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  1. If you blink , you might miss it. lol Pause at 26 seconds.
  2. Lol the Hoyeon Jung thing is just a meme going around. I doubt she’s ever heard of Cam. Memes says Hoyeon Jung is obsessed with “ insert person ,place or thing”
  3. Anthony Davis and Lillard making it is very questionable . Dwight Howard’s resume is better than AD and this point.
  4. Thoughts on Mutombo not making the top 75? Fair or snubbed.?
  5. 20 MINUTES UNTIL THE DRAFT! I can't wait to see who's coming in 2nd this year. Going for 4 in a row
  6. Nah, If you really want to make them mad in Philly, they should put a nerf basketball goal in the middle of the ring. Then have Trae come down in his Hawks sweater. Then he would take off the sweater to reveal that he has a Ben Simmons jersey on. Then he’ll drive towards the basket and pass up a wide open dunk because he’s afraid of being fouled.
  7. The villain is back at MSG!
  8. Hawks player ratings https://www.2kratings.com/teams/atlanta-hawks
  9. Pg - Sergei Bazarevich, Dan Dickau , Speedy sg- Jr Rider , Darvin Ham, John Jenkins Sf - Roshown McLeod, Hano Mottola, Demarr Johnson Pf- Adreian Payne ,Doug Edwards, Adam Keefe C -Shelden Williams, Tiago Splitter, Obinna Ekezie
  10. 1.Trading Nique while we were the #1 seed , in a year where the east was wide open because Jordan retired. Just dumb. i was never really disappointed in Marvin, Shelden Dion Glover and Manning because i never believed in them anyway.
  11. Over Big Baller Ed Gray?? You don’t stand a chance!
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