Preseason Game #2: Hawks vs Magic


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Trae - MVP

Bembry - HustleMan Hustle, playing well

Hunter - Outside of a slight struggle early, this man continues his reign on both ends

Cam - Very aggressive, hasn't hit an open three yet but his defense looks great and his impact showing

Bruno - Did well, much better today than Mon

Jones - Played much better, not good or anything but clearly looked more engaged today. 

Len - cheeks

Parker - Really looks good. Playing both ends and plays with a lot of energy. Once we really get him plugged in, I think he can be special as a 6th man. 

Collins - Orlando always gives him nightmares, and it didn't end today. 

Brown Jr. - Showed a lot more today than Mon. Looks like someone to keep an eye on in CP. 

Goodwin - Impressive all around. Our PG's played very well so far. 

I hope I didn't forget anyone.  



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5 minutes ago, Vol4ever said:

I wonder what Schlenks goal is this year tbh.  Will he go out and get a vet big man that can play this year or is he still on the full rebuild mode for a top draft pick?  

I think he's in wait and see mode. See if our young guys are ready, make a move closer to the deadline if it becomes available. Either way, our young players look good. Schlenk has an eye for talent, that's for sure. I respect the hell out of him for trading back for his guy (+a pick) then trading UP for his guy in consecutive years. Props to the owner for trusting him, too.

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4 minutes ago, terrell said:

He usually struggles vs length..

Athletic length, Orlando has always given him issues. Issac, Gordon, Aminu, he just can't get a break and his lack of bulk means he can bully like Parker does at times. Parker was clearly the signing of the summer for us. He clearly solved a need. 

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