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  1. I saw a clip of Trae playing Call of Duty with Goodwin. Let's just say I hope he's better at 2k.
  2. Schlenk tanked last season in the sense that he didn't attempt to turn us into a playoff team. He was focused on player development and keeping the books clean moving forward. He wasn't full blown tanking for the #1 pick, though, and I don't think LP was tanking at all. The most common complaints were "LP is giving the most veteran player in the league too many minutes" and "LP isn't giving enough minutes to our 2nd round rookie." Maybe you could say he was partially motivated to use the "core 5" lineup as much as he did for future gains, but it was also just our most talented lineup.
  3. High5


    I wish I could at least say it's good so much evil and incompetence is being exposed during this pandemic, but sadly it probably won't matter much in the long run.
  4. Schlenk predicted ~30 wins before the season and then Collins got popped, Vince forgot how to shoot, and Turner/Crabbe managed to fall short of already low expectations. I doubt there's any actual heat on LP just yet. Next season is when the real games start.
  5. And it's not even true. Basically everyone wanted Mike Smith fired.
  6. High5


    I don't see how sports are possible until this goes away. Even if you test and clear everyone associated with the sport and play without fans, you're not going to be able to keep the entire league quarantined. It only takes one person to sink the whole ship.
  7. Our "core 5" guys are all above average shooters or project to be and Schlenk will almost certainly look to add one or two more shooters to the rotation. We should look to add more creativity to help us through the droughts, but high volume 3pt shooting is what the NBA is about these days and our most likely path to success. We'll be better next season for the lumps we took this season.
  8. High5


    It's not a strange question until you call it a strange question and tell people to stay on topic.
  9. He'll be ready for our next game.
  10. High5


    I think as soon as one person panics and buys 1,000 rolls of toilet paper it causes everyone who sees their stacked shopping carts or the empty shelves to panic and buy as much toilet paper as they can.
  11. Grizz top 5 minutes played ages: 24, 20, 27, 20, 29 - avg 24 (1 rookie) Celtics top 5 minutes played ages: 21, 25, 23, 29, 29 - avg 25.4 (0 rookies) Pacers top 5 minutes played ages: 23, 26, 23, 30, 27 - avg 25.8 (0 rookies) 13-14 Hawks top 5 minutes played ages: 25, 28, 32, 27, 23 - avg 27 (0 rookies) 19-20 Hawks top 5 minutes played ages: 21, 22, 21, 20, 22 - avg 21.2 (2 rookies) Some people really underestimate how extreme the youth is on this team. LP could be better, but no one is working with the kind of inexperience he's working with. He got 25 games of Teague and 10 games of Dedmon as his most valuable veteran influences outside of 43-year-old Vince.
  12. I don't know if I can take an extended Squawk offseason. Maybe we should follow the NBA's lead and suspend the board for a month or two.
  13. That's what I'm saying. Why do a max early? John may get his feelings hurt, but it seems like bad business unless I'm missing something.
  14. Is there a strategic/financial benefit to an early max extension or is it just to make the player happy?
  15. You really struggle with statistical analysis. You fixate on 1 or 2 numbers and let them completely drive your opinions. And you don't seem to ever consider the context of those numbers.