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  1. At this rate anything less than 70 wins is disappointment.
  2. That’s a sorry excuse. I bet the one time someone gives Allen what he deserves he’d realize there are consequences for how he plays. Lesson learned.
  3. He’s a little puke stain. Honestly surprised he hasn’t taken more hard fouls. It didn’t surprise me nobody took a legit shot at him in college, but at this level I thought somebody would have laid him out by now.
  4. Are the Hawks a solid squad or are the Bulls that bad? Impossible to know right now, but I think the Bulls are very bad. The Hawks have depth and shooters everywhere and that can’t be disputed.
  5. Alex


    I was openly against Trae Young when he was drafted and into his first season. I wanted Doncic and while I think he may be an MVP before too long, Trae was brilliant last night. I don’t watch the Hawks often, but I did last night and I was impressed! I know it’s a single game against bad team, but Trae was dominant. He’s a special player and I was totally wrong about him. My dinner for Christmas is some southern fried crow!
  6. I am not saying they will match the offer or not. They are doing what’s in their best interest, like any other team would do. I get that part.
  7. My guess is the Kings are exploring all of their options before deciding on Bogdan. It makes to see what is available to them via a trade and I bet what they find will ultimately decide what they do. I think the longer they wait to decline the less chance he is a Hawk.
  8. If the Kings match the offer can the Hawks swing a trade for BB still?
  9. Clearly character means nothing. See Rondo.
  10. I have liked everything the Hawks did the last 24 hours or so until this. Rondo is a punk through and through. Not a guy you want around mentoring anyone.
  11. Will Collins be traded? It’s a valid question. Smart money in my opinion is that he will not be traded. Unless there is a can’t miss deal that makes the Hawks better now and in the future. The signing of Gallo tells me the brass likes the group in Atlanta right now. A veteran shooter like Gallo is just what this team needed. If anything I think the signing is a sign they are ready to make a serious push in the eastern conference.
  12. Very solid signing. He is going to give a good effort on defense and the results will be awesome. Loved him in college and think he was expected to be a offensive threat early on in his nba career. That’s not who he is. He should slide into his role here and do very well.
  13. Hoping the 21 draft has a generational talent because they will be picking first.
  14. No surprise here, but I would like Bryn Forbes as another shooter off the bench. Don’t ask me about defense if him and Young are on the court together, but man the offense would be fun to watch.