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  1. Ressler needs to buy the Falcons from Blank and maybe we can have three competent teams in Atlanta... lol
  2. I thought about this last night... Schlenk has recreated Bud Ball here in Atlanta. Shooters everywhere with a centerpiece.
  3. My guess is the Kings will not match and BoBo will be in Atlanta. The just paid Fox a huge contract and Heild is making too much for a sixth man role. Sacramento is a small market team too... They cannot afford to have $75 mil tied up in three guys and only $35 mil to fill out the rest of the roster.
  4. With Capela and Collins starting and Gallo not playing the 3, the bench would be the only place for him.... but Gallo will be starting at the 3 for at least the beginning of the season. C - Capela PF - Collins SF - Gallinari SG - BoBo (pending)/Huerter if Sac matches PG - Young Bringing back Hawks International from the Ferry days. lol
  5. I also believe Schlenk is stockpiling tradable assets to go after a superstar or two. If the Bucks and Sixers keep flaming out in the playoffs which leads Giannis and Embiid to wanting out, we'll be read to fire with Capela, Collins, Gallo, BoBo, Rondo, Dunn, Huerter, Cam, Hunter, and Snell all up for sale.
  6. My first thought when seeing this kid is that he will a coach somewhere at some point. He just has that look.
  7. I guess Trae forgot Bob Pettit's number is retired. lol
  8. I think we'll be seeing Dunn & even Rondo playing a lot from the 2. Everybody loves Trae, but knows he's a liability on D. I can see us playing a line up of Trae/Rondo/Huerter/Gallinari/Collins or Trae/Dunn/Gallinari/Collins/Capela at times. And with Huerters ability to handle the ball, we may be seeing Huerter moved to a sixth man role and starting Dunn. CLP definitely has a TON of options for creating matchup nightmares for opponents.
  9. I like this signing. I never thought I'd ever see Rondo in a Hawks uni, but here we are. Has the same feeling as when we signed TMac and Stackhouse except he'll contribute more than both. Welcome!
  10. Good deal. I hope JC stays in the ATL.
  11. I liked Danilo when he first started out but we'll have to see what he has left in the tank... What do we have left for salary cap space?