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  1. Need some stops, haven't been able to really do so and capitalize on the offensive end consistently...
  2. Oh man, gonna have to listen to this game on mute. The bias is unreal, and so are these refs - smdh. "Both teams are going to have to learn to adjust to the refs." Oh really? If the refs called things as they saw them regardless of player/team/situation, there wouldn't be any adjusting needed...
  3. Let me put it this way: The Hawks are damn fortunate a game is only 4 quarters long instead of 5 or else we probably lose this game. Man, we damn near gave it away tonight.
  4. Okongwu - A Tale of Two Coaches: Okongwu: "Coach LP, I can play!" LP: "Son, go have a seat at the end of the bench. Maybe if it's a bLowout you can play. MAYBE." *LP is fired* Okongwu: "Coach Nate, I can play!" Nate: "Show me on the court. Suit up - you're going in!" Okongwu:
  5. I guess whatever Denver is having the Hawks signed up for tonight!
  6. DAAAAAAAAAAAAAMN, this escalated quickly!
  7. Jokic has 24 points and 6 rebounds tonight. IN THE FIRST QUARTER. Why am I telling you this? Because the Nuggz opened up a 22 point lead on the Knicks after the 1st quarter (34-12). Keep it up!
  8. So true. Excellent episode, by the way!
  9. Wow, our bench + CAP were amazing! Saved our azzes out there tonigjt. Liking a LOT of what Nate is doing, but still can't figure out how Solomon Hill keeps getting PT over Knight. *Sigh* Took lots of balls to keep Lou Will out there most of the 4th over Trae tonight. Bravo!
  10. This game has sloooooooooowed down.
  11. Gawd dam criminal that LP wouldn't play this guy in enough tight games. Just criminal.
  12. Lou effin Wiiliams. And Capela!
  13. They're putting all their eggs in the "Playoffs Rondo" basket.
  14. Time to get Bruno, Mays and Knight more burn. This game is over.
  15. Glad Heurter isn't playing like a freakin chump tonight. Good to see.
  16. Hope so. Seems like no one on the team had interest doing so all season...
  17. Lou Will and OO finna get those double doubles!
  18. LOL, Suns up 35-9 over OKC in the 1st.
  19. WOW! Raptors BLITZED the Warriors 130 to 77. 130 TO 77!
  20. I'll leave this here: Seriously though, I'm one of those guys who calls it as I see it. If your play sucks - whether you're my Dad, the superstar, or the 13th guy on the bench, I'm gonna talk smack about you. Period. That said, more is always expected of the stars and superstars, and their performance needs to be elevated as their stature and talent inherently dictate. Simple as that.
  21. When attempting 7 or more free throws in a game, Capela has never made 100% of them... Until tonight by going 10 for 10. I see you, Cap. That's America's free throws!
  22. Really liking Bogi lately. He may well have been our Heurter insurance when we acquired him, but that guy needs to really step it up! And shout out to OO for a good game in his 12 minutes tonight. Get well soon, Hunter. Can't wait for that clown Solomon Hill to be glued to the bench. Knight needs to play more. He can't get the LP treatment...especially when Solomon Hill is somehow pulling down minutes. Finally, glad to have you back, Lou Will.
  23. Forget everything else, someone needs to answer me this: How the living fuks did Capela, who notoriously struggles at the line, wind up hitting ALL TEN OF HIS FREE THROWS? Did the NBA make a rule change right before the game for big men in which the free throw was replaced with a literal "Throw the ball and earn a free point."? Asking for my sanity a friend.