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  1. The rooks played well and we made the Bucks play till the end. With John and Kev out, I gotta take that as a win.
  2. A thread about Luka and Bill Simmons is the last thing we need on here. Luka is the next (current?) big thing. Better to stop fighting it and learn to deal now because it’s only going to get more intense as he continues to break records and thrive in the clutch.
  3. KB was wrong about a lot of things, but he had Luka and Trae rated appropriately. He was actually more onboard with the Trae pick that just about anyone here.
  4. So his wife having a baby was kept totally secret? I didn't know that was possible these days.
  5. At least they didn't let this one get too far away from them. Even with LeBron hitting dumb 3's. The worst part was giving up 15 points to Rondo in 2019.
  6. Nothing to cure a 49 point loss like a... *checks notes* ...2nd night of back-to-back against LeBron James and Anthony Davis.
  7. Just like Paul George hadn't nailed down a spot on LA's active roster until last game.
  8. Yeah, like he missed the preseason and was on a minutes restriction. Great observation.
  9. Manage the hell out of that knee, Kawhi.
  10. I don't think anyone is arguing that. It's the idea that Trae will start planning his exit strategy if Schlenk doesn't get him more help this season that we're disagreeing with.
  11. The problem with your logic is that you think year 2 is "too late." Booker went through 4 years in the Phoenix dumpster fire before seemingly getting some help this season. AD gave NO 6 years before he checked out. Kemba gave Charlotte 8 years and I think he'd still be there if MJ paid up. Giannis stayed loyal to Milwaukee for 5 years before Bud showed up and made them a serious team. Etc. etc. It just doesn't happen like you're thinking.
  12. Parker needed to prove himself after the injuries and bad time in Chicago. He’s well on his way to doing that.
  13. Well arguably our 2 best shooters (Huerter and Crabbe) have been held back by injuries and Collins got suspended after strong start from 3. Plus VC, Len, and Cam started the season absurdly cold. Parker can also shoot better than the 20's with the good looks he's been getting. We may not have an elite shooting roster, but they're definitely capable of shooting it much better than they have.
  14. After watching Len play for a year, I love how reliable Jones is at finishing dunks. That has been his only real strength to this point, but he looked solid tonight. I'm fine with him getting more time.
  15. We did enough to lose this game on our own, but the refs made sure it happened. It was still encouraging to see Len and Jones both putting in some work. We don't need a lot from them once we have Collins and Huerter back in the lineup.