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  1. He looked completely shook when the Heat tied it up, looked checked out, ignoring Vince. I love the kid but that stuff can break up a locker room quick. Could be reaching, hope I am honestly, just saying what it looked like to me.
  2. Gonna be honest, not in love with Trae's body language even with everything else going on.
  3. As long as it doesn't mortgage our future I'm all for it. We need shooters, ballhandlers, big men. Get ET outta the rotation. I think we're playoff caliber when healthy with some small adjustments on the fringes of the roster.
  4. Like, literally since he was hired? Before he even coached a game?
  5. Doesn't reflect well on you man. Don't know how old you are, but that's all I'm saying. If you absolutely gotta I can't stop you.
  6. Calling folks the "retard" is the true sign of intelligence. Keep it up y'all.
  7. I wasn't in love with the pick tbh, but if he just learns to hit the 3 he'll be fine as a 3nD guy. I wanted us to draft Goga.
  8. Nique and Bob keep talking like the game is over when it's a two possession game with almost a minute left.
  9. Moment Nique says "that's a dagger" you know the other team is gonna drill a shot.
  10. You wouldn't happen to have a PHD, would you?
  11. Need Trae to take it to the rack more.
  12. So many offensive boards given up. Yuck