Hawksfans, How did you walk into work after the Murray Trade?


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no pimp walk for me at work.   I could've put $100 on my desk and told all my employees that the first one to tell me who Murray even is can have the $100 and that money would still be sitting on my desk.


Hmm now that I think of it I should've done that move with their paychecks.

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26 minutes ago, Dejay said:

'All I want right now is for all of you fat, out of shape, New York numb nuts to keep the noise down while I take off my robe and show your old ladies what a REAL man looks like. Now, hit the music!!!'

Val Venus GIFs | Tenor


This leg will be known as Christmas, and this leg will be known as New Year's Eve! Ladies...why don't you all come visit the Big Valbowski between the holidays.


The Big Valbowski is a lot like a Hakeem Olajuwon, whether he's taking the hook shot from the outside or driving down the lane on the inside, he always scores!


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