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2022-23 Hawks Training Camp News and Notes - 09/24/22


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Rowland's words... "with the luxury tax"... as I take them, are more indicative of the itchy-trigger-finger premise. The Athletic's guy (evidently just a stand-in, not a permanent Kirschner replacement, btw) chose words similar to Rowland.

That's why I wanted to see how Williams reported it (... and Chouinard for that matter, but he didn't bother).

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Hawks-Hunter negotiations still a work in progress

The Hawks have until Oct. 17 to make a decision on De’Andre Hunter’s rookie extension. If they do not pick up the extension, Hunter will become a restricted free agent in July, which leaves the option for the Hawks to extend an offer sheet. Hunter can explore his options, and should he receive something more favorable from another team, the Hawks will have to match the offer. If they don’t, Hunter will be able to move on.

Fields said he hoped that both sides would be able to reach an agreement before the deadline, while Hunter said that he left that up to his agent.

Both McMillan and Fields talked of how Hunter fits into the Hawks’ plans for the future as the team aims to compete deep into the playoffs.

For the first time since Hunter was drafted in 2019, he has not had a traditional offseason. So, he took advantage of the time to improve his skill set on offense and defense. Hunter said that he spent the offseason working on his ballhandling to give the team another option.

But Hunter said he aimed to take another step on defense, especially because that was one of the team’s weaker areas last season. Now after seeing his team in action in workouts, he has confidence that they have gotten better.

“We’ve been in the gym for about two or three weeks, just working out and playing pick up things like that, just learning each other’s games, and I feel like that’s big because, you know, we haven’t done that prior to this year,” Hunter said. “So just having that stuff going into training camp helps a lot.”


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3 hours ago, Diesel said:

DId Hunter hit a growth spurt??  or is Clint just getting smaller?

Clint, you see now why I say you need to make it a point to stand shoulder to shoulder w/ your teammates in these pics? People gonna talk if you don't.

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