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  1. LOL. The Lions is the king of wasting careers. First Barry and then Calvin. They'll do Julio in.
  2. I'm not. He's got more talent around him now, so he's not going to get as many opportunities as he did last season. He'll get his when the opportunity arises. He had a few put backs and I believe a 3-pointer last night. I'd rather see him play stellar defense and get 8 rebs a night.
  3. Hey, don't kill my optimism here. I'm trying not to think about that. lol This is a make-or-break season for Bremby. We'll be drafting a backup PG or keeping Turner if he doesn't.
  4. Most of his misses were layups. There was one possession in the first half that he had three missed layups and two rebounds. I do not expect this play to continue for him. He's a hustler.
  5. Whaaattt. The only difference is red velvet has buttermilk and vinegar in it which reacts with each other and gives it a reddish color. Red food coloring is added sometimes to heighten the red color. They're both chocolate cake tho. It's like comparing ranch dressing to buttermilk ranch.
  6. Do people realize that red velvet and chocolate cake are the same thing?
  7. A microcosm of our season and team. Nothing is going right. It's an all hands on deck dumpster fire at this point.
  8. Oh I don't blame Bryant at all. The players fought out there vs. the Cards and I love it when Ryan takes over the play calling and hurries the offense. I blame coaching and management for this pathetic season. This is what you get when you have a GM that keeps drafting offense and skill players instead of secondary and LB's. This is also what you get when you have a defensive coach. All of the top teams in the NFL have offensive-minded head coaches. SF, Seattle, GB, NE, NO, and Houston.
  9. It's official guys... we are cursed. The sports universe just f'ing hates us.
  10. As the NBA, if you are looking to expand your business in their country, then no, you cannot disrespect them just because your values differ from theirs. It's kinda like how people treat a neighbor's house differently than their own. You can't throw your feet up on their coffee table just because that's how you do your own coffee table. For me personally, I'd never look to go into business whose values and ethics differed from my own. It's a "guilty by association" instance in my opinion. You can say you're against something, but if you associate with someone that actively participates in the active, then are you really against it? Profit-wise, NBA should shut up and put an end to the whole issue. Ethics-wise, the NBA should pull out of China and end all involvement with them.
  11. The Weak Foundation. Does anybody else remember that guy? Or was that on TATF? I don't know why, but this post reminded me of that guy.
  12. Respect is a two-way street and somethings are more important than profit. When the Chinese government starts treating their citizens like human beings then I'll start to respect them. The NBA should boycott China. Screw China and their oppressive government. Morey was right to tweet what he did and I hope the protesters in HK keep communism out! Americans could learn a thing or two from Hong Kong. They are fighting for rights that Americans are ready to throw away.