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  1. Yeah. I don't doubt he'll find it. It's just a matter of how soon it happens. I'd argue his floater is more important to his game than his 3pt shot.
  2. Trae NEEDS to find his Floater. It's such a HUGE weapon for him and really opens his game up.
  3. Excuse me ma'am, but you lost me with four little words. So, um, WHAT?!?!?! There's a LIVE CHAT now? IS that why the game thread was only 9 pages?? How does one access such a thing??
  4. I'm not very high on the Mavs, but this was still about as great of a first game as you can hope for. A no stress 4th qtr for a 26pt win? Sign me up. As a bonus, Gallo didn't even play and I expect Kevin, Trae, and Wright to shoot better on most nights. So they can play even better offensively, imo. If they keep the defensive pressure up, they will quickly be seen as elite.
  5. Trae's shot not falling but he's impacting the game in a big way. Love that he's not forcing shots too. This team is so freakin loaded.
  6. 1. 53-29 2. Trae 3. Johnson / Williams / Hill / Cooper 4. 1 - Johnson 5. Bogie / JC / Kev / Gallo / Trae
  7. Honest question since you've said you are in the healthcare industry. If vaccinated people can still get Covid and pass it along, how does having more vaccinated people eradicate the virus? My wife and I were having this discussion recently because we are both fully vaccinated but have friends who haven't gotten vaccinated (not anti-vax in general but don't think it's necessary for them with Covid because they are young, healthy, etc...). The question always comes up, is it a personal choice or a public good choice? The issue we can't resolve is that we see people that have been vaccinated still getting Covid and still passing it along. They aren't nearly as sick and don't end up dying from it, but they still get it and pass it. So how does upping the Vax rate actually slow the spread of the virus? And if it doesn't, how is it anything more than a personal decision? And as an aside, the entire family that I am referring to just had Covid, weren't vaxxed, and never had more than cold symptoms. So now they are convinced they were in the right to not get vaccinated because it wasn't that bad and now they have antibodies.
  8. I think I'm out. Uncertain schedule at the moment so may end up being away for a bit.
  9. I think JC would have a strong case after Tatum and Bam go 1, 2. Either JC or Mitchell would be next, imo.
  10. I've wondered at times if the reason he misses so many bunnies is because he's trying to get a shot off before getting fouled given his poor FT shooting.
  11. Only 2 players on that list that I wouldn't mind currently being on the Hawks roster (current contracts not withstanding). THJ - Still think he's a lethal shooter and can never have too many. Sap - Probably more sentimentality but he can still play. For the Vet Min and as a backup getting 3-5 mpg, I'd love him on this roster. The rest of that list? Blech.
  12. Boston losers in the comments losing their minds over Hawks rating higher. Gotta love it.
  13. Just need a simulation like 2K or something where you could upload every team and the game system could play out an entire season and declare a champion.
  14. Makes sense. Thanks. I can see how that would be a fun thing to do to pass the time during a slow offseason - especially back when the offseason started prior to the playoffs.
  15. So is the point of it really in the discussion of each pick? Or is there then some way of scoring each team to see who wins? I guess I'm getting confused on what happens after the draft is over? Is that just it or is there more to it than the thread discussion of who you pick and why? Sorry for being dense. I guess I've never really paid attention to it but maybe I'm just missing something.
  16. Can someone explain how this works? I've seen a lot of folks with players and coaches in their sigs but what do y'all do with them? Been on this board a long time so I feel kinda foolish asking the question, but I don't get it. Thanks.
  17. I legit thought it was a joke. Zero chance @sturt thinks this is a serious proposal. Synopsis of what I heard: The hawks beat the Knicks because they have shooters everywhere and the Knick can't shoot. I'm proposing trading Reddish for Knox (a Knick) because he can shoot the 3 ball. Now, he doesn't have any desire to get better which is why the Knicks want to get rid of him, but the Hawks won't care because they have shooters everywhere and I'm hoping they won't notice and are willing to take on his lazy ass. Also, Sharife Cooper was a steal so they'll value 2nd rounders better than most. Also, please take our garbage for your promising young player. Signed, Knicks Fan
  18. I don't see it. They finished 40-32 last year, 9 games back of the top seed and they had significantly fewer injuries than the Hawks and Nets. Now they are getting older as a team so you'd figure the injuries will catch up to them even more in the coming years. Even if they don't, hard to see them getting significantly better relative to Nets and Hawks whom each had significantly more injuries this year than the Heat and yet still finished with better records. My skepticism is less about Lowry and more about an aging Jimmy Butler. I just don't think he's as good as he's been in the past. If Bam is the best player on the Heat, they aren't winning the East, imo.
