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  1. I understand that, but Murray is a stud and he’s 25. I know they are rebuilding, but he is the player you rebuild with.
  2. Remember when the Spurs were the best run organization in the league? Wow they are legit bad now.
  3. What are the Spurs doing here? They need youthful players and they traded away their only star.
  4. That’s when my dislike for him started. Julius Hodge was going places and one nut punch ruined it all.
  5. Hunter might be turning the corner. Always been high on him, but if his offense begins to match his defense then the Hawks have a bonafide player on their hands.
  6. Tracyce Jackson-Davis
  7. Not a Simmons apologist at all, but the guy catches a ton of heat. Some is legit and some isn’t. People need to reevaluate expectations for him. He isn’t a good shooter and never will be a bonafide scoring threat on offense. He’s a great defender, facilitator, and has great vision which makes him a fantastic passer. He’s a very similar skilled player to Draymond Green and doesn’t have that Spartan dog that Draymond has going for him. Once people begin to understand this then they will have a realistic outlook on Simmons. Draymond is a HOF player when it’s all over with. Simmons needs to embrace what he is and to play.
  8. Nobody. There aren’t rivalries anymore. The league is all buddy buddy now. It’s a soft league with mostly soft players.
  9. He quit on his team. Nobody in their mind can defend that.
  10. Half the unsigned guys are headed to Brooklyn or LAL on minimum salaries I would assume.
  11. I say let Lou kick rocks. He wanted to retire when he was traded here. Let him ride someone else’s coattails.
  12. Alex

    Solo is back!

    Let’s hope he doesn’t have to play more than mop up duty.
  13. I don’t think he has much left to offer on a team that wants to compete. I don’t think he was used much in Denver these last playoffs.
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