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  1. pimp


    Sounds like you got the same one i have.
  2. pimp


    Which one did u get?
  3. Vince must be really disappointed for his career to end like this. No farewell game or nothing.
  4. pimp


    Dang, I’m a day late on this , but i didn’t know Tom Hanks has the coronavirus. 😦
  5. pimp


    it’s not over , but the playoffs start next week and there aren’t any games next week...so how do we know who wins in the first round?
  6. pimp


    Yeah, i’ll at least have bragging rights that my team has the best regular season record 2 years in a row. But, You don’t have to worry about my team in the playoffs now 😔 No Gobert , No Simmons , and Zach Lavine is out , but since i have a first round bye , he could possibly be back , if the nba starts up again.
  7. pimp


    In our league, i have Gobert and Ben Simmons, who won’t even be evaluated again until after the fantasy playoffs 😞
  8. You don't remember these covers ??😄 They weren't in Hawks jerseys , but they were Hawks rookies when these games came out.
  9. add it to the list...😁
  10. guess this game thread is gonna be one big fight. Bruno playing time vs Small ball 😆
  11. Does anyone know if there was a different pa announcer on Thursday? I only ask because they weren’t saying “ for Threeeeeeeeeee” after every 3 pointer . 🙄 I prefer the way it was announced on thursday.
  12. Noooo , that would kill my fantasy team. My Back to Back championship dreams would be over. 😩