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  1. Wanna bet? Loser has to move to Ukraine?
  2. Huh? I was basing that off of your 30 minutes prediction. Let me put it another way. Only 8 qualified players put up 0.6 points and 0.3 rebounds per minute last season (which is what 18/9 in 30 minutes breaks down to): Giannis, Jokic, KAT, Vucevic, Embiid, Westbrook, Collins, and Boban. Boban only played 11.7 mpg so his qualification doesn't mean much. Only 3 players did it the year before: AD, Love, and Embiid. If you think Len is going to join that club and shoot 40% from 3 while he's at it then great. I hope you're right.
  3. Right, but Len isn't getting more minutes. I personally doubt he even gets 30. I'm just pointing out how rare it would be for a 30 mpg player to put up 18/9.
  4. I was curious and looked how many people have averaged 18/9 in 30 or fewer minutes. Turns out only 5 players: Clyde Lovellette (1959-61), Bob Rule (1967-68), John Drew (1974-75), Robert Parish (1980-81), annnnnnnnnnnd... John Collins (2018-19). Bump it to 31 mpg and you add Heinsohn x2, Shaq, Embiid, and Boogie Cousins. That's a really talented group. And none of them shot 40% from 3.
  5. It's weird how many people seemed surprised by the possibility of Len starting. I just assumed everyone knew that was going to happen as soon as we didn't bring Dedmon back. I'm excited to see what a full year of development with Pierce and Trae looks like for Len. He needs to do whatever he can to work on his hands.
  6. Curry's percentages are hurt by his willingness to take those last second heaves. He was 1-12 from 40+ feet. Trae was only 0-2. Curry was 18-49 (.367) from 30-39 feet. Trae was 24-68 (.353). Curry was 18-46 (.391) from 30-35 feet. Trae was 22-63 (.349). So Trae has him beat on volume, but Curry is still more accurate on "real" shots. Not bad for a rookie vs. the GOAT shooter, though.
  7. The point of contention is the idea that Schlenk targeted Cam as a starter and Hunter as a bench player on draft night. Cam may very well be the opening night starter, but that certainly was not the plan when Schlenk traded up for Hunter and left Cam to chance. You're right that none of it matters now.
  8. We're literally talking about the numbers and then you say don't look at the numbers. "Why not?" is not an argument for Collins becoming a 40% shooter. Huerter being worse than Klay is not an argument for him shooting a better percentage from 3. KAT taking contested 3's is not an argument for Len doing what no other center did last season. And "Trae volume will likely see him close to his eye test averages" is one of your weirder sentences. It's 4:35 AM so maybe this is not a good time for me to be reading this stuff.
  9. You're bumping Collins to 40% when he shot a below average 34.8% last season. You're bumping Huerter to 42-44% when Klay Thompson has only been in that range 3 times. You're bumping Len to 39% when only one center shot that well last season (KAT at 40%). These are elite numbers across the board that you're casually expecting. Except for Trae, oddly. 36-37% is quite tame after the 24/13 prediction yesterday. KB used to predict doom and gloom around every corner and now we have you on the other end of the spectrum. I hope you're right more often than he was.
  10. I don't think 35 minutes is a sure thing and I'm also not totally sold on us having better shooters. We've replaced Dedmon with Bruno/Jones and traded Baze for Turner. 2 of the projected good shooters are rookies. We'll see. LP has also talked about Trae playing off of the ball more. Which could be great for the offense but won't help his assist totals.
  11. Not many (if any) players struggle in college and become immediate impact players in the NBA. It's possible, but you definitely have the extreme view. I would love to be wrong.
  12. He'll hit 10+ assists in year 3 or 4, but I don't think he will next season.
  13. I agree that people are expecting too much out of him as a rookie, but him running point is straight from LP's mouth. Whether or not it works out is a different story.
  14. If Trae gets hurt we're in trouble regardless of who we sign. But I think Turner is at the top in terms of playmaking and defense compared to the other options out there. I know I would rather have him than someone like Lin. But I wouldn't be opposed to signing some more proven depth. Pierce said he plans to play Cam at the point, but he may not be ready for that and we've seen how brutal this game can be for inexperienced PGs.
  15. I’m pretty high on Trae, but basically all of you have me beat there. I think 22/9 is a good bet and an impressive sophomore season. Maybe 22.5/9.5. And .570-.580 TS%.