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  1. Trades in realgm are entertaining but they are usually so one sided, and I'm not sure any of those posters have even watched a full hawks game.
  2. What were we offering?
  3. With all the arguing of whether to max JC or not, would anyone consider trading him and Huerter for JJJ? I want to keep JC but if management decides they don't want to max him, I think JJJ would complement Trae/Capela perfectly. Would Memphis agree to that? Is that an overpay on our part? I remember around the trade deadline @NBASupes had mentioned Hawks were potentially discussing a deal around Collins/JJJ... Not sure what else was on the table but I'd assume Memphis would love to have Huerters' shooting next to Ja. Alternatively, we could leave Huerter out of this deal and swap our respective first rounders instead.
  4. DS5

    Let's Talk Draft Picks

    On another note, is Oladipo really available? I'd be willing to give up this year's first, OKC first and Huerter. Probably Dedmon too to make salaries work. I'd take a gamble that he returns to his 18-19 form.
  5. DS5

    Let's Talk Draft Picks

    Collins has improved each year, and even showed a bit of defensive improvement this season. I really like Isaac but I'm not giving up JC and a first for him.
  6. That's the thing, most of his critics still haven't watched a full Hawks game. I got into an argument earlier in the season, in an industry function with some dude from NY, saying that Cam was a bust, Trae was all flash, and unrelated to hawks but that Zion was all hype. Some coworkers laughed cause they knew it'd get me fired up. I asked him how many full hawks game he had watched. His answer? TWO (which I still think is BS btw, probably 2 quarters if that). And he said it proudly as if he was trying to prove his point? I think I can safely assume that most of the posters at realgm are the same.
  7. I'd rather have Crowder but Craig would be a good plan B. I'd offer either of them $8-12M a year for 3 yrs. Overpay Sap on a 1+1 (Team option) deal for $20M. Bring back Jeff on a 1 yr deal, hopefully no more than $3M.
  8. Ny teams are such a mess. Kenny is going be to in high demand, so there's no way he takes an assistant position.
  9. When he makes them, absolutely. I don't think I need to explain why. Man.. Some of you... It's one freaking game...Shit happens...
  10. This dude is single handedly making the squawk unreadable...
  11. @NBASupes do you know if we're still interested in JJJ? I'm not ready to give up on Collins like many of you seem to be, but I'd take that deal in a heartbeat.
  12. That's not development buddy. That just means they were system players. If you would just read what others are saying...
  13. I also wish we would have brought Carroll back after he was waived, but he probably wanted to go to a contender.
  14. Harrell will probably command a multi year deal at around $20M. We're paying Capela and will have to extend Collins soon. Like others have said, I'd rather give someone like Millsap and/or Crowder an inflated one year deal and keep our cap space for '21.