Cincinnati Bengals 2021 . . . . ( welcoming Falcons fans )

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Falcons fans

. . . need a 2nd team to root for that is not in the NFC, to take your mind off the Falcons?  Come on over and root for the Bengals. 

Like our Atlanta Hawks, they're a team with good young talent, and a potential superstar that everything revolves around.  And also like the Hawks, this year has the potential to be special.  We're in the AFC North, so there's nothing easy in this division, that's for sure.  But we do have a favorable schedule if we can pull off a few upsets or two.

Goal:  Get to the playoffs and win at least 1 game . . . ( Bengals are 0 - 7 in the playoffs since 1990 and have missed the playoffs the last 5 seasons )


Let me introduce you to the team the proper way . . . 



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Game 1 vs Vikings


WIN!!  😀


Despite the coach making an idiotic 4th down call in his own territory, which failed, and changed the momentum of the game, Joe Burrow and the squad pulled out the victory in OT.  Even Mr. Dropsie ( Ja'Marr Chase ) came up big against the Vikings.



And yes, sometimes you do need a little luck to help you out.  Whether that was a fumble or not at the end of the game, I don't know.  All I'll say is that kind of call has gone against the Bengals for DECADES.  So if this was a payback gift, so be it.

A win is a win!

These guys look a lot like the Trae Young / John Collins duo, in their relationship on the field.



Next up . . an old friend.



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  • 2 weeks later...

Looks like the NFL is blocking content, so I won't be posting much game action.


Week 2

LOSS    🤬


Talk about a game they should've won.  Dalton gets knocked out of the game early, and the rookie Justin Fields has to finish the game.

Just a bad loss.  Joey Bengal throwing picks all over the place.  He doesn't have bad games often.  But he and the O-Line was definitely off against the Bears.  And the national media started drinking the kool aid on Justin Fields.  ( Note:  That kool aid was laced with cyanide in Week 3, with how bad Justin looked once a team actually game planned for him. )



Week 3

WIN!  🤣


LOL @ the Squealers.  Big Ben looked like Little Benny.  That team couldn't run the ball.  They could barely pass the ball.  And they played so bad, they sent Stephen A. into a mini-depression.




Week 4

WIN . . .  😬

While I'm happy the Bengals pulled out the win, I'm not going to sit here and act like I wasn't worried that this was going to be the worst loss of the year.  That 1st half looked like a bad high school team.  Even had the home fans booing them off the floor like they were the 2010 Atlanta Hawks playing the Orlando Magic in the playoffs.

But in the 2nd half, they talked to Stella and got their groove back.  And a brilliant drive at the end of the game by Mr. Burrow, set up the game winning FG, the 2nd one this year.

People are starting to get on the Joey Bengal train now.  But some, like Keyshawn Johnson isn't ready to believe yet.  Like he was this huge winner in the league.




Bengals are now 3 - 1, and at the top of the AFC North.  This was the portion of the schedule that they had to take advantage of.  The next 4 games are a little harder.  vs Packers - @Lions - @Ravens - vs Jets


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