Because (283) Would Have Been Mean

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    • By sturt
      Why MIL does it
      Not completely sure, to be honest... all I know is that there was a report that MIL had interest in Baze a few weeks ago
      My impression is that neither Henson nor Delly are regarded as being worth the money/years that are on their books, so only real sacrifice is the 1st rd pick
      Why PHX does it
      No NBA experienced starting quality PG on the roster right now... seems everyone has a new idea for getting one to them, so why not?
      Arthur's regard in PHX is even less than what Henson's is in MIL, so only real sacrifice is the 2nd rd pick
      Why ATL does it
      Take on some not-terrible-not-good contracts, for draft picks... it's just what we do, right?
      Could use another PF body anyhow--roster is heavily weighted with SG sized wings
      Trade would necessarily happen before the reduction from 20 roster slots to 15, allowing ATL to cut either Henson or Arthur... or maybe another wing like Daniel Hamilton (but probably not, because of his youth).
      I can't believe this forum went almost 3 months without a single new trade being proposed, can you? That's gotta be a record, no???
    • By lethalweapon3
    • By lethalweapon3
      Way to rep The A! Belated congrats, Malena!