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I know that the bias is more heavy handed against us than the example I want to present but feel a similarity. When the Spurs came on so strong few believed they could take it and don't remember eggheads giving them a good chance to get to the finals or take the title. Think at that time Avery Johnson at point guard had a lot to do with it. But feel we have a much shorter but maybe even greater someday Tim Duncan in a 6'1" package that writers love to disrespect. No one in the media can believe or wants to once again but we are here and they are gonna have to swallow that pill. Just have no idea when.

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13 hours ago, kg01 said:

And they can kiss our whole a** all the way to the trophy ceremony.

Will they say "The trophy was rigged and thrown by and to the Hawks."

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They are definitely going to say 'injuries' but neither the knicks or the sixers had major injuries.   They had Robinson and Danny Green but we have injuries also.   Bucks don't have any significant ones either.   We've dispatched the #4 and #1 seeds.   No one in this playoffs has beaten 2 top 4 seeds.   So making the case that our road was easy is bunk and it's revisionist.   'experts' almost unanimously picked our opponents to win both series and neither lost a player to injury after the series started.  

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