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Hi guys ! 

I'm a french fan and that's my first post on this forum :) 
Are there things I should know before really getting started with this forum ? 

I don't think i'll be there often as I already have a french forum with a lot of other franchise's fan (we're like 10 hawks fan out of 500), but I'll be glad to discuss and share with you ! 

Personally I'm an engineering student in IT, and I'm looking for an internship abroad (Atlanta would be the must) so... If you know something that could interestt me, I'd be glad knowing it too :) 

See you guys and hope game tonight against the Rockets will be great after those 2 tough losses ! 

Hawkydoky ! 

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26 minutes ago, battistadonati said:

Hey everyone, guys! I'm a fan from Valencia. This is where we say
¿Cómo te va?

Welcome to the squawk.  I don' think the Hawks have ever had a spanish player but we did draft Pau Gasol.  

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