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  1. Nice to see Skal hanging around. I have a feeling he could be next season's Christian Wood.
  2. Except no one is saying that. We're just pointing out how silly it is to say he can't improve in that area because Shaq never became a good FT shooter.
  3. There's no reason John can't improve in those areas. He doesn't need to be Jokic with the ball in his hands.
  4. JC could struggle just as much on defense, but he can actually shoot the ball which makes it easier for him to contribute at all times. Harrell is just too limited, even though I don’t think he’s actually as bad as he was in the bubble. He wasn’t in a good head space.
  5. I was already against giving Harrell big money, but he has really played poorly this postseason.
  6. Trae’s offense shouldn’t have any trouble translating to the playoffs. He has already had all of the defenses thrown at him. I’m not worried about that. The problem will be how he handles being the focal point of the other team’s offense. They’re going to hunt him down as much as possible.
  7. Even if you include Harris into the trade and we assume LeVert is about as good as Murray, we’d still be searching for our Jokic just to become as good as the present day Nuggets. I just don’t like that path. Especially with Budcox making the decisions.
  8. I think the best case scenario on a trade would have been like Faried, Barton, and the 15th pick. Not exactly a franchise changer. At least not in a good way because we would have missed out on Trae and probably the rest of our current core by holding onto the playoffs for a few more years.
  9. I feel like that would have just delayed the inevitable tank. I much prefer where we are now.
  10. There's a lot wrong with this post, but this part in particular will probably give me nightmares tonight.
  11. High5

    Clint Capela

    Your post doesn't make any sense.
  12. High5

    Clint Capela

    We really did get screwed by this pandemic more than maybe any other team. So much development time lost. But I'm glad Capela is good to go. We're going to need all the veteran help we can get to move things along.
  13. Miami didn't trade for a perpetually disgruntled rental in the 2nd year of a total rebuild. You're conveniently ignoring that crucial detail.