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you guys didn't realize a celebrity was posting here?


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23 hours ago, shakes said:

No big deal, the prize was $150,000.  That would've been long gone by now lol.

Hmm, I wonder what shakes would've done with it?


"Yeah that was a crazy 2 days, kg" - shakes

"2 days?  For 150 stacks o' 'caine?  Dayum, that's impressive!" - Tony M.

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On 3/5/2022 at 3:35 PM, Spud2nique said:

I just realized we are in the squawk lounge. :laugh1: Awesome!!!

shakes hasn't learned the age-old art of embedding some Hawk-talk in your off-topic thread so as to keep the thread on Homecourt.

Not that I do that, of course.  I'm just sayin' other people do that. 😏

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