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  1. High5

    Parsons' Accident

    Yes, I don't mean to make light of Parsons' injuries. I was just surprised when I read that he was being represented by a law firm with a local TV commercial. But I do wish him a full recovery.
  2. We averaged ~1,400 more in 2015, so there are paying fans still available to be won over. But I think our attendance is fine for where we're at. I'm just saying it doesn't make a lot of sense to compare by % of max capacity when neither team is at max capacity.
  3. High5

    Parsons' Accident

    "When I was hurt and missed work, Morgan & Morgan got me $20,000! Now I'll have peace of mind once my $94 million contract expires. Thanks, Morgan & Morgan!"
  4. But my point is that we're not at capacity so the fact that MSG has more seats doesn't really matter.
  5. I feel like the % doesn't really matter much until you're at 100+%. The Knicks still have 2,800 more people showing up to their games.
  6. Seriously. Some people criticize every move he makes to the point that they start arguing against themselves. "John and Bruno are too undersized! Stop playing them at the 5! Hey, wait, why is Jones is the game? Get him out!"
  7. High5

    Ask Supes

    Didn’t we just have this discussion? His contract would not hurt us at all next season and then it’s done.
  8. High5

    Ask Supes

    We absolutely would not, but ok...
  9. Seems like a fairly arbitrary and unscientific study. Trae wasn't matched with those players all of the time. In some cases 2 of those guys were on the floor at the same time. And they were all on playoff teams while we've been tanking/rebuilding. +/- from game-to-game doesn't say much about individual players. You can thoroughly outplay your opposite number and end up with a -20 if the rest of your team gets whooped. I get what you're saying and have similar concerns, but those numbers don't mean much to me at this point.
  10. I was never worried about MVP Rose, but old man backup Rose is a terror.
  11. Do I applaud Teague for embracing a bench role, or do I get nervous that he admits to "plotting" like a damn Game of Thrones character? Watch your back, Trae.
  12. Hopefully not when he tripped over DeRozan while celebrating at the end of the game. I really want to see him string two good games together. Doesn't have to be 20+ points again. An efficient 14 with the usual defense would be great.
  13. High5

    Ask Supes

    “I’m all about the law of attraction,” Bazemore said. “And I always said, ‘You need to get to Portland … you need to get to Portland … you need to get to Portland,’” Bazemore said. He said he provided Atlanta with a list of teams to where he would like to be traded. Portland was number one on that list. “And now,” Bazemore said, “I'm in ****ing Sacramento." Slightly altered
  14. I love how easy that game was for Trae. That's the dream. Someone else goes off throughout the game to help shoulder the load and then when we need the clutch bucket Trae simply passes out of the double team and someone else makes the open shot. We should see more and more of that if everyone can stay on the court.
  15. Safe to say she meant Goodwin. Or she experiences time like Dr. Manhattan and really was talking about Treveon Graham.