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Braves season slipping away !!

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Timely hitting.  Great pitching.  Solid defense.  Where did it all go?  I know.  It's still early.  But early is getting later and later.

Starting ace pitcher - - Out for season.

All-star right fielder - - - Out for season.

This has to hurt - - - bad.

But we still hope that they can get things done.  Too much going wrong, all at the same time, for the remainder of the team.


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It’s not looking good. We are losing to teams that shouldn’t even been in the league in the (g)nats. We are always a team to be reckoned with and Alex A. will get us some help both to replace Ronnie and some pitching hopefully. Injuries stink too. We are still atop the wildcard so we are definitely alive. The season is long but now we have to use our capital in prospects and be much more active if we wanna make some noise.

Go Braves!!!

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