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  1. We don't need him to stay. Just to come in a fill a niche. We'll draft our backup PG in 2020.
  2. I think when Horford left Atlanta, he was just done being here whereas with Boston it was a short-lived situation. I imagine it was easier leaving a situation that he was done being apart of.
  3. Currently he is the backup PG for Minnesota and he's a guy that I believe nobody had an issue with while he is in Atlanta. Sure he missed a layup during the All-Star break that we all heckled him for, but he fits a current need. His current salary is $19 mil on an expiring deal and we have 2 or 3 guys on our bench making about the same with the same situation. If we sent out Turner or Crabbe straight up for him or maybe Chandler with a 2nd, is this a trade we would welcome or should we steer clear from past starters? Personally, I'd enjoy seeing Teague back in a Hawks uni and getting us much needs help off the bench. Crabbe and Chandler fits the Wolves model.
  4. We have enough has-been wings for the bench and him being waived by the Nets should be a red flag. We need a backup PG and a starting center. Bring back Jannero Pargo! lol
  5. I agree with all of it which is why I want another swing at the draft. Alex Len has shown to be a great backup center and once Collins is back then Jabari will be back on the bench. Hopefully that will limit the small ball with Vince. To me, not have a backup PG is the biggest weakness this team has and is what our first round pick needs to be. As for a starting center, I want a veteran for that. Someone whose been in the league 5+ years and can bring some experience with him. My question is what do we see as Huerter's place? Is he our starting SG or is he our sixth man?
  6. Alex Len was our leading scorer last night... lol
  7. LP going away from the hot hand and leaving Cam on the bench...
  8. If we had legit backup PG that substitution would not have hurt so much. Also, Trae had his lunch eaten by Nunn and the heat were doing an excellent job of trapping him and forcing someone else to beat them. Also, the traps were getting to Trae and as a result, he started forcing his offense and was being overly aggressive trying to contribute. He airballed quite a few shots and kept getting lost among the trees. Hunter had a great look at a game-winning corner three that he completely air balled and Vince had a traveling violation that he followed up with a bad shot. We can blame Pierce if we want, but he isn't the only reason we lost tonight. We lack depth at key positions and this team is still learning how to win.
  9. The biggest difference in tonights game? NO EVAN TURNER!!!
  10. And lest not forget Hunter looking great out there. I like it when the rooks put the ball on the floor and attack the hoop.
  11. I’d tell ya we’d be down by 20 at half if you told me Trae was playing like shit. This does open up a “tale of two halves” instance for Trae. He’ll come out with a 20-pt half in the second.