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  1. i think the starters will be announced tonight. If Trae is not one of them , then we might have to campaign for our guy with some catchy #s slogans ,or protests. I'm gonna be pissed if Trae gets completely shut out of the All-star game. 😡
  2. i usually give up after first returns, when i see no Hawk’s player has a chance at starting. Because of Trae , i voted 2 twice a day , everyday for the past month.
  3. I don't know how much support Trae would get from players...but i'm not even sure how the player vote works. I know coaches can't vote for their own players when voting for the reserves, but can players vote for their own teammates? We know Trae wont get votes from Celtics, Raptors, 6ers, , Nets, and Pistons players, because they want their own guy to start.
  4. So who do you guys think the Media , and players will vote for ,in the Starting Guards spots in the East. I think the Media will vote for Walker and Simmons. And i can see the players going with Walker , and Lowry, even though Trae has been better than them. The Hawks record is a problem.
  5. Mutombo was the last time https://www.justallstar.com/nba-all-star-game/voting/ballot-1998/ But Dominique almost did it 3 times in a row. He led the east forwards in all-star voting in 1987 and 1989. He Was 2nd to Larry bird in 1988.
  6. Anddd ... the team has played 10x better with Spencer Dinwiddie as the starting Pg , than it did with Irving.
  7. I Voted for Trae , Graham , Butler , G-Freak, Siakam. i will avoid voting for Beal, Walker, Irving, and Simmons because they are all competing with Trae.
  8. i have Jokic , Gobert , and Sabonis .Maybe we could workout a trade.. u never know.
  9. I disappointed with how my draft turned out. 😞 , But i also hated my draft last year too , and i worked out pretty good.
  10. I'm ready to accept the challenge of trying to win back to back 🏆! 😁
  11. The boys are back in town. That phrase always make me think of the movie 48 hours
  12. pimp

    What's your five?

    i have the same line up as you .
  13. Hmmm .CP3 was too short to draft, but now i have a better idea. Let's go sign Chris Paul's 5'11 back up Speedy Claxton to be our starting pg!