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  1. Huerter will be a hawk for a long time. Bogi on the other hand will not be.
  2. Herro lost his damn mind. That Disney trip went to his head.
  3. This still a thread! ….damn thought we moved on. Why are we entertaining the guy who was afraid to dunk on Trae????….I kid, I kid
  4. Guess signings like this is why at times I’m different than most of the board. I love the signing because okafor potential has always been about his inside scoring ability which is something I personally feel this team need to a certain degree and though that is not common now in this era of the nba to have a low post scoring big I do think it’s still great to have at least off the bench and it’s exactly what I wanted to see Schlenk do! I say okafor will make the team and do his part this season . He brings a different skill set the other bigs don’t have and where he lacks (defensively) the other bigs pick up at…I love teams that have great big man rotations! In 2015-2016 season I thought Danny ferry didn’t get enough credit for the outstanding big man rotation we had with horford, sap, antic, mike scott! To me that rotation was a big reason that season was so successful. Fast forward to today with this team that schlenk has built and what a crazy amount of depth overall at literally every position! A very good big man rotation is going to be awesome. PFs-Collins, Gallo, Johnson, Hunter (hunter if need be) Cs-Capela, Dieng, Okafor *Okungwu is the one special talent that fits the modern nba and can play at both big man spots no hesitation. I don’t feel that way about the other bigs but like I said they all bring something different to the table for the team. Okafor brings the inside scoring ability the others don’t quite have in the low post. Set okafor up in good position and let him go! …that’s great to have off the bench.
  5. Me too. We need a player that can score inside at a decent rate without a oop being thrown to him or relying on traes floaters or traes playmaking. okafor doesn’t get enough credit for his ability ro score with his back to the basket as long as he’s in good position
  6. Love it! I don’t know how others feel but I love how trae is embracing that villain role that the KNICKS FANS started might I add….lately in this era we’ve seen the nba try to force a rivalry (I’m not saying this one is)…but this trae young and hawks vs the Knicks feel like a more genuine hatred that has some killer Miller vibes and COULD take off and that won’t do anything but put more money in traes pocket and keep the hawks name in the national Media’s mouth
  7. Great write up….when Trae made that comment I was just like “ yeah ok, he’s really showing his age”
  8. So just my thoughts here…. I don’t consider Morey a smart GM when it comes to “fit” but if Philly can trade Simmons for Covington and Powell….I can’t explain how great of trade that would be for Philly! Powell and Covington just is a better fit that can help stretch the floor for Embiid and both players can defend. 76ers lineup will be…. pg-Maxey (I guess) sg-Powell sf-Covington or Harris pf-Covington or Harris c-Embiid Embiid may be the only legit all star unless Harris has another great regular season but this team to me without Simmons is more deadly. The biggest issue is figuring out the point guard position but since they like maxey I’m sure that’s the plan cause Powell isn’t a play maker and I’m not sure if maxey truly is either
  9. I just find the signing odd and out of no where but very good at the same time . it’s just weird to me. On one hand it’s easier to move him this way IF that’s what’s decided in the future but on the other hand say he wins DPOY one season over the next 2 seasons…schlenk locked him up for cheap!
  10. I love that they extended Capela but I also find it oddly interesting and completely out of left field but hey I’m just a fan speculating
  11. If you don’t mind can you give us some details on that ? I believe you mentioned “6th man”….I’m just trying to understand what exactly the goal was IF a trade went through and was Simmons willing to accept that role. if you can’t speak on it I understand but I don’t believe you stated exactly what you heard in the “ask nbasupes 2” thread.
  12. Amazing! When’s the last time that happened??? Nique?
  13. JTB

    Siakam or JC

    Hunter Agreed…..it’s Hunters opportunity to solidify himself as just that. Before he got injured early in the season he was on his way in my opinion. Baby Kwahi was waking up.
  14. “H.I.” Must stand for Hawks Insider i wonder if it’s time to move this to the long time members only section again.
  15. I wish we would just sign millsap and call it a day. It’s the perfect scenario and sap would probably catch some minutes with OO out and Jalen not necessarily being ready ….also great insurance in case injury for one of our bigs. Millsap is a no brainer at this point for me.
  16. That’s interesting…..Ben Simmons as s sixth man huh?…..hmmmmm Sounds good but Simmons would have never went for it if that deal went down.
  17. Trae gets to play a real life grinch????….I told y’all before and I’m going to say it again….Trae loves the spotlight and he’s a different animal when he knows all eyes are on him! Expect a good show folks!….I can’t wait!
  18. Maybe it’s just me but I consider myself as someone who keeps up with anything nba related including summer league….I don’t recall seeing this many good performances in one summer league. it seems like several draftees are having multiple good games. I get that it’s “just summer league”…but still I don’t remember this many rookies playing well in SL even if it’s not considered official nba talent
  19. I got us no lower than the 3rd seed with a high chance of being 1 seed. Longtime nba fans KNOW in this era being 1 seed doesn’t mean anything and typically at least in recent history the past 10 years it seems that vet teams who are in championship contention start to check out in the regular season with no real goal to be number 1 seed and will settle for the 2nd or 3rd seed as long as they can go into the playoffs healthy. But a young team like the hawks are going to put that energy out there all season and build off the hype of being 1st seed if the window is there…..it’s interesting but that’s how I see it. Nets, Bucks I truly don’t believe care about the 1 seed. 76ers captured 1 seed the first time since the Embiid and Simmons era and lost the same way to our young hawks. Hawks haven’t had that exposure throughout the whole season and getting Nationally televised games with media hype , etc , etc…..young teams eat up that kind of attention all the time. but we all know the playoffs is what’s important regardless of the seed but would love to see homecourt throughout all the playoffs if possible.
  20. You had an issue with that? lol i certainly didn’t and appreciate Schlenks honesty. it was completely unexpected for this young roster to make it deep in the playoffs and unexpected that Trae would have a historic playoff run his first attempt at it. It’s a perfect scenario for schlenk yes because it showcases his excellent drafting this far but he’s been around the league long enough to know not to get carried away with this quick instant success….again it’s great that it happened and we all believe they will only add to this but as hardcore nba fans WE also know that young teams in the playoffs typically do not do what the Hawks did this past season so it’s fair for schlenk to say “ok prove to me again you can make it deep in the playoffs….give us another ECF appearance ” I think it’s completely fair because while I do believe hawks could certainly make it deep again in the east it’s of course not guaranteed and apparently by schlenks rule of thumb you only pay luxury tax when you’re a guarantee to make it deep in the playoffs aka “title contender”….nothing wrong with that. Doesn’t mean he don’t believe in them he just understands how nba history works.
  21. He will get his nickname from the players and we’ll hear about it.
  22. Charlotte and the Bulls are the sleeper East teams in my opinion. I think both these teams are good enough to push some expected playoff teams out the playoffs. As of right now I have the East power rankings as…. 1. Bucks 2. Nets 3. Hawks 4. Philly 5. Knicks 6. Bulls 7. Charlotte 8. toss up…. I can see the heat, wizards, Celtics, pacers having upset seasons.
  23. The interesting thing about them is that this is now officially Beals team. No Wall, no Westbrick….it’s all Beal. Kuzma has publicly stated he can be better (all star if I’m not mistaking) so I’m sure he automatically sees himself as the Robin on the team. I don’t know ….not going to doubt Kuzma but wizards working out has a lot to do with how he plays off of Beal in my opinion as well as Spencer who I’m sure will be the starter running point. Dwin, Beal, Kuzma….is that a playoff bound team lead by these 3 or another play in team (9th and 10th seed)…those are my thoughts.