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  1. I do feel Bruno has been underplayed in his career, particularly last season when we had nothing to lose, but at some point you have to make your presence felt. Knight only needed 8 minutes in the NBA to match Bruno's career high in points. And OO has already surpassed Bruno's career high in blocks twice in 4 games.
  2. Maybe Rondo and the young bigs can come through with solid minutes. Looking for Hunter or Gallo to have a big night.
  3. We have a lot working against us between the extended offseason with no bubble, the ultra quick start to the season with a bunch of new faces, almost no practices, and the injuries. Wish we were better than 8-7 given the soft schedule and a few of the leads we blew, but it could be worse.
  4. Embiid is a threat with 2 great games against Boston and the opportunity to feast against Detroit tomorrow.
  5. It was also weird how he had an impressive lack of touch until he matched up against Gobert of all centers. I was beginning to think he would never score on a non-dunk again.
  6. lol I think you might be the only person who came to that conclusion. I'm curious which part made you think that?
  7. If you think they should have maxed him then what harm is there in waiting? There is basically no upside to committing to it early except to avoid him being a sourpuss, but he seems as positive and engaged as ever.
  8. Kind of nuts that 4 guys scored 113 of our 123 points. Not ideal, but it's nice to know they can do it when half of our team is missing. At least against teams like Detroit.
  9. Nice to be on the other side of one of these games. Fingers crossed that 2nd half gets Trae back to his old self.
  10. I remember when you wanted the Braves to cut Josh Donaldson because he had a bad Spring Training. You might wanna chill with the callouts.
  11. Cam is more talented (IMO) and he was playing better for most of 2020. It was more than reasonable to think he would be better this season. And he still could be at some point in the coming months, which would be great for our team. But Hunter has been a consistent bright spot in a bumpy season so far.
  12. I just hope he's back in time for the gauntlet that starts in a few games. We should be able to beat the Pistons and Wolves without him.
  13. I don’t know what to say about Trae except that he’s buckling under the pressure of expectations (if he’s not injured). Which is not something I ever thought would happen. His supreme confidence had been perhaps his greatest strength before this stretch of games. I don’t buy that he’s “pouting” and intentionally humiliating himself or that any change in the offense is making him score 4 points on 11 shots.
  14. Guess no one actually posted the trade yet. And LeVert to Pacers for Oladipo.