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  1. Trae is the easily the best prospect I've seen in my young Hawks fandom. El-P is a hell of a coach. Schlenk bats, like, 90%. Just sit back and enjoy it. We'll be alright. I'm not saying don't talk about it but we got so much to be happy about right now. Imagine rooting for the PIstons, or the Hornets, or the Wizards. We're the talk of the league! And it's earned!
  2. We getting bent out of shape over WILLIE CAULEY-STEIN? Seriously? Dude's ass. We've got the real deal in Trae on this team and we're worked up about Willie Cauley-Stein. We've got the most hope for the future since AT LEAST the 60 win team (and that team's ceiling wasn't that high if we're being real) and we're pining for Steining? Is WCS even better than Len?! Who is this mythical guy we were going to sign. There is not a single FA I wish we signed. If anything, I wish we hit up that Iguodala or Harkless trade to get another pick. If we make the playoffs, and I think that's on the upper end of our possibilities, it will be on the back of our VERY promising core. When the biggest thing you have to complain about is an Omari Spellman trade you're doing ok.
  3. 1. Trae hits 4 game winners and becomes the coldest dude in the clutch since Joe Johnson (another Hawk?!) 2. Hunter doesn't put up big stats but looks NIIIICE. 3. Damian Jones looks like straight ass all season and makes us miss Plumlee 4. Somebody on the Squawk sees Parsons at the club while the Hawks are playing. 5. We sweep the Celtics, Trae stops Parsons from Tebowing on their logo because we're above that, and the Celtics fans' heads explode trying to convince themselves Tatum's better than Trae. Bonus: the Celtics crumble again and fall to the 7th seed when they realize Kyrie wasn't the issue, the problem was they suck and have nothing positive to offer the NBA.
  4. I'll miss Baze. Based on this tweet, it seems getting him to a quality team was a big consideration
  5. The thing is, we don't need A wing, we need THE GOOD wing. There's some disagreement over who that is, but if you're like me and you think Hunter is pretty clearly on a different tier than the other ones, you go get him. I'd rather have Hunter than Nas + Reddish, just like I'd rather have Kawhi than Middleton+Harris (especially because I doubt Nas and especially Reddish will ever be that good).
  6. I'm also not in love with Culver, but I've really come around on him after watching more. He has a nice handle for his size. A solid handle is HUGE for a prospect. If he can get a little stronger and fix his shot, I see some Joe Johnson in him. I like him and Hunter, wouldn't give up much to trade up for them though tbh.
  7. Mostly agree with this, except I'm not huge on Clarke unless we think he can play the 3. Also not huge on Hayes because he duplicates a lot of what Collins gives us offensively, just not as well. Defensively he's interesting. I think I'd go: 1) Goga 2) Hunter 3) Sekou (worry about his fit with Collins) 4) Culver, I guess? Maybe Clarke? I like that Claxton kid, too.
  8. I want Goga at 10, Hunter or Sekou or White or Reddish at 8 (in that order). Hell I'd take Goga at 8 just to ensure we got him, that kid is sick
  9. Agreed, many thanks to those who made this happen!
  10. Lottery didn't change much for me. Value signings and taking on money for picks!
  11. Agreed on Hayes, mostly. I do like the way he moves but I'd rather take a flyer on a Jordan Bell type
  12. He does look good, but his weight/frame really worries me. I doubt he can put on as much weight as even Porzingis and Bamba can. Maybe he can play the four and it just won't matter, I don't know.
  13. That is ugly. I honestly think he's got something bad going on mentally. There's a video of him having a spasm on the court that's alarming.
  14. What this Sixers situation and the Young deal say to me is don't trade assets for unsure things (Fultz deal) and the more picks the better. We should be acquiring as many picks as possible for the next season or two