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Official Game Thread: Bulls at Hawks


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Let's get another win and keep finding the best linups. All I want is that Hawks get top 8 seed. Everything above it,  is a bonus. Why top 8 seed? Because that is realistic. In the play in game we'll beat any team for the 7the seed (except maybe Heat but they will be higher than 6 seed). It will mean that we can't play Boston before finals which I see as the most difficult team to beat but not unbeatable. Every other team is beatable. In every other matchup we'll have the best player on the floor except Bucks, but I am taking healthy Hawks team over the Bucks (Doc, lol). Also, let's cheer for the Cavs to stay at #2 as that'll be the easiest team to beat in the first round. Just get there healthy and don't worry about HC. Let's go!!!

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