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  1. Yeah, officially that is called balancing the roster according to our assorted GM/Staff/PR guys.
  2. Yeah, I get it. Josh Allen is fun as heck to watch and that Bills defense can actually stop a third down conversion consistently. Just wouldn't want to live there in January or February you know so their games on the screen will have to do.
  3. JC vs Zion will entertain absolutely no doubt. Been waiting forever for this game it seems like.
  4. Agree very, very much. When the opponent is in a third and fourteen and I am having chest pains knowing that they will likely move the chains, pretty sure it means we are just F***ed on D this year. Embarrassing. Can we really score sixty points a game each week to have a chance?
  5. Thinking Trufant needs to start looking for jobs in the Fast Food industry. The last two weeks he has easily been the worst corner in the league though Oliver is giving him a bit of competition on that. Sort of a microcosm of our defense in general. Grady Jarrett and Deion Jones are about all we got on D right now it seems.
  6. We have a pulse with not so much time left. Highlight reel play from Ryan on the run and passing to Ridley for a TD. One score game so its good but "rut row" our defense has to hold to have a shot at it. Uh yeah, you guessed it. We give up another TD bomb. Done deal. Jeez. 47 fracking points on DQ alone. To finish it off the Texans grab a pick six on us at the very end. Ugly.
  7. Much better effort so far at the half now. Some really good plays and I won't talk about the other ones. We are showing some balance today, thankfully. So by the time the fourth quarter rolls oh my how things have changed since halftime. Or should I say more of the same for the season. DQ's defense has given up forty points and there is still over six minutes left.
  8. Guess the Warriors are really counting on Kevon and Willie to be ready for the regular season huh.
  9. You know they say there is no such thing as an original sound riff anymore. Personally I don't think everything sounds like Beethoven though. Young teams with new/newer GMs and/or newer coaches seem to always have the vision comparisons of those guys with their former teams. Believe a lot of it is true (Budball was a good example for us, there were tweaks and of course no Duncan) and then also believe every team is a hybrid of that to some extent because the rosters are always different. A lot of molding to do either way.
  10. Is a good bit of cash there but will say he does have that one special memory for me. He shut down Harden in the second half of a game in Houston and we took it back a couple of years ago. That was the proof to me that his defense was more than just NBA ready, its pretty elite. Just a really gifted defensive talent.
  11. Thomas

    Dawgs 2019

    If anyone likes laundry then the Dawgs and Vols game last night would have been a gasm for you. Not sure I have seen that many flags thrown both ways in one game or not. The refs even had to pick several of them up they were so flag happy and yet they still missed some critical calls. Makes for a much, much longer and pretty irritating event. Refs should never be the main topic of a contest but they were in this one even with the announcers. Anyway Dawgs won but take solace Vols, you do indeed have a quarterback now in that Maurer kid. Bright future for him and am pretty surprised he didn't start the season after watching him in last nights game.
  12. If Koncak did not get that ridiculous payday which basically started as a pretty dirty trick by Detroit on us. And we kept him as a PF in the rotation with just a few C minutes mixed in then it would have been so different. He was actually pretty good in that playoff series at PF. At this point we probably wouldn't really remember much about him at all, but as is...Jon Kontract. You get paid that kind of money though you gotta really step up and not back.
  13. Well it is not so often we correct a wrong but finally did ship Duke Riley and his hairdo so there is that at least. On the field IQ maybe the lowest of any Falcon in a few years but hey, his hair styling was SI cover worthy, right.
  14. Agreed and believe the cuisine will have something to do with it. Buffets every frackin where. Example = Grand Buffet New Orleans.
  15. Trae, Huerter, Cam, Hunter, JC and Len. Our starting six will change that view they are holding now. Say sixty or seventy regular season games should be enough....gotta have a little space for a rough start of course.