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  1. 20 MINUTES UNTIL THE DRAFT! I can't wait to see who's coming in 2nd this year. Going for 4 in a row
  2. Nah, If you really want to make them mad in Philly, they should put a nerf basketball goal in the middle of the ring. Then have Trae come down in his Hawks sweater. Then he would take off the sweater to reveal that he has a Ben Simmons jersey on. Then he’ll drive towards the basket and pass up a wide open dunk because he’s afraid of being fouled.
  3. The villain is back at MSG!
  4. Hawks player ratings https://www.2kratings.com/teams/atlanta-hawks
  5. Pg - Sergei Bazarevich, Dan Dickau , Speedy sg- Jr Rider , Darvin Ham, John Jenkins Sf - Roshown McLeod, Hano Mottola, Demarr Johnson Pf- Adreian Payne ,Doug Edwards, Adam Keefe C -Shelden Williams, Tiago Splitter, Obinna Ekezie
  6. 1.Trading Nique while we were the #1 seed , in a year where the east was wide open because Jordan retired. Just dumb. i was never really disappointed in Marvin, Shelden Dion Glover and Manning because i never believed in them anyway.
  7. Over Big Baller Ed Gray?? You don’t stand a chance!
  8. What if there was a small draft we could do. Example The all-time Atlanta Hawks draft. who would be # Trae or Nique. Who gets drafted first Joe Johnson or Mutombo. .Will someone pick LP or Lon Kruger as their coach
  9. i vote to move forward as long as all 8 people agree.
  10. Or just start dunking everything like Collins does.
  11. We lost people than we started with yesterday. I could probably handle 2 teams if necessary. I’m gonna be sitting at home all month ,so 8 hours wouldn’t ever pass by me.
  12. The done him dirty in the ratings but he did get an awesome moment at the end of the trailer.
  13. you assume that we would take no for an answer. Now get back in here
  14. don’t even know if i need to say it , but in it to win it
  15. @Buzzard It's that time of year again. Dust those feathers off and get in here!