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  1. I have never been a fan of Prince. He's a good role player, but our starting SF needs to be dominate, not solid.
  2. Sweet deal. Three first rounders and brought in Crabbe... I know he won't be apart of our long term plans, but he is a shooter and interesting. Dumping Prince is icing on the cake!
  3. I liked him at first, but it's a No No.
  4. Chillz deserves a lion share of the credit for getting the site back up and running. A lot of the features and main url should be back very soon. Thanks for being patient guys!
  5. but, but, BUT!!! iT’s beTeR 2 sTay cOmpEtiTivE! tAnkInG iS uNMorAl n AfecTs tHe yOuNg pLayeRs! [emoji23]
  6. I’d rather root on a rebuild and young talent than to suffer through another season of a 50-win team that has no legitimate shot at title.
  7. We'll be more competitive, but we are still going to lose a ton of games.
  8. Have you snapped any buzzards yet?
  9. It's Twitter, Kan'ter... Everyone is a smartass on Twitter and the fans eat this shit up. The Hawks fans have been waiting for our twitter feed to wake all season and they finally have. Have you not see the pure comedy genius that comes from the Wendy's feed? GOOOLLLDDD.
  10. Baze is playing well, but I'd rather see Huerter and few of our other young wings getting that playing time. We're not playing for the present right now and that needs to be the focus.
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