2021-2022 Post/In- Between Game Thread: Thoughts, Updates, Tidbits etc.


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  • JayBirdHawk changed the title to 2021-2022 Post/In- Between Game Thread: Thoughts, Updates, Tidbits etc.
12 minutes ago, JayBirdHawk said:

We play the Cavs tomorrow night.  They have been starting a very TALL front court:

Allen - 6'-10"

Mobley - 6'-11"

Markkenan  - 6'-11"

They've benched Okoro and starting Sexton and Garland in the backcourt.

They also are currently getting shredded by Charlotte.

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Mark this day down: October 24 Trae has a higher defensive rating than Cam and Dre.  I love what I’m seeing; he’s getting into guys, has active hands, trying to take charges etc.  

I expect his shooting to take a hit as he adjusts to better two-way play, not worried at all as he can heat up at a moments notice.  I know it’s early but I wanna see his steals stay around 2 and assist to turn at 3:1 so bad.

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4 hours ago, JayBirdHawk said:

2 game 3pt percentages:

Cam 66% (6 of 9) - surprised? Yeah me too.

Dieng 66% (2 of 3) - maybe he can be our new Snell, high efficiency on low volume, hitting timely 3s

Bogi 50% (4 of 8 )  should have increased volume

Solo 50% (2 of 4) - he's Solo, hurry back Gallo

Collins 33% (2 of 6) - should settle in

Hunter 27% (3 of 11) - is getting good looks, just gotta knock 'em dowm

Trae 27% (3 of 11) - still looking for increased efficiency and more CnS opportunities

Huerter 0% (0 of 7) - this is the biggest surprise

Wright 0% (0 of 3) - will probably need some games to get in a groove.


Need us to run more offense for Bogi. 

Why can't Cam AND Kev ever have it going at the same time, always seems like one or the other is ice cold.

When do we get to see Lou Will? He already has chemistry with the guys, and it seems like we could have used a spark last night, which is kind of his thing. He isn't reliable every night, but he always seems to give us a lift when we need it most.

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17 minutes ago, marco102 said:

Melo wasn't the reason he was going off today.  Growth is not always linear. Not saying Melo doesn't help him with the great passing, but today wasn't Melo. 

Yeah but either way if the Hornets win, the media will give all or most of the credit to Melo....Thats just how it is when talking AllStars...And Melo didnt have the assist numbers today, but he had a ton of hockey assists...lol

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22 minutes ago, NBASupes said:

He always had talent, I was always high on him as a prospect. 

Yeah I guess he just needed better PG play............He was made for lobs..lol. Hes worked on his shot too..

Hawks better bring it from hear on out.. Bulls, Hornets, Wiz, etc look much improved...

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