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Congrats to the... ummm... "Thrashers!"

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Well, that sure took a minute.




The Winnipeg "Thrashers" finally pulled it together and squeaked into the playoffs, four seasons after leaving the Dirty South for the Great White North.


Former ATL Thrasher Dustin Byfuglien ("Big Buff") did his best to keep the playoff drought alive, getting suspended for four games in the midst of the Western Conference playoff race after a vicious cross-check of a New York Ranger. But they gutted it out and clinched despite a shootout loss, after the Flames (hmmm... that team name sounds familiar, too...) knocked defending champ Los Angeles out to allow the "Thrashers" in.


Now as the "Thrashers" break through for the first time since 2007, Manitoba gets to enjoy postseason hockey for the first time since 1996. And the radio stations are running wild with the good fortune.


Virgin 103.1 is fast out of the gate with this song, cleverly titled “The Playoff Anthem,” that spoofs Eminem’s “Without Me.” Timely!


Yeah, they're doing it Without Me, alright. Timely. I ain't mad, though.


Who knows? Maybe they'll really extend themselves and win a playoff game or two while they're there.




Go Crazy, Winnipeg! Go Crazy!



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Welp! After 8 games and 16 seasons, your score in the race for Thrasher Playoff Wins: Atlanta 0, Winnipeg 0.


As the final horn sounded, Winnipeg’s crowd thanked their team for the playoff run—even though it was a disappointing one—by starting up one more “Go Jets Go!” chant as the Jets and Ducks shook hands. They hope to be back next season.



In the playoffs, that is.



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