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  1. Good post. Race only matters to those it matters to. Race is a non-issue for me and I think the majority of people in America agree on a personal standpoint. The mainstream media blows race and racial relations WAY out of proportion. All you have to do is go to your local grocery store to know that people of different race and backgrounds are more harmonious than the media leads you to believe. Also, the death of Kobe Bryant and his daughter brought every single person in America to tears. From an NBA marketing standpoint, race does not matter to an extent. I honestly cannot think of a single white guy that's ever had a shoe deal. Then again, Nike isn't trying to sell basketball shoes to the white guys. Black kids may have a problem with Trae being bi-racial, but I know white peeps don't give a ish. Hell, I'm a white guy in my thirties and I own a pair of white Dame 6's. 😄
  2. If you see posts that you feel are crossing the line, please feel free to use the "report post" option. Although arguments over race have a tendency to get ugly, I feel the line has not been crossed yet. Posters, please keep it civil.
  3. Run over the Mills and Leon rose to the occasion?
  4. Just an FYI, but posters cannot be copy/pasting full-length articles and posting them to the Squawk. Sites like the Athletic and other pay-for sites have bills to pay and you cannot be sharing their content on here. It's the same frame of mind of buying music online and then redistributing it to everyone for free. We can be shut down over this issue. Please stop copy/pasting articles from pay-for articles sites. Going forward, posters will receive warning points and possible bans over this issue.
  5. Great news and a great move. Goodwin and Ded are about the only ones that never take a play off. Happy for the Norcross native.
  6. Devin Booker is another guy to put on that list.
  7. lol - Harden and Curry all of this as well. I think it's a culmination of numerous aspects... I agree with @Sothron in that he is proving the doubters wrong... especially those in mainstream New York, Boston, and LA that have always hated Atlanta. Seeing Atlanta with a star has to burn them up, especially New York who hasn't been a contender since Ewing and Starks. Also, he does get a lot of cheap fouls and seeing him jack up shots from da looogggooo probably irritates the purists out there. I'd also throw his size out there too... and the Jordan effect is definitely a factor. Opposing fans hate great players because they aren't on their team. lol
  8. 2OT during a back-to-back doesn't bode well... and we had to travel? We'll shall see where the energy level is tonight. Luckily Orlandud is spiraling downward and is just asking for someone to take #8.
  9. ...we said those exact words about Horford for years. We signed Milsap to be the "bruiser" as he went on to shoot a career-high in threes. Point is playing style and strategy has a lot more to do with it than just personnel. Collins's game is rebounds and attacking the basket, so he's gonna take a beating. Schlenk traded for Capela and Ded, so that should limit the abuse that Collins takes, but the man will have to deal with Randle-types at PF and needs to beef up or have a short career. My brother is built like Collins and weighs the same as he did when he graduated high school... 12 years ago. Some people have high metabolisms and are built to be lean. No matter how hard my bro tries to gain weight, he loses it just as quickly.
  10. No one said that he is soft... just that he gets beaten up and push around due to his slender frame.
  11. And people wonder why he was doping... He gets thrown around all game.
  12. Nique calling dagger at 2:22... “Get a stop here and it’s over” 🙄
  13. 😂 😂 The Knicks are blowing Nique’s mind over here
  14. Out-rebounded and team defense looking putrid... Both are fundamental basketball and effort stats. Come on and compete, Hawks!