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  1. Was this person a fire extinguisher?
  2. Serious question. Has Amare played in the NBA in like the last two seasons?
  3. Minnesota has no assets or salary cap space. I can’t see how they end up with nut puncher.
  4. Draymond has a stat named after him. He is the 🐐!
  5. Yeah Dedmon got better and then he left. Hawks didn’t or couldn’t keep up with his contract demands.
  6. I don’t mind the signing. It’s sad like everything else Schlenk seems to do. I don’t see the fit necessarily. Parker isn’t terrible. Just has no defense.
  7. Avery Bradley prior to his injury troubles was one of the better two way guards in there league. He’s worth a gamble for sure.
  8. Quinn Cook 2 for 6 million is a very good signing. Not sure why Golden State couldn’t keep him around.
  9. Wonder what kind of trade market and value Westbrook has. Maybe reunite him and Harden down in Houston?
  10. Okay the scrap heap is officially open for business. Time for the Hawks to swoop in on some bargain bin deals...again.
  11. It’s hardcore collusion and cowardice is what it is. I like that Kawhi hurt the Lakers and in so doing hurt James too. This is a page out his the LeBron playbook though. It began when he cried his way out of San Antonio and now has ended by conspiring with a player under contract to a different team. It’s out of control now.
  12. Inmates running the asylum. This is pretty stupid.
  13. Kawhi is a typical greedy athlete. Just wants all the spotlight on him for as long as he can. People want to say he’s different, but at the end of the day he’s not. Just self absorbed and grossly overpaid like everyone else.
  14. Well define success for this season or any in the future. 🙂 If you measure a successful season on winning 35 games then sure you don’t “need” veterans around. If you measure success by making the playoffs and getting eliminated in round 1 you might need some experienced players who can actually play. If you take a step further and measure success by winning in the playoffs you are definitely needing some older players to help out.