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  1. And it's only coincidence that they both wear #11. lol
  2. This. Bruno is not spectacular at anything. He gives effort and works hard, but is not outstanding. OO has better upside.
  3. Exactly. Rondo was brought in to replace VC as the elder statesman and to continue the veteran player/coach role. He was forced into the backup role when Dunn's injury began to draw out. Dunn was supposed to be back by now.
  4. These wins have nothing to do with the recent coaching change...
  5. Kenny Atkinson is the only coach outside of McMillian that I think would be a good fit and I'd feel good about. I definitely want someone younger and not on the verge of retirement.
  6. This has been my opinion of him too. He'd be a better college coach.
  7. These losses are more on CLP than Trae. Not saying Trae is completely excused of blame, but these rotations, game plans, and play calling has been absurdly terrible. Your best players should be on the floor in the last 4 minutes of a game, not sitting on the bench as a cheerleader.
  8. Hopefully it don't take that long for him to get canned... Never been a fan of the CLP hire. Get the McMillan era going.
  9. I acknowledge this. He need time to prove himself. Just stating that he cannot be a one-and-done player that has a good year like Isaiah Thomas. For everyone to fell good about Collins getting paid, our wings need to continue their development and be consistent. Otherwise it's like we overpaid Josh Smith.
  10. I feel good about Dre's progression but consistency isn't just game to game: it's also season to season.