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  1. Atl: Giannis Mil: Collins, Hunter, Huerter, Okongwu, '21 1st, OKC' 22 first, '23 first and Snell to make salaries match. Is that enough to get Giannis?
  2. What do you suggest when JC inevitably says no to that deal? Just let him walk? Are you really using realgm as reference? You already alluded to it, but they don't know much about the hawks there. Some of the dumbest posts can be found there, specially with regards to the Hawks players.
  3. I think your old classmate might be my coworker. I had literally the same conversation with him. Worst part is that he's probably watched maaaaybe 10 full hawks games. It always seems like those with the strongest opinions against the hawks are those that never actually follow the hawks.
  4. So supes what do you think hawks should do with Collins then. Realistically, because 4/80 (or even 4/100) is obviously not going to happen.
  5. We added Capela, OO and Dunn for the defensive side. And you kind of alluded to it, but we did add Nate McMillan to the coaching staff which should help. And just being so deep, the guys will inevitably have to give more effort on that side of the ball if they want to stay on court.
  6. If you do it now I think that's a good deal for both sides. Depending on how this season goes, that may not be enough next year though.
  7. Come on, be realistic.
  8. I want to preface this by saying that I want Collins to stay and I want to see this roster play before making any more moves. But other than working/hoping to deal Collins, is there any reason not to extend him as this point? We're not projected to have any cap space in '21 so I don't see much of a benefit to waiting until next off season. In fact I think his value can only go up this season, barring any major injuries or further suspensions (I doubt this is a recurring issue).
  9. How? We're already at 14 assuming Mays gets a 2 way contract. Unless they think sac is matching.
  10. I would have preferred Skal as the end of the bench forward... But can't complain about the 15th player!
  11. How many full games of Galloway, Tyler Johnson or GR3 have you guys watched? Not trying to be snarky, just wondering if you guys are suggesting those names because you recognize them from the free agent list and think "he had a good game against the hawks 2 years ago" or if you really think they're a good alternative to Bogdan.
  12. Can't blame him when he's in negotiation with BB. And I think KCP is plan B
  13. And I think he was brought in as the 3rd PG. I think we're going to be deeeep