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  1. DS5

    Ask Supes

    Just out of curiosity, @NBASupeswhat changed that allowed you to mention specific names?
  2. I think it's more about the horrible bench than LP's fault.
  3. Good to see young guys give effort when it looked like the game was over. Refs are disgusting, I wish the league would penalize poor reffing, it's ridiculous. And Trae.. Wow.
  4. Obviously b2b was a huge factor tonight. Guys look tired and a step slow.
  5. DS5

    Ask Supes

    Beal on the move? What was the framework of that deal?
  6. DS5

    Ask Supes

    2019 Brooklyn 1st and/or future Atlanta based 1sts could be available for a young potential star. Bruno is considered special and only available for a significant asset only. OKC 2022 1st is considered special and only available for a significant asset only. Atlanta is considering Parker, Len, and Bembry as key young players they value and can help a team's rotation. I think Supes just confirmed we're going after Myles.....please make it happennnn!!1 Myles Turner for BK's and a future ATL protected or OKC's first, Bruno and ET?????
  7. DS5

    Ask Supes

    I'd imagine we'd have to give up at the very least BK's pick...possibly ours too....which I'd be totally on board with, but Supes did say that our pick was off the table. Oh man...if we could finish the season with Teague, Myles Turner and Bertans.... and keep all of our young core...oh man...
  8. DS5

    Ask Supes

    I was joking...let's not turn this thread into a questioning of Supes' credibility. Just have fun whether you believe him or not.
  9. DS5

    Ask Supes

    Tongue in cheek man...the emoji kinda gave that away no?
  10. DS5

    Teague 👶

    Only reason I don't think it's Horford is because Philly is in win now mode and of the pieces we're willing to trade, none of those is helping them now...unless of course we're just facilitating on a multi-team trade...
  11. DS5

    Ask Supes

    I think @NBASupes doesn't have any real information...you should prove me wrong...😅
  12. DS5

    Ask Supes

    Can you share some of those players' names that you've heard about?
  13. DS5

    Ask Supes

    Parsons, Turner, Jones? What do you mean "from other deals"?
  14. DS5

    Ask Supes

    How many do you think will be traded vs cut out of the team?