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  1. Yeah it seemed like half the board was talking about replacing him the day he was hired. I always preached taking a wait and see approach, which I maintain was fair, but I was probably a bit naive on that front.
  2. Not really. Signing Bogi to a 4-year deal was maybe more aggressive than expected, but otherwise this rebuild played out exactly how many of us predicted. We acquired draft picks and set ourselves up to have a boat load of cap space. It was plain as day what the strategy was from the beginning.
  3. KB consistently said we were doomed to miss the playoffs for the next 5+ years because of Schlenk’s decision to tank. If we make them this season then it will have only been 3.
  4. "Make it 4 in a row! Let's get it!" By far the best call of Nique's career.
  5. Rondo wasn’t good enough to be sad about, but I do feel like he brought more value (to our young team) on and off the court than Lou. We’ll see. Lou has been a thorn in our sides since we traded him so hopefully he can repay some of that. Assuming he actually plays for us.
  6. Lonzo would be a nice fit if his shooting keeps up. He can play next to Trae and run point when Trae rests. I would be sad to trade Cam before he really gets a chance to develop, though. Plus I don’t think it makes sense from a money perspective.
  7. It's not uncommon for a team to play with a renewed spirit and focus after a coaching change. And we've had about the softest schedule imaginable to capitalize on that. I do think Nate is a better option than LP for the simple fact that the players seem to respect him more, but I'm not quite sold on the strategic difference yet.
  8. Gallo already fills the LMA role for us.
  9. These comebacks are exciting, but we really shouldn't be down double digits to these teams.
  10. I don’t think anyone has ever accused Jackson of being a brilliant coach. I’m not sure what he would do better than LP. And if Schlenk was interested he probably could have just hired him to begin with.
  11. That would have been such a brutal loss to go into the break on. Instead we all get to feel good about the team for at least a week. What a relief.
  12. With every tough loss lately I kept expecting this headline. I never judged him harshly for his “failures” with a super young, tanking roster, but this season was the real test and he unfortunately came up short. Sucks about COVID and the injuries, but we’ve blown too many very winnable games. Hopefully this gives the team a jolt.
  13. This win would have felt so much better if we didn't choke away an easy one the night before. But at least it was a nice response to what could have been a backbreaking loss. Gallo just nailing catch-and-shoot 3's was the dream we signed up for.
  14. If Trae goes into year 7 having not even played in a playoff game then how could we complain about him not getting respect? But another thing working against LaVine is that the Bulls are negative with him on the floor and positive with him off. That never looks good.
  15. We looked like the most unskilled and uncoordinated team in the world outside of that late surge. But it was a bizarre game for both sides with all of the strips and deflections. 14 steals has to be at least near a franchise record I would think.