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  1. This. Our current talent only translates offensively and our rookies, while talented, are a year away from consistently contributing. Defensively, we are going to be chasing our tails most games... we are similar to the Falcons in this except our offense isn't good enough to keep it close. I put us at 30-35 wins.
  2. I don't think that estimate is that far off. I'd give the Hawks 35 wins max for this season.
  3. Great post and I agree with it 100%. Defense isn't about talent like offense is: it's about effort and hard work. I believe Cam will be a special player for us for years to come.
  4. At least we got the MLK game back! The 20th vs. Raps.
  5. I like a front court of Len & Collins. It's the situation we never gave Horford and Collins is a far superior athlete. Both are inside-out players, but they both can hit the 3-ball.
  6. Got a warm, fuzzy feeling when I read this on Trae's insta. You can tell that Vince has done wonders for the kid. Speculation is that Vince will go into commentary after this season, but I hope Lloyd brings him in to be an assistant coach.
  7. Not to go off topic here, but the point of those trades was not to become better... It was to give guys like Huerter, Hunter, and Cam more playing time. Crabbe and Turner will get much less playing time than Baze and Prince would've demanded.
  8. By all accounts, Reddish underachieved behind Zion Williamson and RJ Barrett in college. Despite that, his game is tailor-made for today’s NBA. Reddish is a long swingman that stands at 6’9″ with a wingspan of over seven feet. He has deceptive athleticism that allows him to finish around the rim and guard several positions on defense, but his skill is what Durant was impressed by on the film. For a player so long, Reddish can play point guard, and Lloyd Pierce even hinted at Summer League the Hawks would use him there during the season. His handle is excellent, but he never had the opportunity to show off his vision while at Duke. Then, there’s his jumper, which might be the smoothest in this draft class. Reddish will pull from anywhere and is equally as effective coming off of screens or the dribble. Tack on another reason for Hawks fans to be giddy about their young core.
  9. And I'm fine with that. I think Cam and Hunter are going to make us too good for a top lotto pick tho. Probably 10-14.
  10. Tough love grows them stronger. Show them no mercy, Trae!
  11. To keep the offseason moving along, what are some of your favorite moments from NBA history? One of mine:
  12. Hawks at Las Vegas workout featuring Amar'e Stoudemire and Monte Ellis. Due process?
  13. There is a great video on Youtube on how Westbrook actually hurts his team more than he helps and how his "teammates" help pad his stats. His triple-doubles are mostly fluff. Watch Westbrook's production drop tremendously once on another roster. The only MVP Russ deserves is from all the fantasy owners that benefit.