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  1. This is so awesome, so much fun. I'm so pumped!
  2. Take 1 step forward with Dunn coming back, take 2 steps back to injuries. This is ridiculous..
  3. I don't even know how many times I've thought "this is the best win of the season" since Nate took over. Not only do we keep winning but we're doing it as we obviously play better. Just awesome stuff.
  4. So much fun. This is awesome. Can't believe we got Bogi for 74m in RFA and Lou for Rondo and picks
  5. What a great game, this team is tough!
  6. I wish Nique would stfu sometimes..
  7. What a good game. The adjustment McMillan made were perfect
  8. Trae's been so good and composed this game
  9. I really wanted Zubac but that was a pipedream. I'm ok with Lou coming back and I hope this also means Travis is making room for a near max deal for JC.
  10. He and Huerter do that all the time, it's so lazy and annoying.
  11. Knight is the real deal. I don't care it's a small sample size, dude can play.
  12. Sounds smart and mature. I'm a fan.
  13. Knight has earned some real rotation minutes. Nice to get a blowout win with Trae having only 9 fga.
  14. Great to see Trae taking over the 4th quarter, seeing Bogi make a couple of threes. But those damn turnovers and I hope JC is not injured... Really can't afford him being out right now.