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2016 Dynasty Draft Official Thread


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Here are the rules (note this year's change on coaches):

1.  Draft Format: This is a fourteen round snake draft, so Draft order goes 1,2,3,4,...14, 15, 16, 16, 15, 14, 13, 12, 11,...3, 2, 1, 1, 2, 3,..

2. Eligibility: You can Draft anybody that is currently in the league or is or has been draft eligible. So players eligible for the 2016 draft can be drafted as can foreign players drafted in the past or draft eligible in the past who haven't played in the NBA. Players like Josh Jackson or Harry Giles are still not eligible for this draft because they are not and have never been draft eligible.  As a clarification, you can pick pretty much anyone to coach.

 3. Making Your Picks/Discussion and Debate: When it's your turn to draft, you just post (in bold) the player's name and you should do a writeup on why you chose that player. If you don't have time for a writeup, you can just make your selection to keep Draft moving and then post writeup later when you have time. Your writeup should explain why the player rules and how well they fit with your squad and why your team is now going to dominate the '10s. You should always pm the next person in the list after you pick.
AHF Team Pick: Shaquille O’Neal
I am taking Shaq to bolster my rebounding and interior defense. While he is getting older, he will be playing limited minutes on my roster behind Dwight Howard and will still be able to dominate smaller guys playing center like Al Horford [note: already selected so can be named] in the paint. Health is a concern but in round 11 there isn’t a lot of depth on the interior so this pick makes all the sense in the world.  Next person on the list has been PM'd

Discussion of picks is encouraged but do not discuss undrafted players to avoid influencing future picks. So, for example, if Wilt is picked #1 then it is a breach of draft etiquette to start discussion other available centers or how MJ is still available, etc. If you are explaining why you picked Wilt, you need to just generally address other available players or use the word "Player" as a substitute for someone specific.

 Example: AHF Team Selects:  Dominique Wilkins. I took Nique because he was so dominant in the playoffs, and I don't think that Player would hold up as well as him when guarded by other elite picks. Next person on the list has been PM'd.  (Note:  Nique would not be a good choice at all as explained below).

 We will keep a separate thread with a summary of all picks for easy reference.

 4. Time Frame/Finances: You get the player as they are and their projected potential/output for their projected career from here on out. So if you Draft Elton Brand, you are getting the 2016-17 Elton Brand who has a very limited number of years left. If you Draft someone from this years draft you might get a young player who may project to play for 10+ years at a high level. Assume for purposes of this draft that all players get paid 1/13th of your salary cap every year so that you don’t need to bypass Michael Conley for Emmanual Mudiay just because Conley is expensive and you already have several high salaries.  This applies equally to coaches.  

5. Roster: Each team gets 13 players and 1 coach, no restrictions on positions...draft 13 centers if you want; only 1 coach and that coach must be currently employed as a coach in the league (head, assistant or otherwise).

6. Evaluation Criteria: Draft as if you are starting a new franchise, so consider how your team will play into the future, not just year one. That said, you can choose to weight immediate success or long-term success as you wish.

7. Trades: Teams are free to trade players, coaches or picks but the total number of incoming and outgoing roster spots must be the same. I.e., you can trade your first round pick and fifth round pick for someone’s second and third round picks but can’t trade your first round pick for a second round pick and a tenth round pick. Trades are subject to review but will only be overturned where both a number of posters and the commish (AHF) feel the trade is so unfair that it could ruin balance. Basically, we want to avoid stacking one team up with lopsided trades but trades for fit or due to different projections of talent are fine.

8. Time Limits: We'll start off with an 8 hour time limit for each pick (see note on nighttime shutdown). So when the person before you picks, you have 8 hours from then to make your selection or you are skipped. If you are skipped, the next person's clock starts and they have 8 hours. You may make up skipped picks at any time. Just post who you want when you get back to the thread. We may decrease time limit if the draft drags to a crawl and people aren’t expected to take that long if they are available. Draft moving smoothly, but we'll decide that as a group.
One Caveat: The clock does not run from 10pm-7am EST. So if team 5 makes a selection at 9pm then team 6 has until 2pm the next day (1 hour until 10pm then 7 hours after 7am.)