  19. I'm not sure how a team can win a title with a SF that doesn't shoot outside the paint. If I'm being honest, with the way the NBA is trending, you may not be able to win one with a PF that doesn't at least attempt to shoot outside the paint.
  20. @RedDawg#8 To elaborate on the above response, 365 NBA players this year attempted at least 5.0 shots per game. Of those, Ben Simmons ranks 353rd in FGA outside the paint at 0.6 per game (source: Here's a list of players with less than 1 FGA per game outside the paint: Jarrett Allen Zion Williamson Cody Zeller Mason Plumlee Robin Lopez Ben Simmons Hassan Whiteside Andre Drummond Willy Hernangomez Jakob Poeltl Clint Capela Rudy Gobert Enes Kanter Tristan Thompson Ivica Zubac Steven Adams Moses Brown Mitchell Robinson Ben needs to accept reality that he's no longer a PG or a G of any sort. He's Big in the NBA.
  21. I think IF he was willing to transition to PF he could be a desirable asset for certain teams, but if he's adamant that he's a PG, how do you live with a total 0 from anywhere outside of 5 feet at a guard spot? Teams play off, clog the lane and it makes it so much harder for the offense to operate. I get that he's elite in the transition game, but guards have to at least offer the occasional jump shot to keep defenses honest. I just don't see how he has a spot as a lead guard on a modern NBA team.
  22. Thanks. That's good stuff. My comments: I'm glad the draft trades didn't work out for ATL. Happy with Jaylen and Coop. Simmons as a 6th man is interesting. Would hate to lose the shooting of Gallo, but Simmons is a pretty versatile player and I could handle it with him in a diminished role off the bench. Still happy to hear they are planning to run it back though. Would prefer that the Philly / Sacto trade does NOT happen. Don't particularly want to see Hali in Philly. Simmons to Cavs for Sexton is much more appealing to me as a Hawks fan Hard to see Dame asking out anytime soon, but stranger things have happened. I know I'm in the minority, but I just don't see Beal as a superstar guy. Certainly not worth the supermax contract. I think Wash is heading down the John Wall road all over again.
  23. I think this statement pretty well sums up the entire discussion. I think we all would say the same thing. I'm not willing to let Dre or Cam or any of the other young guys go for anything less than a bona fide superstar, should one come available.
  24. Honestly? I don't doubt that the Hawks can win an NBA championship as currently constructed. I think they certainly CAN win one. But I'll add the caveat that it takes a bit of luck or good fortune with injuries AND matchups to make it happen. Let me ask you, are you certain that the Bucks beat the Nets if Harden, Kyrie, and KD are all healthy? Are you certain that the Suns beat the Clips if Kawhi is healthy? Or what about the Lakers if AD was healthy? Are you certain that the Hawks, if healthy, beat all of those teams? I'm not. I think they'd have a chance, but I'm not certain they would have won a title. So the answer to your question is more about what things need to happen to give the hawks the best chance to win a title. And to me, having the best players is one of the most important things to winning a championship as it just makes your margin for error some much greater. And yes, I agree that the current roster COULD turn into the best players over time. But they aren't right now. And my hesitation is more about thinking that is less probable that multiple of the current players achieve their ceilings than it is to say KD or Giannis or Embiid would fit well with this team and win a title. IF we are talking about which is most likely, I'll take the better current players over the multiples of players that may or may not turn into great players. IF I tell you that none of the Hawks young players ever get any better than they are today, are they good enough to win a title? I'd say maybe, if a lot things break their way. IF I tell you that all of the young hawks reach their potential, are they good enough to win a title? Absolutely and most likely multiple. But the truth of what will happen is likely in the middle somewhere. And I'm not currently convinced that it's a more likely scenario than if the Hawks trade for a superstar to pair with Trae and the remaining young players. That's my point.
  25. I think it's been pretty clearly stated that the conversation is a hypothetical one. And thus, yes, it is moot. But hypothetical conversations can still be instructive to gain a better understanding of what people think about our team or a given player.