EX-HAWKSWATCH: Pandemic Bubble Thunderdome Edition

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XHW League Pass Rankings 1.       BUCKS – Coach Mike Budenholzer’s greatest title run will depend primarily on Giannis’ brilliance, but also, on his stable of XHW assistants and a cadre of XHW pl

I left out Drake's buddy, the great Justin Holiday (of the Pacers.) The shame of it all! ~lw3


20 minutes ago, lethalweapon3 said:

20.   CELTICS – Never heard of ‘em.

😂 great stuff lw3!

Im personally rooting hard for the Nuggets and Bucks. Sap and Korver baby! 🥳 oh and Bud ... 😐 Don’t hate me I’m sorry I liked Bud ok! 😏 

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21 hours ago, lethalweapon3 said:

Marvin Bagley isn’t exactly coming through that door.


I was actually looking forward to OKC making some surprise noise in the playoffs.  With the layoff I don't expect them to be in good form enough to overcome superior talent.   I like Denver but just not a believer.   

That is a lot of Hawks alum even if you just look at active players.   

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1 minute ago, Spud2nique said:

I heard he liked fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches 🥪? 🤔 

And a particular handgun....plus a particular doctor.

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6 minutes ago, macdaddy said:

Is there someone who doesn't like that?

I’ve honestly never had one before. Not fried anyways. I kinda do those old school Schmelts pb&j’s that fatty Glen big baby 👶 Davis would devour after lg made them for everyone. Ok maybe the Schmelts trainers made them.


I was stuck on peanut butter and Concord grape 🍇 jelly sandwiches in 2008.

ps I wanna marry the doctor 👩‍⚕️ at 4:11 

@kg01 thanks for preparing pb&j’s for all us squawkers! 

ps Apparently the Cavs give the road team some garbage peanut butter sand and get better ones for themselves. 3:15 mark of the video.



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2 hours ago, Spud2nique said:

@Thomas my man, how bout a quickie! (Sandwich nothing else 😆)



"You can not mess this up man." lol.

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3 hours ago, Thomas said:

"You can not mess this up man." lol.

:22 -1:42 they talk about perfect combos.

Mike n Scottie

Shaq n Kobe

Stockton Malone

GP n ☔️ man

Then they hit some of today’s but missed with Wiggins n Towns, well at least Wiggins but this was a few years back.


I got a few for today starting with our boys:

Trae n JC

Kawhi PG13

Harden n Russ

Lebron n Davis

Luka n Zinger

Ja n JJJ

Steph n Klay

Dame n CJ

Booker n Ayton

Towns n DLo 


All time fav: My name gives it away..

Nique n 🥔 :notworthy:





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5 minutes ago, lethalweapon3 said:

Are they even going to bother televising the 8/9 Play-in series between Beal and whoever is left on the Nets?


-Kamiah Adams

....  😐 Oohh, okayyy Kamiah, lets calm down... we all  love Braaaaaaddd. 😃 

Edited by Spud2nique
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