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  1. High5


    You type a lot of words in an attempt to sound smarter than everyone else, but this is the only relevant bit: "Wearing a mask has value, but I just really don't want to wear one." That's the attitude that's keeping our country in the sad state that it's in. I don't have anything left to say about it. Good luck. To both you and anyone who crosses your path.
  2. High5


    So because there are people who use masks improperly you shouldn't wear one? Because they don't make you completely immune you shouldn't wear one? Because people are going to die anyway you shouldn't wear one? I don't understand what point you're trying to make.
  3. High5


    I'm just being honest. It's disappointing to hear someone say they refuse to wear a mask during a pandemic because they simply don't want to. It seems that you care more about your pride and taking some stance against "social pressures" than the risk of spreading the virus. I think that attitude is far more dangerous than what you're complaining about, but you are free to do as you like. And I'm free to look at you sideways the same way I do for people who leave the restroom without washing their hands.
  4. High5


    That’s disappointing to hear.
  5. High5


    I'm not a "random, uneducated yahoo" approaching you in a store and telling you to wear a mask when it's not required. I'm just asking why you wouldn't. You seem to have an otherwise healthy respect for the virus (unlike the many people who still believe it's some kind of hoax). Masks aren't an attack on your freedom. They're just basic protection against the spread of a virus that has killed 123,000 people and counting. I don't know why it has to be such a controversial topic.
  6. High5


    I would like to believe that most deaf people would rather people respect the pandemic than allow them to lip read in public. There are other ways to communicate.
  7. High5


    Why not just wear a mask instead of weighing the risk of your various activities? Especially if you’re in and out of the store. It’s a minor inconvenience that could save your life or someone else’s.
  8. If players aren't comfortable playing in these conditions and/or they want to take a stand on social issues then that's certainly their prerogative. I just wish this movement wasn't being led by Kyrie. He's a pseudo-intellectual who will say anything for attention and he's not playing anyway.
  9. I've been clear that I don't care about 1-year overpays. We have that luxury this season. We should utilize that if need be to get good players here and starting playing winning basketball. But unless Supes has changed his mind he would love to have Harrell and Hayward here on huge multi-year deals. I already thought his Hayward idea was misguided before I found out he saw him as a 7th man.
  10. Supes is really trying to give $50+ million to two bench guys.
  11. It sounds like Toppin is going to be the next Randy Moss and break the NBA.
  12. If you can't/won't argue your points then I have to entertain myself. It was a joke, but I knew it wouldn't be taken that way. Sorry.
  13. Personal Insults Don't Fly Around Here. Please take another crack at discussing the topic at hand. Thanks. AHF
  14. It would accomplish adding arguably the best shooter on the market to the worst shooting team in the league. And it may not take $20 million, but whatever it takes will likely be considered an overpay and that's fine. We would still have plenty of money for other signings.