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  1. I acknowledge this. He need time to prove himself. Just stating that he cannot be a one-and-done player that has a good year like Isaiah Thomas. For everyone to fell good about Collins getting paid, our wings need to continue their development and be consistent. Otherwise it's like we overpaid Josh Smith.
  2. I feel good about Dre's progression but consistency isn't just game to game: it's also season to season.
  3. If we can just have at least ONE of our young wings to develop into a consistent starter, the pain of John's max contract would hurt much less. Having that much money tied up in Collins and not having another 20 ppg scorer on the roster would make his contract look terrible. Dre is on the verge of this, so fingers crossed. Trae/Collins/consistent Dre/Capela is enough to make some noise in the playoffs. Partly, I think this is why Schlenk did not max out Collins cause he knows Trae and Collins isn't enough to be a consistent winner.
  4. Yes, Middleton is a good player, but comparing the Hawks roster to the Bucks... I like ours better.
  5. Yeah, it's Buds fault Horst did not make any key signings in the offseason... Looking at that roster, it's Giannis, Holiday, and nothing.
  6. Perfect answer. If he would have said anything different, speculation would have started. Showing loyalty to CLP and avoided creating a rift against CLP.
  7. Congrats to CLP but I am interested to see how the team performs with Nate at the helm. I think the team will look better...
  8. I agree with sentiment that this NBA is inferior. I miss '90's NBA basketball with Jordan, Ewing, Kemp/Payton, Stockton/Malone, Barkley, and young Kobe. There was real competition back then and players played tougher. No soccer flops and prima donnas whining in that era.
  9. Honestly our wings are losing us games... Even Bogi was not performing before his injury.
  10. Damn I thought by the title she was leaving Hawks Live. Glad that is not the case cause I enjoy her opinions and breakdowns.
  11. If this is true, then I'm dropping Comcast come Thanksgiving. I wish more networks would branch off from cable/dish networks and go the streaming route. Let me pay for what I actually want to watch and nothing more.
  12. Neat graph there and what you want to see for a young team. Progress.
  13. Time will tell us about Arthur Smith. From what I've heard on the radio, he's the opposite of DQ. Tough as nails and demands excellence. Doesn't do the buddy system.