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2023-24 NBA Regular Season: Notes/Tidbits/Updates etc.


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54 minutes ago, JayBirdHawk said:

Oh my...it's already starting....load management this early? :laugh1:



Heh, not healthy enough to play game 1 huh?  Back issue, you say?

I'm sure that'll age well over the season as they're getting everyone's best shot. 🤓

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Players meeting for the Bulls already?  Dafuq made them think they were supposed to beat the Thunder?  Chet, Jaylen, and SGA are/ will be +/- darlings, no shame in getting washed by them when you’re three best players in Derozan, Lavine, and Vuc have always been meh impacters.

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Off topic:

Initially I couldn’t understand why ESPN gave Pat McAfee a televised podcast.  Knowing nothing about him he seemed like a clown.  I watched one episode and I can’t not like the dude.

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