familiar? Some folks just about worshipped the bigot. I was really young and maybe the only time I really thought of violence in great detail. TMI right, but do think the point is serious, we need to vote our asses off in November because Donald is not so, so much different than Lester. Going backwards.
  11. Didn't realize it was like that. Thought it was the other way around and athletes like it in Atlanta or maybe one of the lakes around. Now Boston I do understand because what it took for them to put it all together for their last trophy had an extreme difficulty curve and a couple of players did a lot of the selling. Atlanta on the other hand welcomes multicultural citizens have felt for many years.
  12. Am asking a lot I know but if we can get a full season or close to it of Capela, Dedmon, JC, Bruno and Skal would think we can at the very least even the rebounding numbers per contest out. Do worry about the health thing of course, yeah, of course. Do understand we have to retain possessions more. The draft is another deal and am guessing from all the news or rumors that rebounding is not on the list...
  13. Shaq was traded to Miami. Not saying I give so much thought either way except that they are in our division.