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  1. This is the fastest I’ve switched from being over a season and honestly a whole franchise to being thrilled about where things stand. I’m slightly concerned about how Trae will react to Synder’s intense coaching style, but we need a strong, competent (and modern) direction and Snyder fits the bill.
  2. And just like that the Suns matched.
  3. Yeah Windhorst was talking about Ayton to Indiana 2 weeks ago and people have basically just been waiting for it to happen for the last few days at least.
  4. I liked Huerter like everyone else, but I’m not sweating this trade at all. It always felt like he could be doing more and it just almost never happened. Virtually zero improvement after getting that contract. Maybe the change of scenery will do him some good. Just a shame for his sake that it’s Sacramento, but their roster honestly isn’t looking too bad.
  5. Excited to have a talented defender and playmaker next to Trae. Not thrilled will the 3 picks + swap for a guy that can't really shoot and will be due a big contract in a couple of years. I appreciate that Schlenk made a big move, though. Hope it works out and there's more to come.
  6. Yeah I don’t know how anyone could watch that Miami series and think we’d be better off with even worse offensive support for Trae.
  7. I don’t hold Trae’s percentages against him from last season. He was going against some tough defenders in his first playoff appearance and was still highly productive overall. Plus he tanked his numbers a bit trying to play through his injury. The performance against the Heat was a different animal. His efficiency was horrendous and he honestly seemed to check out at some point. 2-12 and 11 points in an elimination game (right after 3-11 and 9 points) while Butler and Lowry were laughing it up in street clothes was shameful. That’s something he’s doing to have to work his way back from. If he comes out playing well next season you know the popular sentiment is going to be “yeah, but the Heat showed that he can be shut down in the playoffs.”
  8. No, I’m just being honest. You guys are so trained to be hyper defensive because of rival fans elsewhere (which I get) that you can’t turn it off when you’re just among Hawks fans.
  9. This is such a simplistic view of things. Their regular season box score stats are similar so they are the same. They’ve both won a single game in the conference finals so far so they’re the same. (Yeah you guys conveniently ignore Trae wasn’t playing in one of those wins) Luka is from Europe so that’s the only reason people think he’s better. Sorry Diesel, you have to do better. Compare their advanced stats. Compare their team records. Compare their playoff stats. Compare their playoff competition. Compare their accolades. Luka is clearly ahead at this point whether you like it or not. Playoffs are everything on here when it’s our guy still playing and we laugh at Luka losing while putting up triple doubles against the Clippers, but when our guy goes home early and in embarrassing fashion we want to say that it’s no big deal. Can’t have it both ways.
  10. If Trae wants to be in the conversation with Luka he absolutely has to redeem himself. Steph has won more championships than Trae has won playoff series. One loss where he scores 39 isn’t going to put a dent in his reputation. Trae having more turnovers than assists and some of the worst shooting splits you’ll ever see in his 2nd playoff appearance is obviously more damaging. And again, please point out where I said Trae wasn’t great. You keep making things up because you can’t argue the actual point.
  11. lol Also I've barely posted in the last few months when the Hawks were down. I posted tons more last season and I've always been one of the more optimistic posters. So that argument makes zero sense. And you're still not understanding my "look away" comment at all. No point in trying to explain it to you again.
  12. Show me where I said Trae isn't a great player. Also, if you wanna keep harping on the same things, let's be honest: would Trae have made the conference finals if he faced off against the Clippers instead of the Knicks? Luka still put up insane numbers in his series losses. Trae had one of the worst 5-game stretches of his professional career. There are logical fallacies and emotional responses in this thread, but they aren't coming from me.
  13. 1) Comparing Trae to Steph is silly. 2) No one said Trae stopped being great.
  14. Bro you’re on one lol. This thread was created to complain about people cutting Trae down, particularly when compared to Luka. I said all you can do is look away if that bothers you because it’s not going to stop until Trae and the Hawks redeem themselves. And, yeah, Luka is great. That’s not a hot take and doesn’t make me a “Lukastan”. I’ve defended and lifted up Trae as much as anyone, but sometimes you just have to take the L.
  15. I can’t really explain it more clearly than I have. I’m definitely not getting into calling people stans. You guys keep fighting the good fight I guess.
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