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  1. They are too big inside and they are hitting probably 50% from three. So there is that....Dying on the vine.
  2. We simply have nothing for Embiid and maybe only Utah does at this point. What a damn beast.
  3. What a miserable excuse for a third quarter. Man...
  4. Feels like we are playing against the big kids on the block. Don't even feel a comeback with this vibe.
  5. The new Shaq. Never an offensive call.
  6. Yeah, Trae and Bogi carrying a bunch of weight so far.
  7. Good finish Trae. So we are beating the ten point handicap the refs are laying on us at the halfway point anyway.
  8. We look young as hell right now. Yeah, it is true but we know we are way better than this.
  9. Not this Shake guy again...we helping him with a payday.