Second Caveat:  If you miss your pick and make everyone wait 8 hours, if you haven't made that next pick you will only have 2 hours for your next pick.  Once you are current on your picks, you will get a full 8 hours again.

9. PM The Next Pick: You should PM the person after you when you make your pick so they know it's their turn. However, everyone should also follow along with the thread and know when they are up soon. Please make sure you have set your preferences to receive emails when you are PM’d.

10. Anticipated Absences – Advance Picks: If your pick is coming up soon and you'll be away, just ask in thread who will take your pm and be around to post it when it's your turn. I like to pm someone picking after me, and ideally someone that I have 2 picks before they go again so I can pm them 2 choices in case my top choice gets selected.

And here is the draft order:

2016 Draft Order
1 capstone21
3 ViewsFromTheSquawk
4 Alex
5 IheartVolt
6 pimp
8 JayBirdHawk
9 TheFuzz
10 LucastheThird
11 lethalweapon3
12 AtlHawks3
13 Spud2Nique
14 Diesel
15 Buzzard
16 HopefulHawksFan/ThomasCredle
17 HopefulHawksFan/ThomasCredle
18 Buzzard
19 Diesel
20 Spud2Nique
21 AtlHawks3
22 lethalweapon3
23 LucastheThird
24 TheFuzz
25 JayBirdHawk
26 AHF
27 pimp
28 IheartVolt
29 Alex
30 ViewsFromTheSquawk
32 capstone21
33 capstone21
35 ViewsFromTheSquawk
36 Alex
37 IheartVolt
38 pimp
39 AHF
40 JayBirdHawk
41 TheFuzz
42 LucastheThird
43 lethalweapon3
44 AtlHawks3
45 Spud2Nique
46 Diesel
47 Buzzard
48 HopefulHawksFan/ThomasCredle
49 HopefulHawksFan/ThomasCredle
50 Buzzard
51 Diesel
52 Spud2Nique
53 AtlHawks3
54 lethalweapon3
55 LucastheThird
56 TheFuzz
57 JayBirdHawk
58 AHF
59 pimp
60 IheartVolt
61 Alex
62 ViewsFromTheSquawk
64 capstone21
65 capstone21
67 ViewsFromTheSquawk
68 Alex
69 IheartVolt
70 pimp
71 AHF
72 JayBirdHawk
73 TheFuzz
74 LucastheThird
75 lethalweapon3
76 AtlHawks3
77 Spud2Nique
78 Diesel
79 Buzzard
80 HopefulHawksFan/ThomasCredle
81 HopefulHawksFan/ThomasCredle
82 Buzzard
83 Diesel
84 Spud2Nique
85 AtlHawks3
86 lethalweapon3
87 LucastheThird
88 TheFuzz
89 JayBirdHawk
90 AHF
91 pimp
92 IheartVolt
93 Alex
94 ViewsFromTheSquawk
96 capstone21
97 capstone21
99 ViewsFromTheSquawk
100 Alex
101 IheartVolt
102 pimp
103 AHF
104 JayBirdHawk
105 TheFuzz
106 LucastheThird
107 lethalweapon3
108 AtlHawks3
109 Spud2Nique
110 Diesel
111 Buzzard
112 HopefulHawksFan/ThomasCredle
113 HopefulHawksFan/ThomasCredle
114 Buzzard
115 Diesel
116 Spud2Nique
117 AtlHawks3
118 lethalweapon3
119 LucastheThird
120 TheFuzz
121 JayBirdHawk
122 AHF
123 pimp
124 IheartVolt
125 Alex
126 ViewsFromTheSquawk
128 capstone21
129 capstone21
131 ViewsFromTheSquawk
132 Alex
133 IheartVolt
134 pimp
135 AHF
136 JayBirdHawk
137 TheFuzz
138 LucastheThird
139 lethalweapon3
140 AtlHawks3
141 Spud2Nique
142 Diesel
143 Buzzard
144 HopefulHawksFan/ThomasCredle
145 HopefulHawksFan/ThomasCredle
146 Buzzard
147 Diesel
148 Spud2Nique
149 AtlHawks3
150 lethalweapon3
151 LucastheThird
152 TheFuzz
153 JayBirdHawk
154 AHF
155 pimp
156 IheartVolt
157 Alex
158 ViewsFromTheSquawk
160 capstone21
161 capstone21
163 ViewsFromTheSquawk
164 Alex
165 IheartVolt
166 pimp
167 AHF
168 JayBirdHawk
169 TheFuzz
170 LucastheThird
171 lethalweapon3
172 AtlHawks3
173 Spud2Nique
174 Diesel
175 Buzzard
176 HopefulHawksFan/ThomasCredle
177 HopefulHawksFan/ThomasCredle
178 Buzzard
179 Diesel
180 Spud2Nique
181 AtlHawks3
182 lethalweapon3
183 LucastheThird
184 TheFuzz
185 JayBirdHawk
186 AHF
187 pimp
188 IheartVolt
189 Alex
190 ViewsFromTheSquawk
192 capstone21
193 capstone21
195 ViewsFromTheSquawk
196 Alex
197 IheartVolt
198 pimp
199 AHF
200 JayBirdHawk
201 TheFuzz
202 LucastheThird
203 lethalweapon3
204 AtlHawks3
205 Spud2Nique
206 Diesel
207 Buzzard
208 HopefulHawksFan/ThomasCredle

