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  1. If I knew this kid could shoot, I'd draft him easy. The passing, fluidity and athleticism look sharp.
  2. Unless something disastrous happens, we'll be better next year. We've got a #4 pick and some cap to get 3 rotation players (a guard and a couple of wings), if we land that we'll have a quality 10 man rotation and be A LOT better.
  3. Trey Burke, Tyler Johnson and Jordan Bell are interesting. In that order for me I think.
  4. Anthony or Maxey. Flip a coin. I like Anthony's skills so him I guess
  5. Yea, I'm not an expert on the leagues over there, generally respect them, but when I watch clips of Poku it's not flattering. It must be a b-league or something. Even so, that's one smooth 7fter
  6. Voted for Poku, coulda gone with Maxey. Poku's lack of competition is what scares me the most, but all of the individual tools are very interesting.
  7. Probably true on the first front, the only reason they might break them up though is they are in cap hell now, gonna be pretty deep in the tax with no way to improve or even cut salary unless they dump one IMO. Maybe they could use Thybulle (and maybe their pick) to unload Horford, which I would hop on too btw. To your second point, problem is that agreement with Chris Paul ended up with him on an absurd deal, and Paul is WAY better than Gobert even now IMO.
  8. Knew y'all would come around. Once that Philly team implodes in the playoffs, bringing Simmons or Embiid in is our ticket to contention folks. Don't think Gobert is worth all that when he's up for a max soon. He'd make us better next season, but long term Capela+Pick is better for us.
  9. Thought Cam would be a complete bust, has already showed more than I thought he had. Had some belief that Jabari could be a positive
  10. Very true. Voted Hayes but Nesmith is also pretty interesting
  11. I really like Vassell's defense, but am not enamored with his offense at all. Funky shot.
  12. I'll stick with Hayes here. Okoro, Haliburton, Anthony, Maxey, Vassell and Nesmith, Deni all interest me too, have a lot of trouble picking between them. If Wiseman can pick and pop he's also interesting Edit: the question in this draft is who can overcome their one or two big flaws. Somebody like Barrett last year just never had it IMO, but a lot of these guys are a skill away from being valuable
  13. Haliburton is a more versatile passer and defender, and much more aggressive, better motor. Huerter has a more versatile jumper, has a pull up j which Hali lacks. Again I actually think its a decent comparison that I hadn't thought of, but there are some differences in their game. I'll say this: if Haliburton can shoot like Huerter we should draft him, because then he's just a better version, and I like Huerter
  14. Honestly not a terrible comparison athletically, but skillset and especially mentality wise they're different
  15. Both Hayes and Ball are a little boom/bust for me. Tough draft to pin down