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  1. Meant to make this a response to who the better team is. We missed tons of minutes with those three guys so it was not just the Bucks fighting short handed. Think if both teams were fully healthy we match up better and with a lot of that being the defense of Dre.
  2. Trae out and hurt when back was huge against us. And Hunter not playing one minute and Cam not playing soon enough. We won two games with Giannis playing one and three quarters of them.
  3. In reference to the comment that nothing is guaranteed in the playoffs my argument would be "refs being refs" is always guaranteed in this league. That is not a good thing. Hoping the fact folks across the country saw a great deal of us in the playoffs will help with the consistent ref bias but we will see.
  4. Truly a strange starting but great, great season for us. Cementing the apex of this year to me are two wins in the ECF and that incredible comeback we had against Philly. We demoralized the number 1 seed in the East. And also having a playoff coach. Looking for much better health next season and will go with the results of that. Enjoyed it very much everyone.
  5. Absolutely, best season ever in Atlanta. That stemming back all the way back to 1968.
  6. So far the moral of this game to me is we need to clone Cam so he can play big ass minutes at both wings. Oh yeah, box out and rebound too guys.
  7. The guy was half asleep most fourth quarters when he played for us. Am surprised at this by him so far tonight.
  8. Even knowing the medical team and all that don't see us affording to sit Cam more than a minute in the fourth.
  9. Damnation Cam. Playing great ball on both ends.
  10. If Middleton doesn't score because of Cam and Cam does keep scoring that would be a huge part of the comeback.
  11. Lets see how many minutes Cam can handle the rest of the game. Probably should be all of them but you know....
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