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Why Hawks do it

- KCP effectively represents an upgrade over LouWill and is the primary backup PG for the next two seasons during our most serious assault on an EC title

- We shed Dunn's contract (which this presumes he'll opt in, of course), which though it doesn't really drag us down that much, it is necessary for the purposes of making the trade work

- Aminu effectively represents a replacement... and of course, optimally an upgrade... over Solomon Hill... he's been notably less effective offensively since he left POR two seasons ago, but his defense has remained solid... and it could be that he recaptures his offense under a coach like McM... as he'll be 31 this September, it's not silly to think that's possible

- We punt our 2021 #20-ish draft slot to a time and situation where we seemingly would enjoy a stronger opportunity for that draft pick to come in the door and make a difference (ie, 2025, and the potential for the pick to be as high as #11)

- In light of absorbing Aminu's contract, delaying our opportunity to draft a player for 4 years (though that one's actually beneficial), and giving up the 2022 OKC top 15 protected, we also pick up the option to flip picks w/ CHI in 2026

- We shed Bruno's contract as well, which also helps us make the trade, while also freeing Bruno finally to go to a team that plausibly would look to develop him after all

Why Bulls do it

- Removes Aminu off their books at a time when they're fairly desperate to reshape the rest of their roster

- Restores a 2021 #1 pick to their inventory at a time when they're fairly desperate to reshape the rest of their roster

- Taking Bruno's contract is neutralized by a $2.4m trade exception they have from the Otto Porter deal

- What they're giving up 4-5 years from now is essentially equally weighted to what they're getting on the front end now

Why the Lakers do it

- Removes KCP off their books at a time when they're especially tight, and reportedly have greater priority on retaining Dennis and Caruso... KCP was supposedly on the trade block in March... so effectively, some addition by subtraction from their perspctive

- In a perfect trade, they probably would prefer to not take back any salary at all, but Dunn could serve some useful purpose for them, particularly if Matthews doesn't return and they need to replace his wing defense



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