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BIJAN (8th) vs JAHMYR (12th)


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Spud:   Recently I heard those "talking heads"  on TV and they had nice things to say about your Lions team.  They never mentioned Atlanta as being anywhere in the race next season.  Guess we flunked their test.

I suppose having a QB with only 4 games of experience could be a reason,  Not knowing how all those free agent signings will work out has an influence.  Perhaps they don't like our draft picks.  After all, they didn't use their #8 pick on an edge rusher or a wide reciever..  What were they thinking??

If I am to believe them, the Falcon's season is a flop already.  🥲

Don't matter.  I've been a Falcon fan since day one when Tommy N. was their draft pick and starting middle linebacker!  Too late to turn back now!




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6 minutes ago, MaceCase said:

Oh, did they?


Spudlous, thanks for the hookup, again.

:laugh1: You dudes loooove Georgia football. I saw some post of a bulldog 🐶 wearing an Eagles jersey. I was sitting there..

Talking to myself like.. don’t overthink this lions 🦁.. take Jalen Carter, somehow Seattle left him in the board to take their own stud in Witherspoon so we had the chance..


Eagles 🦅 are gonna be good for a while. They building that Reggie White/Jerome Brown stuff goin on. 

Congrats 🎊. And sure @MaceCase I like omelettes if Rosarita is cooking 🧑🏿‍🍳 thanks.

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9 minutes ago, MaceCase said:

Oh, did they?


Spudlous, thanks for the hookup, again.

But so did the Falcons… pass up on Jalen..

But they got they own stud in Bijan.

To me, lions day 1 is in serious question. You skip Jalen Carter for a guy named Jack Campbell a bit later. I know they don’t play the same position but how? Why? 

Day 2 🦁 did well. The Branch kid. Laporta is supposed to replace Hock but we shall see how good he is.

Hooker is round 3 was a steal. 

Antoine Green in round 7, I know nothing about him besides his name and some highlights but if his name is an indication, he should be a stud. @JayBirdHawk he may be the steal based on name alone. Antoine Green can’t fail, can he? :unsure:

I dunno. We will see.

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Spud:  ESPN said recently that Atlanta got the 2nd best running back in the recent draft.  Detroit got the #1 best one.  Also, they were much higher on the Lions.  Thought you ought to know.


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I think the Lions 🦁 fcked up and overthought the pick. 

Just a week one matchup vs the Panthers but Bijan might be the best thing since sliced bread 🍞.

Been playing Madden since 1990. Obviously graphics, attributes and many other things have evolved BUT..

When there is a stud on the field, it shows.

I don’t wanna falsely excite those who may not know much about him but Bijan might be the best top 10 rookie running back that I’ve ever controlled in Madden. 

Obviously Barry was super speedy in those early games of Madden.. Eddie George, Ladainian, Chris Johnson, Adrian Peterson, Edge James and Run Ricky Run! 

Bijan may have had the best game Ive personally ever played on Madden for a rookie on all pro level on Madden.

I fed him 35 times.. he’s a workhorse! 

ps Ridder is fast 💨 as well.




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Had my other fantasy draft, had the 10/11 picks myself. Bijan went 6th. 😞 Man, I’m excited for y’all. I haven’t seen a stud like this since Adrian Peterson, who once again my Lions 🦁 passed on in 07, but we were able to secure Megatron with the 2nd pick so I can’t be mad there. 

But to have Bijan in our lap and not make the pick…

I dunno.. I just hope Gibbs is really good.

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