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  1. I got a chuckle seeing the ish about Dwight and Carmelo. These dudes had issues just making a roster in recent years and now they are talking about sitting out? I understand the injury risks going from hot to cold and then trying to start back up... it's easy to tweak a muscle or tear an ACL like that... but not wanting to play for any other reasons outside of basketball reasons is just noise at this point. Time to get back to what you do.
  2. It's within the realm of possibilities, but as long as the Bucks keep winning, they are the front runner to signing him. Giannis like Lillard has loyalty and it would take an epic collapse by the Bucks and possibly a dose of bad blood for them not to keep him. Giannis would also have to believe that Trae and whoever is left on the Hawks roster would be enough for a title run. Trae is charismatic, but he and Giannis has no better chance of a title run than Giannis's current situation. I think Capela for Embiid has a better chance of happening as the Sixers are not gelling as of late and Embiid with Simmons is a horrible pairing.
  3. I like my crow cooked medium, thank you. 😕 I never thought it’d get this out of control. I’ve been checking the John Hopkins COVID-19 real-time tracker every day and numbers keep soaring by the thousands... I thought for sure it would have tapered off by now. Unreal. People were storming Walmart this morning as soon as the time cracked over 7 and people were fighting for groceries from bare shelves. I got my normal weekly supply while people were pushing carts and had their kids pushing another one behind them. I nearly got ran over by a soccer mom pushing a cart full. I understand being nervous and cautious, but I’ll never understand people who freak out with panic and fear. The day I realized that I’m a mere speck of dust to the vastness of the universe is the day I stopped giving a shit. If I go, I go. I am taking extra precautions—washing my hands more than normal, Lysoling the workspace twice a day, keeping my distance, only going out when I need to, and drinking juice with vitamin-C, but I’m not letting this pandemic control my life or emotions. I’m still going to restaurants and hardware stores.
  4. 4565 reported positive cases for COVID in the US. Of that, only 87 deaths. That's 1.9% of positive cases. Compared to the entire US population, that's 0.0013% of people in the US have COVID. My only point is the current mass hysteria is not warranted whether my previous comments are informed or not. This "outbreak" is not even comparable to the Spanish Flu of the early 1900's where over 500000 Americans died. I agree that we should not ignore it and our health professionals should be cautious and diligent in finding a treatment, but the hysteria and fear mongering f'ing annoys me. I leave this thread alone for a month and we'll see where we're at then... I'll eat crow if the numbers double.
  5. It overwhelms hospitals because it's new and the hysteria... They are unprepared on how to treat it while we've had a flu vaccine for decades now. Also, the immune systems for people in the Middle East and Asia are far worse than western civilization... most people in America don't live in squalor like they do.
  7. 394K people are talking about this In an email acquired by Buzzfeed, the CEO states: "As a basis for comparison, the risk of death from C19 is *vastly* less than the risk of death from driving your car home." He pointed out that there have been 36,000 automotive deaths. We assume he means per year since that lines up with the amount of 2018 automobile-related fatalities: 36,560. He compared that to “36 so far this year for C19.” As of the publishing of this article, 51 COVID-19 deaths have occurred in the United States. While his numbers aren't wrong, it is interesting that he would compare automobile deaths to virus deaths, particularly when Musk's best-known company, Tesla, is in the business of building and selling automobiles. Plus, no one "catches" an automobile collision. Musk went on to state that this is not a top 100 health risk and comment that the 36 deaths "were almost all in high-risk groups, particularly older people who already had prior lung damage, diabetes, or heart disease." Musk did tell his employees if they are not feeling well, they should stay home. There is currently no vaccine for coronavirus. As has been extremely well publicized in recent days, the CDC recommends cleaning your hands often, which includes washing them for 20 seconds. When water is not available, use hand sanitizer. Also, avoid touching your face and avoid close contact with people who are sick; distance yourself from others if COVID-19 is spreading in your community.
  8. My first reaction when I saw he had planter fasciitis is that we got sold a bill of goods, but I'm trying to remain optimistic. I agree, big guys with feet, ankle, or knee injuries is never a good sign for longevity.
  9. I hope it does and we get to see what the NBA would be like as a summer sport... which I think it should be. Let the NFL and NHL have the winter and the NBA and MLB have the summer. Then we can do like the NHL and start looking into occasional outdoor games.
  10. Nique: "See the Hawks still out there shaking off the rust!" Bob: "It's the fourth quarter, Nique." Nique, giving the scripted answer: "They just gotta come together as a unit and get better looks at the rim."
  11. Well, Hooper just went from one of my favorite players to most hated. F'ing traitor. Starting to think the Ryan/Julio duo is just being wasted here in Atlanta.
  12. My biggest issue with the hysteria is that flu season has happened every single year for decades now, yet has caused no widespread panic, no trampling people for essentials, no shutting down sports leagues, or self-quarentines, but we're treating corona differently? Estimated 36 million illnesses from influenza, yet no hysteria? Y'all trippin'. Also, another thing that irritates me is we as fans PRAISED the likes of Michael Jordan and others for "flu games" and playing with illnesses, yet now were shutting down the NBA due to Rudy Gobert? Should players and coaches even be allowed in the arena if they have an illness?
  13. People are using it to make their own sanitizing wipes since those are gone too. Toilet paper or paper towel soaked in bleach or rubbing alcohol.
  14. Oh, I agree with preventative maintenance. I've been using Lysol daily at work, washing my hands more than normal, and dosing up on Vitamin C, but that's the extent of my virus concern. If I catch it, then I'll catch it and I'll be miserable in bed for a week. I'm not going to change due to fear and I will go about my daily bidness as normal.