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We have cried about our 3 point shooting since Gallo packed up his bags and went to Boston and Kev packed up his and went to Sacramento.

As we stand right now, we may have the right formulation for 3 point scoring.

Picking up Bey was a great pick...  he has added teeth to our shooting.  Moreover, our offense is not as problematic as a lot of Squawkers may think.   We are highly ranked.

My thing is that only a few players ought to be allowed to shoot from outside.  Everybody else should focus on scoring the ball.  Here's my evidence:



Based on the chart...  we have had several players to bump their 3 pt shooting.

  • Bogi - 50%
  • Bey - 45%
  • Trae - 41%
  • Hunter = 36%
  • Jalen  = 37%

Those are the guys that should have a green light on the three pointer (IMO).   I believe that JC, DJ, OO and AJ should shoot 3 pters but they should be more conservative until they come out of their respective slumps.  The funny thing is that JC, DJ, OO and AJ are all monsters when it comes to scoring inside the paint.   DJ has one of the most deadly midrange games in the league.   JC is money in the post.   And AJ's slow delivery makes him hard to stop. 

I really think our GM has done a good job of fixing our places of need.

Way to go Landry.

How Landry Fields went from Knicks fan favorite to Hawks GM


That's the face of a guy who will be executive of the year one day!



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