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  1. We knew Parsons was just a mathematics move but now think Crabbe's part in all of this is the same. Should give him some credit because he did help facilitate a trade without consent but with apparently some attitude about it but then again he actually hit the court for us and I was pretty confident he never would so wow. Flu like symptoms and/or that kinda thing would keep some vets off the court you know.
  2. Active or otherwise??? Injuries and suspension carry so much weight. Especially right now. Oh yeah should mention trading Baze for anything other than a true backup point guard or a center that is not handicapped. All hindsight now I know. Let us just get two major guys back and see what happens the rest of this season.
  3. And back to the coaching thread thing....
  4. Remembering the attitude that Magic and Isiah had towards MJ early on. Not so polite and their teammates took it to heart a bit too much. So truly understand what you are saying. Our franchise goes down when Trae does at this point. CLP has to take him out when it doesn't count for a win and don't think the mindset that games aren't so important so play him and then stat cushioning makes any kinda career difference. Take him out when the job is done or the job absolutely can't be done on any given night.
  5. Thomas

    Dawgs 2019

    Uh....a really bad time for me to mention it no doubt @kg01 but I thoroughly enjoyed the GT game against UGA today. If nothing else your coach does pushups after a great play and I think Kirby is way more into deep fried snickers bars than that. So there is that major difference. Anyway, state rivalry stuff is always great no matter who takes it, sorta being serious there.
  6. Trae truly does not have a choice at this point. He has gotta do everything he can and more for us to be in games late right now. Hearing bitching about him is becoming more and more irritating. Just a mind numbing amount of obtainable assists which are points for us are just dropped or missed by our secondary guys. Biting my tongue for a few minutes now.
  7. A new "wonderful life". Congratulations to you and your family kg. Am guessing another Hawk's fan for life no doubt.
  8. Jordan's biggest offense to me was his back to the basket position and then hop before putting the ball on the floor for a drive. Somehow he changed the way things were called which was somewhat like McHale dragging his pivot foot three freaking feet with his up and under move but never getting called sorta affected the rule of law too. In reference to the LeBron shoulder drive thing just flash back to Shaq. When he turned into the paint it was almost always a charge but not hardly ever called. Its the NBA folks. You already know the FO jingle line. "We protect our Stars". By the glad LeBron is not in our conference anymore so as not having to watch that BS reffing bias for him and his crybaby face nearly as much.
  9. I know it was because of injury but Bo went from football and baseball to just a designated hitter role and his career lasted as long as he wanted it to. Add to that he was entertaining after he struck out and then snapping bats like toothpicks. Gotta love sports history. He might have a couple of Ripley's records.
  10. Exactly the way I remember it. Would guess he was not interested in our team politics at the time.
  11. If we get in the post season then that would be a bet today that would pay off a mortgage down the road no doubt.
  12. Believe we are looking at a future designated hitter right there.
  13. History would suggest that Chauncey would know.