@capstone21  or the next person. etc. is on the clock officially starting at 7 a.m. EST tomorrow but feel free to get us rolling and make that first pick!

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  • AHF pinned this topic

How come I can't see the draft order? Can some post the draft order please? Not sure why I can't see it. Thanks!

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1 hour ago, capstone21 said:

Open to trading pick number one before 7 tomorrow ... Pm your offers

Boo - you don't need 13 hours to choose PLAYER or PLAYER.  Let's roll!


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1 hour ago, Spud2Nique said:

For the love of god can somebody copy n past the draft order here please...I can't find no classic theme on my phone


You are drafting 13th. Cap has 1st pick and is trying to move it. If no one offers him something he likes, he will make his pick at 7:00am when the draft officially starts.


I got rid of the cells in notepad, I think you will see it now.

Edited by Buzzard
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  • Admin

This might freak a few peeps out but with my first pick Capstone's Crew selects 

Karl Anthony-Towns 

kid is the real deal ...  At just 20 years old, Karl dominates the C position and will be the best center next season ...  His  versatility will also allow him to switch over to PF ... towns is pure talent ... He finished his rookie season with 18.3 ppt / 10.5 rpg  and 1.7 bpg ... He hit at a .540 clip and even made 34% from three but the most impressive percentage stat is .811 from the line.   No hack a shaq with this big man ... You cant foul him or he makes you pay.  His d is also stellar .... After just his rookie season Towns has also showed a maturity and leadership skills many veterans envy ... Playing all 82 games he continued to improve as the season went on ... Scary what he will do this season ... He is the future of this league


welcome to the Crew Karl!

@PSSSHHHRRR87 has been pm'd

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1 hour ago, ViewsFromTheSquawk said:

Views has reached out to not only capstone's club for their pick, but also 87's as he intends on making a move to secure that he gets the player he targeted once it was broken that his team would indeed be rewarded the 3rd overall selection in this draft. 

Speaking in the third person is just straight dope pimp shit in a dynasty draft no doubt doh...:-|

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11 hours ago, Spud2Nique said:

Hmmmm... Randomized huh... Mmmmkay 

Blame @Diesel and @lethalweapon3.  One scrambled the list of names, the other the numbers then I took the two lists and matched them up.  Since they bracket you I would say the only potential collusion was trying to get a weak drafter between them.  

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12 minutes ago, AHF said:

Blame @Diesel and @lethalweapon3.  One scrambled the list of names, the other the numbers then I took the two lists and matched them up.  Since they bracket you I would say the only potential collusion was trying to get a weak drafter between them.  


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